Be a Romantic this Valentine’s Day

romantic1Love and romance are in the air and all throughout the country, people everywhere are preparing for Valentine’s Day – and that includes our flower shop in Long Beach, California. That’s right, at Allen’s Flower Market, we have been busy little bees making sure our stock is kept full of the finest and freshest flowers we know our customers deserve.
It’s one of our biggest days of the year and this year we are staying open all day and all night to make sure everyone gets their Valentine’s Day roses, Valentine’s Day bouquets, and Valentine’s Day gifts.
That means all day — from the 13th to the 14th. We know just how busy it gets, people wanting to wait till the last minute to pick up flowers for their date — after all you want them to be fresh.romantic2
Because of the extra hours and the already higher than usual amount of orders, we have fully stocked our shop in Long Beach with the freshest flowers and plants as well as a variety of gifts, balloons, cuddly toys and stuffed animals and cards. Just think of us as your one-stop shop for Valentine’s Day!
Show that Romantic Side
By giving your loved one that illustrious, awe inspiring arrangement, The Romantic, you will be sure to be a hit! The Romantic flower arrangement consists of a dozen of our absolutely stunning Ecuadorian Red Roses accented with small flora.
romantic3There is also a lovable stuffed animal teddy bear as well as a box of high-quality chocolates and a Valentine’s Day-themed balloon. The Romantic is all these things and says one thing well — I love you. So go on ahead and check out our premium Valentine’s Day gift, The Romantic, online or in-store today.
24-Hour Tacos
While it may not really be 24 hours of tacos – more like five and a half – it’s the idea that we are open for more than 24 hours straight and will be offering these freebies when you drop into our store between 9:00pm on the 13th and 2:30am on the 14th. So be sure to drop on by and check out the festivities and enjoy some tacos while you shop the late night hours!romantic4

Make Her Yours with the “Be Mine” Bouquet

bemine1“Be Mine” are words we have all been familiar with since grade school. Granted that during grade school we most likely paid little attention to the words scribbled on the Valentine cards and the fun-sized candies that were often taped onto them.

Point is that we have all become familiar with the cute nothings printed on various super hero Valentine’s Day cards like the “Be Mine” message. It was a message that essentially meant you didn’t want to share that person with anyone. It wasn’t until middle school that any of us began to put any value in the meaning of the messages and sweet nothings; even then the candies still might have been the highlight of Valentine’s Day.

Introducing the “Be Mine” Bouquet
Now that we are all adults though, the words mean more than the candy – well, the candy might still be pretty good, too!
At Allen’s Flower Market, we understand just how much those sweet nothings can mean. Come on guys, you know that if she wasn’t something special you wouldn’t have booked that fancy restaurant and dry cleaned your suit. You want her to be yours and at Allen’s Flower Market we can help.

With the “Be Mine” Bouquet you can express your love to her in a special way. This bouquet is truly long lasting just like your love.
Arranged in a beautiful wicker basket, the “Be Mine” Bouquet has a combination of farm fresh flowers that are all of the highest quality. After all, lasting freshness and the utmost quality is what we know our customers expect from us at Allen’s Flower Market and it’s what we think all of our customers deserve.

Valentine’s Day Specials and Free Tacos!
At Allen’s Flower Market, we are offering a variety of Valentine’s Day specials with markdowns here and there all throughout the store and through our online store. We know you are sure to find the perfect gift in Long Beach. It’s important to get your order in now for Valentine’s Day now to ensure you get the perfect arrangement for your loved one!

Our flower shop will be open 24 hours on February 13th through the 14th and for all you last-minute shoppers we will be offering free tacos! That’s right, shop between 9:00pm and 2:30am and pick up some free tacos with any purchase. We are inviting anyone and everyone to drop on by Long Beach’s premier florist for all your Valentine’s Day needs and, of course, some free tacos.

Allen’s Flower Market Open All Night Long February 13-14th for Valentine’s Day!

VDAY2Valentine’s Day is well on its way and as one of the largest floral holidays of the year. Florists everywhere are preparing for the massive influx of orders of various bouquets and arrangements.

At Allen’s Flower Market, we are ready for one of the busiest days for us. We’re excited about the new floral designs for Valentine’s Day not to mention the other gifts we have stocked up now for you to choose from for that special someone.

Plans for the Loved-up Holiday

At Allen’s Flower Market, we have ordered extra flowers so that we can have enough for everyone to enjoy the freshest and most dazzling floral designs in the Long Beach area. Thanks to our personal relationship with local farmers, we are able to provide you with a fresh and fully stocked selection.VDAY1

One such arrangement is our simply elegant Dozen Valentine Red Roses. These Ecuadorian red roses will be an instant hit with your loved one as they are both simple and beautiful. Arranged in a vase with nothing but some baby’s breath, these roses are not only a classic valentine gift, but they are also a memorable gesture of your love.

Also, we are staying open all day and all night on both the 13th and 14th of February – that’s right, 24 hours!

Allen’s Flower Market the Valentine’s Shop

We carry a whole lot more than just the fabulous Ecuadorian roses though.

In fact, we have something for just about every budget. Head on over to our Valentine’s Day section on our website to see our vast online selection and remember there is much more than that in our Long Beach store.

Hanukkah4Whether you need roses, chocolates, teddy bears or one of each, we really do have all that and much, much more.

After all, luxury chocolates in the arms of a cuddly teddy bear are a great accent to one of the beautiful arrangements we offer. We also can give you full-size cards and balloons as well as tempting gift baskets full of great goodies!

Free Tacos!!!

All customers shopping between the hours of 9:00 pm and 2:30am will also be offered FREE TACOS with their purchase during February 13 and 14th. You are invited to come and enjoy the festivities! We’d love to see you and have you enjoy some great tacos while you browse our full selection of Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts.

Creating that Special Valentine’s Day

VDAY2We are just a few short weeks away from the most romantic holiday of the year. February is not only the most romantic, but it is a big month for anyone in the flower trade.

This Valentine’s Day, make sure you plan ahead because many others are doing just the same thing to ensure they get the perfect bouquet or flower arrangement for their loved one to go with all the other gifts and plans for this loved-up day.

Don’t worry though because, at Allen’s Flower Market, we not only have a massive selection of the finest Valentine’s gifts, but we also know of more than a few ways to help make this Valentine’s Day as special as possible.

Gifts are Nice but What Else Do You Have Planned?

Since not everyone has been seeing their Valentine since the beginning of time, we know and understand that planning a special evening might not be so easy. After all, she could be allergic to the entire menu at the seafood restaurant you just booked. Or, maybe she just isn’t all that into fish. It is for reasons like these that we must suggest planning ahead.VDAY1

Below are a few of our best Valentine’s Day tips to make it a day and night to remember:

  • Always make reservations. Tables fill up quick on the biggest date night of the year. Sometimes, it is best to make two reservations and this can really work to your benefit to have that backup if you suddenly find out your date has gone vegan. Of course, having multiple reservations can also give your loved one the power of choosing where to eat and that can make you look like a pretty cool person.
  • Dress to impress. That said, if you know you are going to a 5-star dining experience as opposed to the local chain restaurant then really dress nice.  You can go that extra mile and purchase an outfit for your special someone to ensure they look nice as well.
  • Guys, be a gentleman. You would think this would go without saying right but we want to make sure you get it right. Get her car door, pull out her chair, and let her order first. Compliment her on how she looks and let her know just how special she is to you.

Speaking of Gifts

VDAY3Over here at Long Beach’s finest florist, we have got in a real treat just in time for Valentine’s Day. Our 36 Red Rose arrangement is anything but typical when it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers. These are Ecuadorian Red Roses, which are quite rare, making them a perfect gift for the rare love you have for that special someone in your life!