Bring a Smile to All with a Unique Gift

It’s weird how so many walk around with a straight and often sullen faces; it’s easier to smile yet so little live their lives while brightening others. Instead, they wander about conducting their business straight faced and serious, or worse with a frown. Some think they are just being realistic and bracing themselves for heartbreak, but why?

From Allen’s Flower Market, we suggest you all smile a bit more and you will soon find that you not only brighten your day, but others too.

Just Give it a Try!

Whatever you are at work, play, school, be sure to do it with a smile. Just try it and see the effect it has on you and your mood not to mention others around you.

Don’t stop with smiling though. Smiles can’t make the world a better place, but they sure can help put everyone on the right track. Be good to others and make sure your friends know how much they mean to you by always sharing a smile whether it be in person, on the phone, or one of those cute emoticons in an email, instant message, or Facebook post.

Smiles Really Help

At Allen’s Flower Market, we believe that and so do our floral design specialists as they have come up with a very unique treat that is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. Introducing the Smile Bouquet, which we can whole heartedly say that it is one of the most unique and heartwarming gifts anyone could expect to receive.

Our Smile Bouquet is a cake shaped arrangement of the most exquisite yellow cushion poms and features a big and bright smile. As a gift, the Smile Bouquet is simple, silly, and perfect to make anyone’s day. It is unique, so maybe you don’t know the right occasion? Well, we believe that smiles are perfect for any occasion, so really the question you should ask is what is not the perfect occasion?

With our preference for locally grown flowers only, we get the best prices and the freshest picks, allowing us to give the very best deals to all our customers. The low price of our Smile Bouquet is proof enough of that, but toss in our many other fine and modestly priced arrangements as well as our weekly specials, and we believe that you have got a deal.  

Remember that for the freshest picks, best selections, and price, check out Allen’s Flower Market online today. Or, visit us and our friendly and informative staff that always wears a smile and let us help you find the perfect gift for the perfect occasion.

Shopping with Colors: A Great Flower Gift Guide

Ever have one of those friends that either have everything or just don’t seem to like anything? Well, you are not alone because it seems like pretty much everyone has one of those friends or just knows someone like that.

They are the kind of person that just doesn’t seem interested in any of the new toys or that one guy that just had to have them all when they came out.

 They are the most challenging people to buy a gift for. How do you shop for these kinds of people? There are ways to find them a gift that will be special and make them smile.

 Favorite Colors

Everybody has one. Ask anyone and they’ll blurt out a color they like. Seriously, using someone’s favorite color as a guide to getting a gift for them is actually very sound advice because it has a surprisingly good effect on the recipient. While it can be applied to clothing or some décor item for the home, it can also work especially well on natural gifts like flowers and flowering plants.

Believe it or not, there is some sound reasoning behind this as well.  When you are getting a gift for someone you don’t really know or someone that has everything or wants nothing, you really can’t go wrong with flowers or a green plant. Flowers will brighten most everyone’s day regardless of the color.

Of course, for those with allergies, they may actually enjoy a beautiful plant that is not only easy on the eyes but good for the environment. There are even a plethora of available add-ons that include teddy bears of all kinds, cards, and even chocolate.

So this year, come birthdays or holidays, why not try shopping with colors? You can take their favorite colors and get them something that is truly geared specifically towards them and their personality.

Pink sneakers, white baseball bat, or green video game controller — they have everything these days and with that you can really add some flare to your gift. And, of course, throw in flowers and balloons that reflect that same color preference

Perfect for all Occasions

Allen’s Flower Market is Long beach’s go-to flower shop as a family owned and operated business with deep roots in the community. We love to create arrangements around color preferences and offer suggestions on different flowers that you may not know come in those favorite colors.

The Red Rose: Our Deal of the Week

At Allen’s Flower Market, we believe in bargains without the loss of quality. We believe that a customer should be more than satisfied with our price, selection and the quality of the product they purchase. 

These reasons are why we have our deal of the week sale, offering various arrangements at discounted prices not every so often, but every single week. With anniversaries, young love and even weddings ever popular and prominent in the summer, we are providing something special for our weekly deal.

Various red rose arrangements are now on sale with the same stunning quality you have come to expect, but at a nicely discounted price.

The Deals

People of all ages, are you in the market for roses, discounted but still the best in quality? We have just what you are looking for and in arrangements of all sizes — one dozen, two dozen, and everything in between.  

  • The August One Dozen Roses are a classic arrangement of a beautiful dozen roses, perfect as a gift or decoration.
  • Need something more? Then try the August 18 Rose Arrangement, offering up 18 beautiful roses at nice price.
  • For events or a very special someone, try the August Two Dozen Roses, which bring two dozen of the highest quality roses to the table. Perfect for showering your special someone in affection and a variety of other occasions.
  • The fourth a final deal of the week, the fantastic August Perfect Dozen, which offers the finest and freshest cut roses beautifully arranged for your viewing pleasure. Use a gift like this or the ones above to truly stand out when showing affection.

At Allen’s Flower Market, we take pride in our work, doing our very best to provide our customers with the very best quality in product and experience. In business in the Central Long Beach area, we have been family owned and operated for over 30 years now and as a local business make it our goal to be active members in the community.

We go straight to the growers for all of our plants and flowers, assuring us the freshest and most vibrant cuts to work our magic with when arranging them for our customers. We provide a great selection at an even greater price and always put the customer first doing our very best to work with the customer and make their order as perfect as possible.

At Allen’s Flower Market, we really do care about our customers and their concerns. Be sure to check back for other specials!

Love is in the Air: Time for Crescent Roses

It may not be Valentine’s Day and we may be months away from it, but love is in the air. The summer months are the most popular months for anniversaries and just relationships in general. For the younger generation, school is out and college is out of session and while adults still work, there is just something about the summer months that makes them special.

The longer days, the warm sun, and cool nights allow for more comfortable outings and may stir love and romance all the more.

Roses and Romance

When you stop to think of love, romance, and butterflies in your stomach, what else comes to mind? You probably think about chocolate, kisses, and roses. These are some of the many ways people symbolize the feelings they have for each other.

For a long time — very long time; pre-1800s long — the red rose has been associated with love. Even in its earliest recordings, the color red was associated with a deep emotional feeling, so it’s not just you or us or the rest of the world because roses are and have been the symbol for love

What better way is there, then, to show your love and affection for someone else? Whether for a date, an anniversary of a relationship, or marriage and maybe even just a way of showing someone just how much they mean to you, a gift of red roses shows just how much you care.

Unlike a card or money, flowers are more than a gift; they’re an expression. Do you want to give that special someone something more than just a gift and express your true feelings you have for them? Then Allen’s Flower Market has the perfect solution for you.

Crescent Roses

One of the most popular ways to share roses with your loved one has been to give them a dozen roses either in a bouquet or displayed in a beautiful vase. At Allen’s Flower Market, we are offering something different, a breath a fresh air really known as Crescent Roses.

They are a beautiful arrangement of the freshest and brightest red roses available, but instead of the standard bouquet, they come in a crescent half moon style arrangement that will put a glowing smile on anyone’s face that receives them as a gift of love and affection.

Shine above the rest by giving them the best roses available today in a way that they are sure to remember.