Halloween is Coming: Tips and Tricks for a Fun and Budget-Friendly Celebration

We have mostly all celebrated Halloween or the Harvest holiday since we were young children, but there are always some good tips that make this celebration all the more festive.

In our later years, we begin to throw the parties that we once attended and take the kids out for trick or treat without actually getting ourselves candies.

So, this blog post offers some good ideas to make the holiday just as fun as you now celebrate as an adult or as a parent!

A Halloween Bash

Halloween parties are lots of good fun. Bobbing for apples, costume contests, and cook offs with spookily themed dishes are some of many common things at a Halloween party.

If you are hosting this year’s costume bash, there are a few great ways to make your party a hit that people want to see an encore of year after year.

  • Always plan ahead. Sure you aren’t writing the next great American novel but having a plan and an outline of the evening drawn up in your mind has its bonuses.
  • Theme your party, do something that is popular, fun and even a little scary.
  • Remember that the best way to save money to go towards food, festivities, and maybe a bar is to make all the props yourself as well as make it a potluck! Arts and crafts stores are inexpensive and when you combine them with household items you don’t mind cutting, stripping and dirtying up you can honestly make every eerie prop and spooky piece of decoration. You can even make your own fake blood if you want to.
  • When putting up the decorations and setting up everything for the big bash remember to plan out each room and what it is and don’t forget the music.

Trick or Treat is for All Ages

As long as you dress up, we, at Allen’s Flower Market, believe you are never too old to go door to door and ask for candy. Not to mention how fun it can be with the kids. Remember that for the most unique and inexpensive costume, its best to make it yourself. Just think of how much money you can save and how different your Zombie Hunter costume will be from the store bought one.

Allen’s Flower Market loves Halloween and the fall season. We hope you all stay safe and have some good spooky fun. Remember that for any and all your floral needs, Allen’s Flower Market has the freshest and best in Southern California.

Give Thanks to Mother-in-Laws Everywhere

When you first start dating, the parents tend to be a nightmare for you. Of course, as you grow closer to them and they begin to accept you as family, things get a little easier.

If you propose though, it’s almost like starting over as they care about their child just as much as you do. Eventually though, you will be a part of the family in their eyes.

In-laws are Your Family

Husbands out there might look at their father-in-law as some kind of non-approving alien from another planet and wives could see their mother-in-law in the same light for many different reasons.

Whether they like a different football team or are always commenting about how the kitchen could be better arranged or that the meals have a funny taste to them, it seems like in-laws are a nightmare to please.

However, they often just mean well and just want the best for their child to whom you are married.

And, they often want to help in any way they can whether it is a loan to get you into your first home, babysitting the grandkids, or just simply advice when it is needed and appreciated.

Chances are they did those things and more, so while you may not see eye to eye it is plain to see that they have been there for you and your family.

Time to Celebrate

So, come the fourth Sunday in October, why not do something special for your in-laws and get a little something for the mother-in-law — after all, it is National Mother-in-Law Day.

Don’t fret too much if you haven’t put much thought on what to do for them because Allen’s Flower Market has put together a few inexpensive and sweet ideas that make for a great way to celebrate and show your appreciation.

Consider taking them somewhere they would enjoy and if you don’t know, ask your spouse — after all they are going, too. Whether they love the theater and fancy restaurants or a stroll in the park and a picnic, you can easily and inexpensively show them a great time.

Don’t Forget Flowers

At Allen’s Flower Market, we believe that flowers are the best gift for any occasion, and we offer the best and highest quality selection. So, whether you are too busy for an evening with the in-laws or need the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, we have the best gift solutions. Check out our fine selection of the freshest flower arrangements available as well as gifts and more!

Be Sweet on the Sweetest Day

If you have family and friends, and chances are you probably do, the time of the year to celebrate them has come. Sweetest Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to show everyone important to you just how much you appreciate them.

What better way to do so then with a beautiful bouquet or arrangement from us over at Allen’s Flower Market?

What to Know about the Sweestest Day

It’s the simple things in life that bring us the most joy and October’s Sweetest Day is a prime example of that. The holiday that was started back in the 1920s for the sole purpose of being kind to the sick, elderly, and orphaned. Over time, the holiday was steered towards friends and family too but in the end it’s about being kind, pure and simple.

Sweetest Day is a holiday that is primarily celebrated in the north eastern part of the country, greatly around the Great Lakes region, but with the meaning behind the holiday; it should be celebrated all over the world.

The first Sweetest Day was planned and held in Cleveland; from there it began to spread and has now become what it is today. A holiday started to celebrate the elderly and those less fortunate still what it once was has become something more.

Now, the holiday is celebrated with friends, family and all those from before. Essentially, it is a day set aside to just be decent towards others.

Simple Ways to be Sweet

While no one should need a reason to celebrate their loved ones, if you really want a dedicated day then Sweetest Day is the perfect holiday. There are plenty of simple ways to show your family and friends just how much you care.

Take your family out for a dinner, your friends out to a movie. Should you have something more individual and intimate in mind; then, with the help of us over at Allen’s Flower Market, we can help you to find the perfect gift.

Whether you are looking for the perfect arrangement, a delightful bouquet or exquisite vase, or maybe even the unique basket, we have something perfect for your needs. Offering great prices on the freshest floral arrangements in the Long Beach area, we put the customer first.

So, for the best in the floral business and for all your Sweetest Day needs, be sure to check us out and you won’t be disappointed.

Frightfully Fun Events: Great Local Long Beach Events in October

Long Beach locals and out of town folk alike, do you need something extravagant to do to help pass the time this October? Are you looking for the perfect Halloween event but don’t want to do the standard cliché ‘Amusement Park’ scare-fest?

Perhaps you have outgrown said shenanigans and are more interested in a show or a night out on the town. Whatever the case, we, at Allen’s Flower Market, take pride in knowing the area and being aware of the great events coming up this month.

We have been in the Long Beach area for more than 20 years and, over those years, believe it or not, we have actually done more than prepare amazing floral arrangements at equally amazing prices. We have seen the local scene and tasted its flavor.

Having said that let us be the first to tell you, it was good. This October whether you are looking for a good scare or an uprising play that might hit Broadway one day, we can assure you that Long Beach has some great entertainment waiting for you.

A Haunting in a Haunting

Let’s skip the whole skeptic argument on whether or not the Queen Mary is haunted because it has many ghostly residents. The Queen Mary is a magnificent ship in Long Beach that has, for years, been used as a luxury hotel unlike any other.

It was once a luxury liner, but now just stays anchored in the harbor. Every year, the fine folks over at the Queen Mary put on the event to celebrate those in the afterlife. It’s definitely a ship that, by its own right, is already terrifying in a Jack Nicholson in the Shining kind of way. However, this month it gets redone for the sole purpose of bringing on the scares.

And, it does bring a new meaning to genuine terror. For more information on the Queen Mary Hotel and all of their grand functions, be sure to check out their website today.

Not Every Night is a Scary Night

It’s true, October isn’t the month of scares as that really is reserved for just one night. Luckily, there are also other very promising ventures going on the coming month.

One that stands out in particular is the musical, ‘Ain’t Misbehaving.’ It is a Tony winner for best musical and is playing all throughout the month, so for a night of good old fashioned entertainment, go here.

Long Beach always has something going on, which is why it is where we operate at Allen’s Flower Market. Come on down and join the fun and the frights this month!