Allen’s Flower Market Announces its “Win a Dozen Roses” Contest!

dealafm1Everyone loves to win something, so we’ve made it our goal to make sure we reward as many of our customers as possible whether they come into our Long Beach flower shop or they shop with us through our website for flower arrangements, plants, and gifts.rosesfm1

What makes it more exciting is to add a contest format so you don’t quite know if and when you may win something!  That’s why we have added some contests that do just that!

All about the Roses Contest

The first contest is the “Win a Dozen Roses” Contest. Here are the facts about this fun contest:

  • Winners are selected on a monthly basis.
  • You can choose to receive or send the dozen roses if you win them!
  • You or your recipient can pick any color they like.
  • Our beautiful, fresh roses can be delivered anywhere in the United States or Canada.
  • If you don’t win the first time, you are automatically eligible for all future monthly drawings for the dozen roses.

Requirements for the Roses Contest

Here are the requirements for the dozen roses contest:

  • Fill in the brief form that is found online.rosesfm2
  • Become a registered member.

Other Flower Shop Rewards

We have other contests and ways to reward our customers so they know just how much we appreciate their business. We realize there are other flower shops in and around Long Beach, so it means a lot that our customers come to us for freshness, quality, variety, value, convenience and personal service.18 Grande Reserve Roses

We also participate in the Lucky Stems Contest, which offers a way to get an instant reward or prize.

Then, we are also in the Petal Rewards program, which provides points for making purchases in our Long Beach flower shop or through our online store. The points can then be redeemed for various prizes and rewards.

We are always looking for other ways to reward our customers. Let us know if you have any ideas and please share these with us. We are also planning other future contests and promotions that let you know how much we appreciate your loyalty!

A Sweet Holiday: National “Milk Chocolate Day” is July 28th

chocolateafm1There are holidays that are fun and then there are those celebratory days that are fun and delicious. One of our favorites lands on July 28th – that’s National “Milk Chocolate Day.”

All about Milk Chocolate

chocolateafm3Different than other kinds of chocolate, milk chocolate combines cocoa solid with either dry or condensed milk. Typically, milk chocolate can be enjoyed on its own or as an ingredient in hot chocolate, candy bars, and other scrumptious desserts.

No matter what kind of chocolate you enjoy, it is all known to help make you happy thanks to a stimulant in cocoa beans. Not only does it taste good, but it also puts you in a better mood. No wonder they made it a celebratory day!

This Special and Sweet Celebration

Not much is known about the origins of this special occasion. We suspect that some chocolate company played a role in making this a celebratory day.

Whatever the origin, it is the perfect excuse to enjoy chocolate as well as gift chocolate to a friend, loved one, or colleague. It’s really hard to find someone who doesn’t love chocolate!

It is a day that must be celebrated at work and home! Here are some ideas to celebrate:chocolateafm4

  • Since it’s hot, there is nothing like homemade or store bought chocolate ice cream in a cone, dish, or sundae.
  • Create a chocolate fondue for dessert with fresh fruit, pound cake, and cheesecake bites.
  • Try making your own chocolate candies at home.
  • Dip bananas in chocolate and freeze for a delicious treat for your kids (and you!).
  • Bake up some chocolate chip cookies.

Our Milk Chocolate Selection

We have a delicious assortment to help celebrate this sweet day! Our selection includes premium chocolate brands, such as Lindt and Godiva – two of the world’s favorite chocolatiers.

The milk chocolate selection includes different size boxes of chocolates and chocolate truffles in a range of flavors and fillings. We also have a smaller bag of Lindt travels to make sure we can cater to all types of budgets.chocolateafm2

Our chocolate selection even includes other types of chocolate like dark chocolate and white chocolate mixed in with the milk chocolate goodies. In our mind, it’s all good!

Our milk chocolate selection can be delivered locally to the Long Beach area or throughout the country and world. We want to make sure that everyone, everywhere, can celebrate National Milk Chocolate Day!

Deal of the Day Specials Save You Money and Offer Great Value!

dealafm1Everyone loves a deal, and so do we at Allen’s Flower Market. Our specials and promotions include our Deal of the Day Specials, which are designed to offer special flower deals and flower arrangement offers for delivery in the Long Beach area.dealafm2

Currently, our website lists a number of these Deal of the Day Specials. They often change, so it’s a great idea to bookmark our website (including the specials page!) as well as download our Floral App, so you can track any new Deal of the Day Specials through your smartphone or tablet!

Currently, we have nine Deal of the Day Specials listed on our website, which frequently change. Here are some of the extraordinary special offers currently listed:

  • Save $40 on 12 long stemmed roses arranged in a vase. This is our biggest deal of the day special!
  • Save $30 on our dendrobium orchid vase that offers both sublime beauty and sophistication. It’s a truly unique flower arrangement!dealafm3
  • Save $30 on our Summertime Roses, which includes 12 roses of different colors arranged in a glass bowl.
  • Save $15 on the Polka Dots and Posies flower arrangement arranged in a pink glass cube vase.
  • Save $15 on Nature’s Glory flower arrangement that changes with the seasons to offer you the best seasonal flowers we have in our Long Beach flower shop.
  • Save $7 on our orchids in a cube – simple, yet sophisticated!
  • Save $15 on the Green Goddess, a unique flower arrangement that features green cymbidium orchids, green hydrangea, green roses and purple hydrangea.dealafm4
  • Save $13 on our Iris Daisy basket arrangement.
  • Save $12-$20 on Allen’s Summer Garden, depending on the flower arrangement size you select.

Just remember – Our Deal of the Day Specials go quick and are only while supplies last, so if you are thinking about sending flowers to that special someone, shop sooner than later to take advantage of this extraordinary prices on the freshest flowers.

And, don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook where you can access some exclusive specials and deals just for staying in touch!

The Exotic Beauty of Tropical Flowers

tropicalafm6Reminding us all of pristine beaches and ocean breezes, it’s hard not to fall in love with tropical flowers. They are some of the most brightly colored and unique flowers available and make unique gifts for yourself or loved ones.

This blog post provides some interesting facts about tropical flowers and gives you some ideas about the types of tropical flower arrangements we have available.tropicalafm4

Interesting Facts about Tropical Flowers

There is a wide range of tropical flowers available, so we will only cover some general facts about tropical flowers as a family and then some interesting notables about certain varieties.

  • Tropical flowers thrive naturally in tropical climates only and cannot be found in other temperate regions of the world. The tropics are located near the equator and include the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.
  • The largest flower in the world is a tropical flower known as Titan Arum found in Southeast Asia. Its blooms vary from seven to twelve feet in height!
  • The Amazon Lily is known for its sweet scent and is often used as a potted plant.  
  • The Bitter Gourd flowers are yellow and have edible fruit on them albeit the fruit is bitter.
  • Ginger flowers are some of the most stunning tropical flowers and are called rhizome because they are able to reproduce by themselves. This tropical flower can also be used for medicinal purposes.tropicalafm3
  • Tropical flowers are often associated with luxury and exoticism.  

Our Tropical Flower Arrangements

We have an extensive array of tropical flower arrangements that will beautify any home or office as well as work well as dramatic centerpieces for a summer wedding or event. Here are some of our tropical flower designs:tropicalafm2

  • Bam Boo Boo: This arrangement features orange lilies, green cymbidium orchids, coxcomb, millet hypericom and bamboo in a cube glass vase.
  • Birds in Hand: Birds of paradise, hydrangea, tiger lilies, cymbidium orchids, hypericum and delphinium decorate this bubble bowl tropical flower arrangement.
  • Green Goddess: Green cymbidium orchids, green hydrangea, green roses and purple hydrangea make up this arrangement that is features in a low-profile cylinder vase lined with Ti Leaf.
  • Mahalo: This thoughtfully designed tropical arrangement has many tropical flowers and foliage within a designer tray container.
  • Palm Beach: The exotic blooms in this arrangement include birds of paradise, red ginger, and anthuriums along with rich foliage.tropicalafm1

Our website contains over 48 tropical flower arrangements to choose from, but we can also custom design any type of tropical arrangement you might envision. Come into our flower shop in Long Beach or visit us online!