Get Ready for Independence Day on 4th of July

As a Long Beach, California-based, family owned and operated flower shop, we are getting ready for Independence Day celebration on Wednesday, July 4th with a range of patriotic flower arrangements and gifts. It’s just around the time and is a great way to show your patriotic spirit with an explosion of brilliant flowers and flowering plants as well as Fourth of July centerpieces, standing flower wreaths, and more.

Remembering Our Fight for Freedom

During the upcoming Independence Day festivities, there are many patriotic Fourth of July parades, commemorative ceremonies, and hometown parties where patriotic flower arrangements can shine. Of course, there are always the brilliant fireworks displays, including those planned for the Long Beach area and surrounding areas.

After all, this is one of our country’s most important dates as it reminds us all that our forefathers fought for the many freedoms we now enjoy. It also helps us think about the need to continue fighting and striving to keep all of those freedoms for current and future generations of Americans.

Fourth of July Flower Arrangement Ideas

Allen’s Flower Market offers pedestal arrangements and standing sprays in red, white, and blue flowers. These fresh, beautiful flower combinations feature mums, carnations, and irises.

Other patriotic flower arrangements might include brightly adorned flower arrangements with numerous red flowers, such as roses, mums, carnations and tulips.

Brilliant white flowers can also make a dramatic statement on the Fourth of July, including lilies, orchids, carnations and mums.

Even roses can be dipped in dye for a special blue effect to cover all the colors of our nation’s flag.

The floral design experts at Allen’s Flower Market also can use interesting and thematic flower holders like mugs, oversize glasses, watering cans, margarita glasses and glass cubes to show off the beautiful Independence Day flowers.

Custom Fourth of July Flower Arrangements

Allen’s Flower Market can also create custom flower designs for a party, including centerpieces and lapel flowers as well as special wreaths and floral swags.

In addition, the shop can include patriotic add-ons like bunches of balloons in red, white, and blue as well as customized gift baskets that focus on the patriotic theme.

Fourth of July Flower Deliveries

Allen’s Flower Market delivers locally, nationally, and internationally (international orders cannot be placed by phone or in-store only). Flower delivery is available seven days a week, 365 days per year, but delivery charges do vary by delivery date request.

Celebrate Hug Holiday Day!

Every June 29th, there is a special holiday that reminds us all to stop and show a little love to friends, family, colleagues and maybe just someone who looks like they could use a little squeeze. Known as Hug Holiday Day, it encourages everyone to give someone else a hug as it is thought that a hug does have physical and emotional benefits for the person giving and receiving a hug.

It was created by the Hugs for Health Foundation as a way to stimulate more caring and positive interactions between people, especially for older people or those who are sick as they tend to get lonely and depressed. It is also a way for the Hugs for Health Foundation to draw attention to the need for more volunteers and people to help those that cannot get out and socialize.

This means it is a great time to hug your kids, your spouse, your pets and any friends or colleagues that feel comfortable getting that kind of affectionate squeeze! This is a day to think about others and take that moment to recognize others and how important and loved they are by you.

All too often, our lives become so busy that we forget that little moments like a hug can alleviate stress or sadness. In return, we have a moment that offers the same time to step away from the tension and hectic pace of everyday life.

Ways to Celebrate Hug Holiday Day

While there is the obvious way of sharing a hug with as many as people as you can, there are other ideas that can extend the purpose and idea of Hug Holiday Day to help fulfill the mission of the Hugs for Health Foundation:

  • Volunteer somewhere like a senior center or senior health care facility, passing out hugs and getting involved in efforts to provide support and friendship that extends beyond just this one day.
  • Donate to a group that is involved in promoting volunteer work or some type of work geared toward helping the community, seniors, shut-ins or the disadvantaged.
  • Send a virtual hug and message of love by selecting a flower bouquet, plant or blooming plant, or gift basket for those who you cannot reach out and hug due to the geographical distance between you! Sunflowers, carnations, and orchids are flowers that are often shared to show affection. While it is not the same as physical contact, it lets other people know that you would hug them if you could. Of course, a phone call or personal note also can become your virtual hug.

Whatever you do, you are bound to feel good because you made someone else’s day or even their week! 

Go Green in the Office with Plants

With all the pollutants out there, our environment needs all the help it can get. When you stop to look at the core of things, you may see and agree that if our environment needs help then, then so do we.

CO2 and Oxygen – two substances that are vital to our environment and to us. With each breath, we take it all in. However, the continuing greenhouse emissions primarily from man-made activities are critically impacting the environment and adding to climate change.

And, with changes in how we look at our work environment, the need to go green is something to think about for the office environment where we often feel has become sterilized with cubicles, drab colors, artificial (stale) air and fluorescent lighting. There is not much about the outdoors that we often get to see all day, which can impact our health and state of mind. Time to change that!

The Benefit of Green Plants

In an online article about the benefit of green plants for offices, a number of benefits are listed, including providing oxygen and removing toxins from the air:

Microbes, such as bacteria, can rapidly adapt to a chemical contaminant by producing new colonies that are resistant to the chemical. As a result, they become more effective at converting toxic chemicals into food the longer they are exposed to the chemicals. It is also important to remember that the efficiency of plants as a filtering device increases as the concentration of chemicals in the air increases.  

The article quoted research that has been done in conjunction with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and included research by Dr. Ron Wood, Professor Margaret Burchett and others in Australia, which illustrated that indoor plants can provide clean air:

…we now know that several common species of interior landscape plants have the ability to remove compounds such as benzene and hexane in the range of 50% to 75% of the total volatile organic compounds. Internationally respected in the field of air quality research, Dr. Margaret Burchett goes so far as to declare the following. “…to ensure sustainability of the urban environment, satisfying the ‘triple bottom line’ of environmental, social and economic considerations, it is expected that indoor plants will become standard technology–a vital building installation element, for improving indoor air quality.”

Additionally, green plants can provide shade and cool a building as well as reduce carbon dioxide. They have even been found to increase productivity and inspire creativity – two necessary behaviors that help any company succeed and keep their staff motivated:

Participants working in an environment with plants present were 12 percent more productive and less stressed than those who worked in an environment without plants. …. In an eight-month study, the Texas A&M University research team explored the link between flowers and plants and workplace productivity. Participants performed creative problem solving tasks in a variety of common office environments or conditions. The conditions included a workplace with flowers and plants, a setting with sculpture and an environment with no decorative embellishments.  During the study, both women and men demonstrated more innovative thinking, generating more ideas and original solutions to problems in the office environment that included flowers and plants. In these surroundings, men who participated in the study generated 15% more ideas. And while males generated a greater abundance of ideas, females generated more creative, flexible solutions to problems when flowers and plants were present.

Sounds like it may be time to consider plants in the office?!

Celebrate World Environment Day

Despite being one of the most environmentally conscious people on the planet, you may not be aware that June 5th is World Environment Day. Started by the United Nations in 1972, it was established to simulate awareness of the environment and the need for more people to recognize the value of our environment and how it should be cared for to sustain ecology and human society.

And, with the growing concern over emissions and man-made activities as the culprit behind climate change, taking care of our environment is more important than ever. This year celebrates forty years of this event, which provides a good reason to get involved now!

Activities Around the World

All over the world, celebrations and events are being organized to recognize this important day. This includes small and big businesses, developing and third world countries, and communities and cities across the globe.

What You Can Do

Similar to April’s Earth Day, there are many things that you can do on this day to care for the environment around you:

  • Create a neighborhood clean-up event or work within the community on a bigger event, such as a beach clean-up project.
  • Plant a tree or create a community garden project.
  • Get rid of those plastic bags!
  • Try composting as it will reduce your waste plus create rich, fertile material to feed your yard and garden.
  • Look at your daily activities and consider where you might be able to use less energy or change your activities so as to shrink your carbon emissions footprint.
  • Start a recycling drive in your area.
  • Leave your car or truck at home and try taking a bike or walking to more places.

These are all easy things you can do every day beyond just on World Environment Day, which can help the environment while also save you money and make you feel good.
Greening the Flower Shop

As an environmentally-conscious flower shop headquartered in Long Beach, California, Allen’s Flower Market recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and caring for the plants and flowers that beautify our lives to make sure they are there to do the same for future generations.

That’s why we like to source our flowers from sustainable growers and ensure that we put back what we take away. Within our flower shop, we are conscious of how we use energy and materials as well as ensure that we minimize waste. Everything we do in terms of materials and production all has a green tactic attached to it so we make sure we celebrate our environment every day of the year.

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