Flowers Are The Perfect Gift At Christmas Or Any Occasion

It’s true! Birthdays, anniversaries, going away’s, get well soon’s, weddings, holidays and even farewells in the office place can all be celebrated with flowers. This is because everyone loves flowers. They come in all kinds of dazzling colors, are pleasing to every eye and fill any room with most pleasant smells and aromas.

We offer the absolute best selection of Holiday and Seasonal Flowers, Gift & Fruit Baskets, Seasonal Green & Flowering Plants, Gourmet Treats, Gifts and more found anywhere in Long Beach. There is literally something for everyone when you shop at Allen’s Flower Market.

Choose Allen’s Flower Market

At Allen’s Flower Market, we get the majority of our fresh-cut flowers from the local growers and we have done this since the beginning. We realize how important it is to have roots in community and to bond with the other business owners in the city. By buying locally, we have helped to stimulate the local economy while still getting the best prices and the freshest possible floral products.

We also buy some of our more exotic flowers and plants direct from flower farms abroad. The farms we work with all focus on growing in a manner that is conducive to protecting the environment. Buying locally and buying direct from the floral farms, ensures our customers enjoy the finest flowers and plants available. Getting the best flowers at the best possible prices, also allows us to keep the prices of all our alluring arrangements at an affordable price for everyone in Long Beach.



Holiday Flower Arrangements Guaranteed To Dazzle

Candy Cane Basket

Take our Candy Cane Basket for example. This is the perfect holiday gift for that special someone in your life. Our floral design team starts with a beautiful while wicker basket, then expertly fills it with gorgeous seasonal flowers, holiday evergreens, long lasting red & white flowers and of course, candy canes. This stunning arrangement is guaranteed to create a smile on the face of any person who receives it. As a second generation, family owned and operated floral design firm, Allen’s Flower Market has been delivering holiday smiles for more than 34 years in the Long Beach, California area.

Christmas Love

Here is another absolutely fabulous arrangement for you to consider. We call this floral arrangement “Christmas Love.”

First, we fill this beautiful ruby red glass vase with the finest and freshest red roses, carnations and seasonal greenery available. Then our floral designers really go to work. They exquisitely arrange in white asiatic lilies and gorgeous chrysanthemums to round out this fabulous floral design. This arrangement is just perfect for the holidays and the Allen’s team can provide same day delivery for you anywhere in the Long Beach area.

Holiday Gourmet Gift & Fruit Baskets

Of course, we offer more than just gorgeous floral arrangements. We also offer one of the best selections of Gourmet Gift & Fruit Baskets available anywhere in Long Beach. Our baskets are absolutely jammed packed full of all your favorite fruits, gourmet treats, candies and more. Our fresh fruit basket that is filled to brim with delectable, fresh, and juicy seasonal fruit and other delightful natural treats that are sure to provide a taste sensation for any lucky recipient.

Next time you find yourself rushed to pick-up a co-worker’s gift or a little something for your mother in-laws birthday know that Allen’s Flower Market has your back.

No matter the occasion, we have something perfect for it and whether you visit our shop or our website, you will see be able to experience the value, variety, and quality.

Offering a wide range of exquisite bouquets, delightful arrangements, and a variety of other quaint gifts, we are your one-stop shop for all your gift purchasing needs. 


Allens Flower Market Has Updated Our Blog & Facebook Sites For The Holidays

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Making the Most of Thanksgiving Traditions with Flowers and Floral Centerpieces

 With November 22, 2012 a few days away, it’s clear that Thanksgiving is just around the bend. It’s a day dedicated to feasting and joyful family gatherings and, of course, being thankful (Thought we might forget that, eh?).

There are many cultural traditions with the holiday and many family ones as well. Whether you have the traditional turkey dinner or a hamburger and large coke, it doesn’t matter — just remember to be thankful on Thanksgiving.

The Importance of Traditions at Thanksgiving

In the past, it was culturally correct to celebrate Thanksgiving.

This was a time to give thanks for everything we had in life. Now though, many families create their own traditions. Some have feasts while others drink and be merry, but what is perhaps most important is that we are together with our loved ones, friends, and family alike.

Gather round the table and have a feast with your loved ones, carve the turkey, or slice the ham and eat until you’ll explode. Sound familiar?

That’s how many of our Thanksgivings go down; after all, we got to get all that protein and carbs for the biggest sale day of the year that follows.

Or, just sleep it all off because sleeping it off sounds nice too.  Those are the traditions most of us have and they are what make Thanksgiving such an important holiday. This is a day dedicated to casting our differences aside and being merry together to give thanks for all that we have in life.

The Best Thanksgiving Decor

When planning the family feast, remember that, at Allen’s Flower Market, we offer the freshest cuts of specially designed Thanksgiving centerpieces. Spruce up the table with something in the flavor of autumn and let the savory bird not be the only eye-catcher this day. Other great ideas to spruce up the dinner table are rose petals in the wine.  You can also place floral decorations around the table besides just having that centerpiece. This might include fall flowers and leaves scattered on the table or wrapped around candle holders.

At Allen’s Flower Market, we believe in quality at a modest price, which is why we have bonded with our local growers over the years. Working with local growers ensures us the freshest and highest quality flora and at an incredibly low price. We can then take our beautifully designed and delightful arrangements and bouquets and sell them at the low prices you have come to know, love, and expect from us at Allen’s Flower Market. It’s easy to see why our flowers are the perfect match for your Thanksgiving feast.

Celebrating Veteran’s Day

Our Veterans deserve your thanks. Every day, our armed forces are out risking their lives to protect us and our freedoms in this country.

We may argue amongst ourselves about who should represent this country and about what should be legal and accepted, but there is one thing that we all can and should agree on: Our Veterans deserve respect; they have more than earned it with their service and self-sacrifice for this country and us as citizens.

Commitment and Sacrifice

Veterans know more than any other person about commitment to a country filled with a billion people. Being willing to sacrifice themselves for this country and its billion people takes a different kind of person to be willing to through it all away for others and for that.

For them always being there for us, it is time for us to always be there for them. Politics don’t matter here; these people and these heroes are doing this for all of us, and we owe them our deepest gratitude.

Treat Them, Thank Them, and Be There for Them

Chances are you know a Veteran; they could be a friend or even a family member. They could have served in a time of peace or a time of war and no matter which, they deserve our gratitude.

There are many ways you can show you’re thanks to a member of the armed services. Sometimes, just walking up to them and thanking them is enough, but if you know them, know that there is so much more that you can do.

Take them out; if they are family or friends, then chances are you know what they like to eat anyways. Cover any and all expenses and be sure to thank them. Lunch, dinner, or for the early risers, breakfast can all be great ways to show thanks, but we live busy lives and not everyone lives close.

So what do you do if your Veteran isn’t just a few doors down? We urge you to still find a way to thank them. Sure you probably have thanked them in the past, but our soldiers really are the gift that keeps on giving. So whether it is a phone call, a card, letter or even just a message over the Internet, please remember to thank our troops this Veteran’s Day.

From everyone at Allen’s Flower Market, thank you to those who serve our country and keep us safe.

Have an Election Day Party for Your Party

At Allen’s Flower Market, we know just how tense things can get for people around Election Day. So, after putting our heads together, we came up with just the right idea to lessen the stress on the coming week.

Whether you vote blue or red, chances are that you are likely to let loose and have a little fun in your own way. So, why not have a party? Invite your fellow party members and have a ball with Allen’s Flower Market.

Let’s Have a Party

Formal or fun, flowers make for great decorations, centerpieces and, if you don’t mind being a little crass, they make for a fun way to assign seats. Use red and blue table centerpieces to assign party specific tables and hold a spirited debate, but keep it fun.

Or, if you want, you can wait until after the elections and then hold a celebration. Remember though, the only real losers at this year’s presidential election are those who choose not to choose. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

Political Gifts of Flora

Know a politic nut? Someone who lives and breathes the on goings of our country? A person who is always looking to dig up something on one party or another and perhaps supports one over the other? Well, a thoughtful gift of their party’s colors in the form of a beautiful arrangement could really make their day.

November 6, 2012 is the Day!

Sure, it’s Election Day, but it’s also a day for birthdays, anniversaries, and dates. Flowers make great gifts on the fly, especially with our delivery services. Have a date that night or an anniversary? Surprise your significant other with a beautiful bouquet or arrangement. It will surely leave a smile on their face all night long.

Remember to vote this year and to do your research on the different propositions, senators, and congress and of course the presidential candidates so that you are voting for what will best benefit you, your friends, and your families.

Should things not go your way and you not get your guy in office, remember that there is always next time and to just be thankful that we get to continue living in the finest country on the seven seas. Have a great Election Day from everyone here at Allen’s Flower Market.