Happy Easter


This Year, Easter Is Celebrated On March 31st

Tulip ArrangementsThe folks at Allen’s Flower Market  wish you all a very happy Easter. Please let us know if you need our help with an Easter flower arrangement for your home.

Allen’s Flower Market has been proudly serving Long Beach, California residents and businesses for more than 35 years. We create absolutely gorgeous Easter table centerpieces and dazzling Easter table top flower arrangements.
Daffodils & DaisiesWe employ a world class team of floral designers. They always go all out to produce beautiful Spring and Easter themed arrangements. If you need a custom piece, give us a call. We can put together any customized Easter arrangement that you want. If you prefer to shop from our existing inventory, we invite you to come by our store in Long Beach. If it’s easier for you to shop via the Internet, please visit our website at (http://www.AllensFlowerMarket.net).


We have a wonderful selection of Easter Lilies and Spring themed flower arrangements for you to choose from.

Same Day Flower Delivery Anywhere In The Continental United States!

Easter Lilies

It’s National Nutrition Month!

nutritionF3Every day is a good day to eat right and eat healthier, but each year, organizations devote the month of March to publicizing just how important it is to do as well as share great tips on how to make good eating fit you and your family’s hectic life.

About the Campaign

As the Eat Right Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics notes, National Nutrition Month is a campaign that they sponsor each year to help focus on the best strategies for eating right, consuming the right foods in the right quantities, and exercising daily.

The tips are geared toward people of all ages and lifestyles to show them just how easy it is to change daily habits for the better. It is about making informed choices and getting encouragement and direction to make an active change in your life.nutritionF2

On the 40th anniversary of this promotional campaign, this year’s theme is “Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day.” The point of this year’s theme is to illustrate how eating right doesn’t have to be based on a generic strategy for everyone.

Instead, it is about showing people how they can personalize their own eating right strategies to suit their tastes, their lifestyles, and their personal goals.

Part of eating healthier is learning what is available, just how easy it is to prepare, and just how delicious it is to eat. You may even be surprised at how many people will tell you that they begin craving fruits and vegetables as they make the switch to these healthier choices and stop getting by on greasy, fatty, and salty foods.

Our Part in Eating Right

To encourage you to make eating right a priority as well as to help you help others to do the same, we have lined up a bountiful selection of fresh fruit baskets that make sweet, juicy, and tempting gifts for family, friends, and colleagues – not to mention gifting yourself!nutritionF1

Our range of fruit baskets illustrate that good health does not have to cost a lot of money. Our baskets come in various sizes and quantities to fit your budget and your taste. Some include more exotic fruits like Kiwis, pears, and pineapple while others also add gourmet nibbles like cheese, crackers, and, yes, even a few chocolates!

Nature’s goodness comes in all types of easy-to-open-and-eat packages that are easy to take to work or on the go. Reaching for an apple, orange, banana or grapes is definitely a better choice than eating the drive-through or reaching for a donut when you grab a coffee.

It takes time and you don’t have to make all the changes in one go. Start with small changes like a piece of fruit every day as a snack and gradually work toward re-making your dietary choices each day. nutritionF4

Whether it is making up a monthly meal plan to stay on track, joining a gym, or getting more sleep each night, everything you do will make it a step in the right direction!


Passover Begins at Sundown on Monday, March 25th

passoverf1This year, Passover begins on Monday, March 25th at sundown and ends on Tuesday, April 2nd. It is a very special celebration for those of the Jewish faith and one that incorporates family and tradition as well as sacrifice, reflection, and delicious food. This blog post shares some background on Passover, traditions, and ideas on how to incorporate flowers into the Passover celebration.

Traditions and Meanings

Passover is a way to commemorate the release of Hebrew slaves from enslavement in Egypt in which the doors of the Hebrew slaves were passed over because they did as God instructed them to do. Their obedience was rewarded and they were set free.

passoverf4Passover includes delicious meals and a list of traditions that remind each person celebrating Passover of the importance of obedience, reverence, and respect for God and for the Jewish beliefs. 

The table is set for Seder, a delicious feast that takes places over a few of the nights of this eight-day celebration.

Even if you are a Gentile, you may have Jewish friends and might be curious about Passover. If invited, you should consider attending a Seder to see the traditions and taste the extraordinary food.

Passover Flowers

To set the beautiful spring table that is central to Passover, the season brings a wide array of seasonal flowers in bright hues and pastel shades. These include lilies, carnations, tulips, daffodils, sunflowers, violets, daisies, pussy willow, iris, hyacinths, forsythia and cherry blossoms.

Flowers fit everywhere during Passover. Here are some ideas:passoverf3

  • Add them to the entrance of your home to welcome guests.
  • Give guests and your family boutonnieres and corsages for the religious services.
  • Set the Seder table with floral centerpieces or in vases along the table and any sideboards in the dining room.
  • Fill a wicker basket or clay pot with flowers as these are traditional holders used during Passover. Add candles for an additional effect.
  • Include flowers on any buffet tables used for the Passover food.
  • Add more flowers to any guest rooms in case you have out-of-town guests as this will provide a warm welcome.

Flowers are traditionally important and part of the last night of Passover known as the Night of Lettuce and Flower Baskets. During this tradition, men would have flowers, flower baskets, or baskets of lettuce that they would use as a symbol of their interest in getting engaged to a woman.

passoverf2It would serve as a symbol for that woman and her family. This can be incorporated in your modern celebration as well and could even serve as an opportune time for a proposal!

Whatever you choose to do, make Passover a special time for you, your family, and your friends.

Donning the Green for St. Patrick’s Day and the Bright Flowers for Spring’s Arrival

spring2It’s one of our favorite times of the year because there are many celebrations just around the corner. First up is St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th and then there is the first day of Spring on March 20th. We are excited to see all the fresh flowers in bloom and the signs of everything new and bright.

This blog offers up some highlights of our new spring selections this year to give to others or just enjoy for yourself!


spring1This green garden planter includes assorted, easy to care for green plants and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day Mylar balloon to complement your St Patrick’s Day wishes to friends, family, or colleagues in the office.


Celebrate any occasion with this beautiful white wicker handled basket. It features aster, heather, waxflower, stargazer lily, roses, carnations, daisies and more. On top of that, the basket is accented with a beautiful butterfly on the handle. spring3


Keeping it simple doesn’t mean it is not sophisticated. This elegant spring flower arrangements is placed in a bubble bowl and has 12 mixed colored roses that mirror the beautiful colors of spring. 


Nothing says spring more than tulips. You’ll be sure to impress someone special in grand fashion with this profusion of spectacular assorted tulips. Four fresh gatherings of 15 vibrant multicolored tulips arrive at the peak of freshness.

spring4You can separate them to brighten different rooms in your home or office. Or, for a stunning display, you can keep all 60 tulips together displayed in the included chic glass vase.


This is a unique arrangement that offers up a garden style arrangement of tulips, roses, liatrice, pom poms, Matsumoto asters, and lots of moss arranged in a glass rectangle. This is a wonderful way to bring the English garden style into your home or office and provides a way to enjoy a wide range of spring flowers all at one time.

Other Ways to Celebrate

Besides the spring flowers that have just arrived, we also have a great selection of flowering plants and green plants not to mention fun gift baskets that we can put together for St. Patrick’s Day and other spring celebrations. spring5

With spring also a popular time for weddings, don’t forget that we have a wide selection of spring wedding flower services and planning as well as spring arrangements for bridal and baby showers, birthday and anniversary parties, and quinceñearas.

Today is for the Talent: Recognizing What They Do on Employee Appreciation Day

employee1It’s not too late to recognize everything your staff does even if today — March 1st — is Employee Appreciation Day. Sure, it’s Friday and the end of the work week, but you can still at least provide some kind and encouraging words and back it up with a gift or celebration when Monday rolls around.

Our blog today will give you some background on this mysterious holiday, how you can celebrate, and some ideas for some great flowers, plants, or other gifts from Allen’s Flower Market. Our same-day delivery just might help you squeeze in proper recognition for Employee Appreciation Day!

The Origins of Employee Appreciation Day

Not much is known as to how Employee Appreciation Day got started. It might have been developed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as a way to offset the fact that there was already a Boss’s Day.

After all, it is the talent behind the scenes among your employee base that gets it done and really can contribute to your company’s success.employee2

Time to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

While it might be too late to throw together any of these ideas, you can still consider a happy hour or dinner this evening with your staff. For next year or an impromptu get-together this weekend or even a celebration next week, here are our ideas for ways to make Employee Appreciation Day special:

  • Party with catered food and drinks;
  • Massages or a pampering day for the staff at a nearby salon or spa;
  • Gift certificates;
  • A bonus or cash incentive; and
  • Trophy or plaque.employee4

Ask your employees what they would like so you can incorporate it into the celebration or consider it for next year.

Gifting to Those You Rely On

A faster way to still recognize Employee Appreciation Day is to run out and grab a gift. Or, you can call us and have many of our ideas below possibly delivered in the same day or at the very least this weekend.

Just remember to include a nice note that expresses how much they mean to you! Here are a number of ideas that make great gifts:

  • Spring flowers are coming into our shop, so your employees might like tulips, roses, or a mixed floral arrangement;
  • Flowering plants, plants, or garden baskets also make a nice touch for the home or office, adding color and texture; or
  • Delicious food or pampering non-food gift baskets that can be embellished with balloons and add-ons like a cuddly stuffed toy.employee3

Call us now to see what we can put together for your treasured staff!