Back to School in Long Beach! Gift Ideas for the New Teacher

teacherafm1It’s that time again for students and their parents to change their mindsets, get up early, and focus on homework and grades. School is underway in Long Beach and with it means a new teacher to impress and to thank for their hard work and commitment to your child (or children!).

We’ve put together a brief list of gift ideas for the new teacher, including flowers, flowering plants, and artful flower displays that are affordable and provide a beautiful way to say thank you to your child’s teacher.

Gift Idea #1: Bormeliad Garden

This eye-catching gift for a teacher works well for a male or female teacher because of its dramatic planter that looks like it has been made from stone combined with a colorful bromeliad garden.

It’s truly unique and fits comfortably on a desk or filing cabinet in the classroom so the teacher can enjoy it all year long.teacherafm2

Gift Idea #2: Sunflowers

It is hard not to smile when handed such a beautiful flower as a sunflower. Its size and bold colors are sure to brighten a teacher’s day.

teacherafm3We have a wide selection of sunflower arrangements to choose from, including sunflowers on their own and sunflowers mixed with an assortment of other summer flowers. The sunflowers come in all styles, including tall vases and glass cubes as well as designed into a unique topiary display

Gift Idea #3: Flower and Fruit Garden

This gift idea for a teacher is a true standout. This basket arrangement combines fresh fruit and f lowers in beautiful fall colors.

It includes fresh apples, oranges, and grapes for the fresh fruit selection and mixes these with alstromeria, carnations, and gerberas in a square wicker basket with a bow.

Other Gift Ideas

We also have a wide range of fresh fruit and gourmet gift baskets, balloons, and greeting cards as well as other types of flowering plants and wide array of flower arrangements, including summer flowers and fall flowers.sweetgiftsafm1

All of our products can be delivered the same day or you can come by our Long Beach shop to pick up your order if you would like to personally present it to a teacher.

Roses, Roses, Roses! Largest Assortment of Beautiful Roses Anywhere in Long Beach

uniqueroseafm1Roses are a favorite flower among many for their beauty and the sentiment that they often represent – love, friendship, and devotion. Roses are often requested as the flower of choice for weddings, events, bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. The other benefit is that that they come in a rainbow of colors, including red roses, pink roses, white roses, yellow roses, lavender roses and even seasonal colors like rainbow roses.

uniqueroseafm4As such, they are our most often requested flower, so we have focused on expanding our relationship with flower growers to now offer the largest assortment of beautiful, fresh roses in Long Beach.

Website Rose Collection

Our website collection of roses includes almost 100 different rose options. You can search for your rose preferences by color and price. The rose arrangements include many unique flower arrangements, including those that mix a number of flower varieties together to create lush and visually stunning floral designs.

There is a good chance that you will find a rose arrangement that suits your budget and the preferences of your recipient.

However, if you cannot find anything that is perfect, our floral design team can custom create a rose arrangement that matches your vision of what you want to give or use for a wedding bouquet or event floral centerpiece.

We also have roses in different quantities – from a single rose and a half dozen roses to the most-often selected one dozen roses to roses in multiple dozens. We even offer rose petals, which are great for special events or to create a romantic evening with your loved one.uniqueroseafm3

Rose Specials

With such a large selection of roses available, it means that we can also pass on the savings of such a high volume to you. Many of our rose bouquets, loose roses, cash and carry roses and rose arrangements are now on sale with great discounts.uniqueroseafm2

You can also find additional rose specials if you “like” our Facebook page. There, you will see exclusive special pricing on roses that you can take advantage of by ordering directly from our Facebook page.

Just remember that our special prices on roses are for a limited time and based upon availability.

Same-Day Rose Delivery

One of the advantages of selecting Allen’s Flower Market as your rose provider of choice is that we offer same-day delivery. This is a great option for a last-minute decision to send roses or if you inadvertently forgot a special day!

Allen’s Flower Market Offers the Sweetest Gift Baskets in Long Beach!

sweetgiftsafm1It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have at least one sweet tooth, so when it comes to gift giving for a birthday, anniversary, job promotion or a “just because,” a sweet gift basket is sure to please! No one would ever turn down a gift basket full of sweet treats!

At Allen’s Flower Market, we have added a few more sweet treats to our extensive gift basket collection so you can tempt a loved one, a boss, or even that new teacher.


Chocolate is delicious and some say good for you! That’s the only excuse you’ll need for wrapping up our chocolate gift baskets that offer something for everyone – white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate, alike.sweetgiftsafm2

Some of the chocolates come as part of a bigger sweet gift basket that includes everything from fresh fruit, nuts, and trail mix to cookies and some savory gourmet food products just to balance it all out.


Everyone loves candy, and we’ve got some fun gift baskets that feature many favorites, including candy bars, sweet and sour treats, and nostalgic candy items. There’s even a tower of junk food to help your loved ones indulge in sugar not to mention other beloved junk food like potato chips and Cracker Jacks.

Baked Goods

Our sweetest gift basket collection also contains a number of baked goods. These freshly made goodies include brownies and cookies. Our brownie collection offers a few different varieties in each boxed gift selection, including some with nuts and frosting.sweetgiftsafm3

The box even has messages for different occasions so you can use it as a thank you gift, new baby gift, or thinking of you gift.

All Sizes and Shapes

At Allen’s Flower Market, we have tried to create gifts and gift baskets to fit everyone’s gift budget. For those gifts that come in a basket, we offer a high-quality wicker basket to hold all the sweet treats and goodies.sweettreatsafm4

Even better is the fact that many of our gift baskets are now on sale so you can get even more value for your money. That way, you can opt to get a bigger gift for a loved one or send more than one sweet treat without feeling like you have spent too much.

Create a Beautiful Ambiance with Flowers

NY2Flower arrangements are an important part of the ambiance of any occasion. That includes weddings, birthdays, parties or any other events in life like the arrival of a baby, a school dance, or graduation. The beauty of the flowers adds another dimension to decorating for an event or sharing the special emotions of a particular day whether that day is full of sadness or happiness.

FM2Whatever the occasion or event may be, you can be sure Allen’s Flower Market will help make your occasion a memory to cherish.

Event and Occasion Planning with Flowers

When you are planning on including the beauty and fragrant delight of flowers as part of your event or occasion, we make it easy with our line categories that provide specific ideas for flower arrangements or flower types for different kinds of events.

For example, on our website right now, which always changes with the seasons and types of events typically held during that time of year, we have categories that include:

  • Graduation
  • Leis
  • Corsages and Boutonnieres
  • Anniversary
  • Love and Romance
  • New Baby
  • Quinceanera
  • Funeral
  • Get Well
  • Wedding Designs, which can also be found under our events services page with additional galleries of wedding bouquets and wedding decorations
  • Birthdayspromfm2

rosesfm5When you click on any of these categories, you are then redirected to a number of pages that deliver a vast number of floral arrangements, floral centerpieces, bouquets and individual flowers that might befit that occasion or event. This selection also includes many different price points to suit all types of budgets not to mention a wide range of colors to match a particular event’s color scheme.

In addition to just flowers for these special events and occasions, we also feature balloons, Mylar balloons, flowering plants and greenery to enhance the floral selections you have chosen.

Custom Floral Designs

Even if you don’t see anything that fits your event or occasion on our website, we have an incredible and seasoned floral design team that can custom create anything you envision.