The Bells of Ireland: The Luck of a Not-so Irish Flower

An Amusing History Lesson

The luck of the Irish — something that is commonly said and often just blurted out by an individual that may not even be Irish but is insisting on telling the world around him how lucky he is for holding the winning ticket or something of the sort.

Not only is he probably not even Irish, he also very clearly failed history in high school as the Irish historically have not been a very lucky group of people. The amount of things associated with Ireland and good luck is as common as a fast food restaurant here in America and, as irony would have it, there is little to know luck to be found in Ireland.

The same misconceptions go for a flower named after this same country. Guess we should be pretty thankful that the ‘Bells of Ireland’ (Molucella, for those technical folks out there) actually came from Syria. They are referred to as the ‘Bells of Ireland’ in England and a few other countries and as ‘Canterbury Bells’ in New Zealand and Australia.

It is thanks to England that these uniquely beautiful flowers get their meaning of ‘good luck,’ which is even more ironic when you consider the history between England and Ireland. Yet, while looking at the flower, it is easy to see why the flower is so aptly named. Ireland is a very green and very beautiful country just like this flower

Caring for your ‘Bells of Ireland’

The Molucella flower does better in a cool climate when caring for it at home, in the garden, or the shop waiting to sell it. Make sure the flower gets plenty of water. It is also important to keep the flower out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat sources like an oven in the kitchen as it cannot handle the heat.

When growing the plant outside, many find that the ‘Bells of Ireland’ grow best in light sandy soil and in an open space without too much sun or heat but with plenty of water. Take care of the plant and you will see its beautiful bloom in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. When tended to properly, the stem can very well reach up to two feet in height. Its lengthy blooming seasons, stand-out height, and sheer beauty make the ‘Bells of Ireland’ the perfect gift for any flower connoisseur.

At Allen’s Flower Market, we offer the very best and freshest floral arrangements straight from the growers to give you the best selection possible. Looking for ‘Bells of Ireland’ or some other flower or arrangement? We have the freshest selection in the Long Beach area.

July Birth Flowers

The idea of birth flowers came about as a way to provide a symbol for each month of the year. Not only does this offer each person a special flower (and often an accompanying gem stone!) to call their own, but it also helps those that know people born in each of these months by giving them a special flower to select for a flower arrangement or to include as a focal point in a bouquet or gift on that loved one’s birthday.

This blog post features the birth flowers of July – one commonly associated with Britain, known as the Larkspur, and the U.S. July birth flowers, including the Larkspur/Delphinium as well as the Water Lily.

About July Birth Flowers

In England, the Larkspur represents lightness and levity while the U.S. definitions for the July birth flowers indicate that these flowers are symbols for sweetness, fickleness, and joyfulness. 

The Larkspur can also go by the name of Delphinium or even as Consolida Ajacism. It is known for its spiked flower clusters and blooms in various colors, including purple, blue, yellow and white. The Delphinium name is known to originate from the Greek word for dolphin.

These flowers are often put together in clusters as part of flower bouquet arrangements. Besides using them just for fresh arrangements, they can be placed upside down to dry in a dark, well-ventilated area and used as part of dry arrangements.  

Water lilies come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. There are two primary categories, including hardy and tropical. The hardy varieties come in yellow, red, white, pink, orange and peach while the tropical varieties include those colors as well as purple and blue.

While they can be included in flower arrangements, they are often found in ponds. If a loved one has a water pond or is thinking of making one, this could be an excellent gift for their birthday, combining their birth flower with a beautiful garden setting.

Allen’s Flower Market Selections

With a full range of flowers and plants as well as gift baskets to select from, we have everything you need to celebrate a July birthday, including a variety of fresh, high-quality July birth flowers that can be used alone or part of a larger flower arrangement for someone special.

Besides just giving flowers, birthdays are that special time to add on something extra like a fun, colorful balloon or lovable teddy bear that shows just how much you are thinking of them on their day!

Allen’s Flower Market: Who We Are and What We Stand For

Do you love flowers? Most people do whether you receive them as a gift from a loved one or you enjoy cultivating your green thumb as a gardener. You may be looking for a  florist who you can trust with your upcoming wedding and need a wedding bouquet and flower centerpieces for your wedding reception.

Flowers all impact us in some way whether by their sight or their scent. However you enjoy them, all of us share one thing in common: we want to have the freshest flowers possible so that we can enjoy them as long as possible. And, this includes all varieties — roses, lilies, daisies, daffodils and the many other beautiful species of flora available in all their glory.

Taking Flowers Seriously

At, Allen’s Flower Market, everything we do involves ensuring the freshest and highest quality flowers, flowering plants, flower arrangements, and even fresh fruit gift baskets for all of our customers.

We are the go-to flower market for any and all of your needs in the Long Beach area as a family-owned and operated for the last 30 years. Our commitment is to be friendly and informative to our customers and offering only the freshest and largest variety of flowers, green plants and blooming plants in all of Southern California.

As a family business, we believe in delivering the best plants and flowers by dealing only with the growers themselves. By getting all of our flowers and plants directly from the source, we can maintain control over the quality and negotiate the best prices that we then pass onto customers through cash and carry flower specials, sales pricing, and loyalty discounts.

Our Availability

We take flower orders in person, by fax, by telephone and online order form. We deliver our fresh floral, plant, and gift basket products 7days a week and even on holidays to help you even during the busiest times of the year. Offering competitive pricing and the freshest flowers, we believe we are not only the best choice in flowers but the most reliable.

So for any occasion — holiday, birthday, a new baby or just an accent for your humble abode — remember to make Allen’s Flower Market your flower partners. We are open every day of the year, Monday through Saturday, 8:00am to 9:00pm and Sunday, 9:00am to 9:00pm.  

Be sure to stop by our Long Beach location to see our incredible flower design team and friendly flower shop staff so you can see the quality and freshness of our flowers and plants firsthand. We are located at 600 E. Willow Street, Long Beach, CA 90806. We look forward to getting to know you!

Something Unique to be Found in Our Fruit and Cheese Basket

July is here and with that the dead of summer has arrived. We are definitely in the middle of the hot season where most days are spent inside the cool air conditioned building or by the pool (if you are lucky enough to have one) and the evenings spent in the nice summer breeze.

With the Fourth of July just around the corner and all of the other special events that come with this month, you may be in need of the perfect gift for birthdays, work parties, or an upcoming Fourth of July celebration you are attending.  

We’ve got the perfect idea! It’s our Fruit and Cheese Gift Basket and you will be the talk of the party once others see just how many goodies are packed into our special gourmet gift basket.

About the Gift Basket

Our hand-selected baskets are filled to the brim with quality and succulent fruits that undergo a rigorous selection process so that you receive only the highest quality and freshest selection for your gift basket. As for the cheeses, only the highest quality and delectable types of cheese are added to our gift baskets.

This makes our gift baskets the perfect gift for any and all occasions. And, they are always a little different than before because we only use the fruit that is in season. Toss in some fine wine and a box of crackers and you might just become the most popular person around. After all, there isn’t much better than fruit, crackers, cheese and wine.

Why Not Flowers?

At Allen’s Flower Market, it is probably pretty clear that we offer flowers and let it be known that these are only the freshest cuts but that said flowers are nice for any occasion, but our gift baskets are a breath of fresh air. These gift baskets are something new, something different, and something that not only smells sweet but it also tastes great!  

When considering gifts to get as a party gift, it is a fact that not everyone likes flowers. Then, if you are buying for a group, food is sure to be more popular despite the beauty of flower arrangements. Perfect for businesses, perfect for cheese and fruit lovers, and perfect for you — that’s the Fruit and Cheese Gift Basket.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are looking for local flower delivery in the Long Beach area or you want to take us up on this delectable gift basket, we have been in business for 30 years as a family owned and operated business and are committed to offering the highest quality of products and service to make your experience memorable.