Chocolate Lovers Rejoice! It’s National Chocolate Lovers’ Month

helen1We could not close out the month without mentioning one of our personal favorite holidays – that’s right, February is National Chocolate Lovers’ Month!

Many people enjoy the taste of chocolate — some like it dark while others go for milk or even white chocolate.  When it comes to enjoying chocolate, the possibilities are nearly endless.

You can get this sweet treat with a crisp, with all types of nuts, with fruit centers, with caramel and even as a truffle. We’ve even seen chocolate covered bacon!

To celebrate this month of chocolate and tell you about the types of chocolate we have, we thought we would dedicate this blog post to this sweet treat!

Interesting Facts about Chocolate

Chocolate has actually been treasured throughout history. Did you know that chocolate was actually used as currency by the Mayans? Of course, the chocolate of yesteryears is much different than that of today. Basically, it wasn’t sweetened at all. It also had the consistency of water and was translated to mean ‘bitter water.’

helen2But, it was not this liquid form that was used as currency by the Mayans. It was actually the cocoa bean. That’s right, the bean we use today to make our succulent chocolates was actually used as money way back when. It is true then — money really does grow on trees.

While you might call yourself or someone you know a chocolate lover, you may not compare to the Swiss. In Switzerland, one person eats an average of almost a kilogram of chocolate each month.  That is just over two pounds of chocolate a month.  helen3

Our Tempting Chocolate Selection

Our Helen Grace brand chocolates are perfect for any chocolate lover. This delicious assortment of chocolates is a great way to brighten up any chocolate lover’s day. They also make a great treat for you if you want to treat yourself.   

Looking for something familiar? Chocolate brands are often different, so why not go with a brand you know and love? Our Ghirardelli Assorted Squares is truly a chocolate lover’s dream come true.  We’ve also got Lindt brand chocolates as well as truffles and many other temptations to help you celebrate your love of chocolate.

helen4Those are just two of the many types of chocolate we have for you or your loved ones! With only a few days left in the month of February, it’s time to celebrate with a sweet treat!

Celebrating President’s Day with Flowers and Gifts

city1President’s Day weekend is upon us and many people will be spending their time in different ways. Some have probably already left for the weekend on a short vacation while others may be enjoying the time off at home, relaxing, or doing chores.

No matter what you find yourself up to over the President’s Day holiday, it is important to remember why we as a country celebrate it.

Washington’s Birthday

George Washington was the first president of our fine nation and the holiday was initially established to celebrate his birthday. Congress implemented and declared the holiday a federal holiday in 1879.

In more recent years, many states have begun observing both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday during President’s Day. This is however not federally recognized.

 Some people also use the holiday to celebrate all past and present presidents in respect of the burden they have taken on in running the nation. However, like the inclusion of Abraham Lincoln, this practice is not officially federally recognized.

It’s a Celebration

Do you know a history buff or have an American History teacher in school or college? Maybe you have someone in your own family who happens to adore our countries history. Getting them a little something to show that you care that they care can really go a long way. At Allen’s Flower Market, we have some very great gift options, too.

city2Over here at Allen’s Flower Market and online, we offer a grand selection of gifts that are perfect for any occasion, including the President’s Day holiday. This includes beautiful flowers like our “City Slicker.”

This unique creation is sure to wow the recipient, and it is perfect for anyone who happens to have an exotic taste. Of course, this is only one of our many great arrangements available both in store and online.

If you don’t want to get them flowers, we have still got you covered. Sure we specialize in flowers, but we offer much more than that, too. In fact, we have gifts of all kinds.

If they have a sweet tooth, then we have just the tempting gourmet chocolates and brownies you are looking for Are they more of the healthy eater and clean living type? If that’s their preference, then we have a fresh seasonal fruit basket too and like our flowers, our gifts are always fresh.city3

Whatever you choose, remember that President’s Day is about recognizing our forefathers and even our more current presidents, including the tough decisions they have made and the strong leadership they represent.

Do Something New this Valentine’s Day

cookie1On Valentine’s Day, there is one thing that most of us do that is pretty much exactly the same — you get roses for the one you love, or you select other flowers like carnations, tulips, or an orchid.  It’s something special to show you love.

However, Valentine’s Day celebrations often now include others, especially when some people are not as lucky to have a significant other in their life. That’s why, very often, Valentine’s Day gifts are available for co-workers, friends, and family members (even your kids !).

Valentine’s for Everyone You Love

Remember back in the day when you were in school?  Everyone had to pass out a Valentine’s Day card with a little candy to each of their classmates so no one left out. It was about showing you cared and were a friend to those you went to school with – same goes for when you get older!

Maybe many of you have dropped the act of delivering Valentine’s Day cards to everyone in your life. However, we recommend not forgetting your friends and family this year because you just might make their day.cookie2

And, we’re here to help — both online and in our flower shop in the Long Beach area. We have a variety of amazing gift baskets some of which are quite tasty if we do say so ourselves.  

Cookies are a Valentine’s Sweet Treat

Our Gourmet Cookie Basket is the perfect gift idea for when you have to get more than a few people a gift mainly because it covers most everyone.

cookie3The basket is filled with gourmet cookies amongst other great snack items. This is a great way to cover your whole department or team at work or offer it at a get-together with friends or family.  

Don’t Forget about Our Extra Hours!

Here’s a last reminder about our extended hours of operation and the Valentine’s Day festivities in our store during that time.

Our shop will be open for 24 hours between the 13th and the 14th for all of your Valentine’s Day needs.

We also will be offering tacos to all customers for a limited amount of time from 9:00pm to 2:30am, so we encourage you all drop by for some flowers, goodies, gifts and, of course, tacos. cookie4

All of us at Allen’s Flower Market want to wish you a great Valentine’s Day with friends, family, and that special someone!

Treating Your Sweetheart to Something Special this Valentine’s Day

FM1Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is practically already here, but are you ready? Men, have you gotten everything prepared for your sweetheart, and ladies, what about you?
At Allen’s Flower Market, we have been working very hard to prepare for the Valentine’s Day festivities. We have been keeping a fresh stock of all our flower arrangements and bouquets not to mention making sure we are able to get everyone’s orders out on the big day.
FM3Today though, we want to take a moment to help you all to be ready for the big day. Here’s our guide on getting ready even if it means a little last-minute action.
A Valentine’s Day Guide
We know you are probably pretty busy between work and home life. There is the planning and scheduling. After all, you want to make sure all the reservations are made, the gifts are ordered, and the time is scheduled with your loved one.
Although it can seem like a hassle, it doesn’t have to be – if anything, having some planning time will allow you to have fun and be creative for surprising your loved one to show them how special they really are on this day of love.
Valentine’s Day Flowers Done Right
Red roses or roses of any kind are the tried and true gift for Valentine’s Day. While other flowers often work, we like to believe that there is nothing more extravagant than the beauty of a vibrant rose. Both online and here in our Long Beach shop, we have a truly grand selection of the finest roses in the area.FM2
When it comes to flowers on Valentine’s Day, whether you are looking for a simple classic like a dozen of our finest red roses or something a little more unique and yet equally beautiful, we have it all. Take our Rose Parade bouquet, for example. It is a classic flower arrangement with a bit of flair. The bouquet is made up of a dozen beautiful red roses that are accompanied by stargazer lilies and accented with fresh greenery and then arranged nicely in a glass vase.
The Rose Parade Bouquet is only one of the many great gifts we are offering this Valentine’s Day. There are many Valentine’s Day arrangements, Valentine’s Day flowering plants, and Valentine’s Day gift baskets ready for you.
FM4We would also like to take this time to remind you that we will be extending our operating hours to 24 hours between February 13th and 14th.

We will also be serving tacos to our customers between 9:00pm on February 13th and 2:30am on February 14th. We invite you all to drop on by this Valentine’s Day for the festivities and get your last-minute Valentine’s Day shopping done at the same time!