Let Allen’s Flower Market Adorn Your Next New Year’s Celebration

NY2New Year’s is a holiday that is celebrated all over the country and the world. Often in many ways, some will party in revelry as a way of saying that they survived the year and others tackle the holiday with a little more elegance.

In truth, there is no improper way to celebrate. Sure, every culture has their traditions, but in the end a celebration is about having fun. So this New Year’s, it’s time to let loose and ring in the New Year with a bang and in lavish style.

If you need help planning the most memorable holiday shindig, then read on because Allen’s Flower Market has everything you need.

 The Party Planners

Seriously, if we weren’t in the business of creating floral masterpieces, then party planning would be our next most viable option as a business. Then again, we do weddings and those can be anything from formal to something truly wild. I

n honor of the New Year’s holiday and all of you out there who want to throw the biggest bash in town, we have come up with a few great party ideas that are not only fun, but can save you money too.NY1


Whether you drink or not, chances are at a New Year’s party someone is going to be. Using the ever-popular bring your own booze (BYOB) policy, you are ensuring a couple of things. First of all, you will not have to pay for liquor, beer, wine, or other spirits and that will save you some dough. Second, you can easily ensure a great game of King’s Cup.

Speaking of Games

Parties and games go great together and not just the drinking games. Have a scavenger hunt or hold one of those contests that don’t allow the party guests to say a specific word. With party games, the possibilities are pretty endless so be creative and have fun with it.

Floral Decorations

With the great prices we have online and in store, you are sure to find a great deal on some dazzling flowers. So why not try something unique and adorn your party with some one of a kind arrangement that we offer at Allen’s Flower Market?

 NY3The best part is that our arrangements and bouquets make great party prizes to the great games you could hold at your New Year’s party. Make this New Year’s special and one to remember. At Allen’s Flower Market, we strive to go above and beyond your expectations this holiday season.

The Go-To Florist for the Holidays

Red Christmas Ornamentflowermktxmas2We are smack dab in the middle of the hectic holiday season. Christmas is just a few days or so away and like many others you are probably racing to finish up last-minute Christmas shopping. We know how it is and how it can be whether you can’t find the gift you wanted to get someone you love. Or, they are just one of those people that happen to be impossible to shop for.

At Allen’s Flower Market, we can confidently say, “We are here to help,” and if you are unsure about flowers, plants, or gift baskets for Christmas, we are confident that we have just what your loved ones will enjoy!

Flowers for Christmas

Poinsettias Allens Flower MarketAll through the year, flowers and green plants make great gifts. You can choose between a bouquets and arrangements that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Or, you can go with a gift that keeps on giving long after the holidays have ended.

With our living green plants, you can not only give a gift that smells great and is scientifically proven to improve one’s wellbeing, but they are also great for helping someone to develop the meaningful hobby of taking care of a living plant.

Of course, if you know us at Allen’s Flower Market, then you realize that we aren’t exclusive to floral masterpieces and living plants. We also carry a variety of exquisite gift baskets that make great individual gifts and are the perfect gift for multiple people to share.

For instance, our Bon Vivant Basket is the perfect gift for the workplace because it is big, delicious, and, of course, shareable. The best part though is that thanks to our holiday sale you can save big on this basket and others, too.zoom_AFMWXMAS113S121123110546

The Holiday Sale

Did we mention that we are having a holiday sale? What better a reason to come on by Allen’s Flower Market then to see all of our incredible markdowns? Some of our products have had as much as 20% taken off of them.

Even with the sale, our Petal Rewards program members still earn points for every dollar spent. This holiday season remember that Allen’s Flower Market is Long Beach’s go-to florist, offering a great sale on already great priced flowers that are always grown local and fresh.  

Our team at Allen’s Flower Market wishes you and yours a very happy holiday!

The Traditions of Hanukkah

Hanukkah2As with most all ancient holiday celebrations, there are many traditional ways of celebrating the eight-day Hanukkah festival. This ancient Jewish holiday, which started on December 8, 2012 and goes on for eight whole days of festivities, is continued to be celebrated today for what Jewish tradition calls ‘the miracle of the Menorah.’

As the story goes, the warriors returned to the holy temple after the many long days of fighting. When they went to light the Menorah, they found that there was only enough oil for it to burn a single day, but it burned for eight. The story of this miracle is why Hanukkah is celebrated today and why it is often called the festival of lights.Hanukkah1

The Festival of Lights

The nickname comes from the miracle that happened when the Menorah burned for eight days instead of one. Today, this is most often remembered through the tradition of having candles constantly lit throughout the whole holiday.

Families have lit candles all throughout the house in remembrance of the miracle that happened. The candle lighting is but one of many Hanukkah traditions.

The Dishes of Hanukkah

Hanukkah3Like most holidays, Hanukkah has different types of food and meals associated with it. Most of these foods are fried and or filled with cheese; it’s a celebration after all. Some of these traditional foods include:

  • Loukoumades are puff balls that are deep fried and dipped in honey. So basically they are doughnut holes and those are quite good.
  • Pancakes are also quite common; they are, of course, fried in oil to further remember the miracle of the oil.
  • Soft pretzels and even brisket are traditional foods of the holiday though many people like to enjoy those two at all times of the year.

Other Traditions of Hanukkah        

Gift giving is popular for the holiday because the lasting oil was looked at as a gift from God. As such, many families will exchange gifts over the eight-day celebration. When looking for a Hanukkah gift for a family member or friend, why not give them the gift of flowers as they are a miracle in themselves?Hanukkah4

Always fresh and always beautiful, Allen’s Flower Market stocks only the very best and freshest products grown locally. This means that not only are we keeping roots in the community, but we are also helping to support other small businesses by stimulating our local economy. We also have beautiful plants, flowering plants, and gorgeous gift baskets.

Let Allen’s Flower Market Do the Entertaining this Christmas

flowermktxmas4The holidays are officially here and with them blew in all sorts of things. Christmas shopping, holiday shows, gift wrapping, decorating and parties are just some of the few on goings over the Christmas holiday. So, whether you are just entertaining some friends or throwing the grand holiday bash that you do every year, wow your guests with the Allen’s Flower Market ‘Decorating Team.’

Meet the Christmas Flower Team

At Allen’s Flower Market, we bring a whole assortment of eye-popping pieces of floral decor to the table. This includes our various holiday-themed centerpieces that are sure to please the hungry eyes that are waiting for a meal at the dinner table, or our grand selection of arrangements and bouquets all designed with the holidays in mind.

flowermktxmas3Our team has worked tirelessly to create some of the various beautiful floral arrangements we offer you this Christmas. They are excited to have people enjoy their creations over the holiday season.

Some Christmas Entertainment Tips

We don’t want to tell you how to be a host, but we have a few great ideas for entertaining this holiday season with family, friends, and colleagues

First, know your crowd. Are you entertaining adults or is this party for your kids? Maybe it’s a family thing with a mixed bunch or it is an office party. Second, plan based off of your crowd. flowermktxmas2

For instance at an adult party, a wine tasting would be a suitable event. Some people even get blindfolded to ‘enhance’ their senses and describe the wine they taste.

If you have kids present, then it might be a good idea to plan crafts or maybe bake some sugar cookies beforehand and have them ready to be iced. Just remember that kids will be kids and if you are not keeping an eye on them, all the cookies will be gone by the time the dinner bell rings.

This is also a great time to play Secret Santa and exchange gifts. Or, if you are invited to a holiday party, think about bringing some Christmas flowers, a wreath, a poinsettia or a gift basket to thank the host for their invitation.  

flowermktxmas1If you are hosting a party, think about giving away the party table centerpieces as party favors for those who have come or create little gift baskets that each person can take home.

Don’t forget the holiday music and goodies to nibble on while you mix and mingle. Remember the reason for the season and make it a happy and giving time for those you know and even perhaps for those in need.