Autumn is in the Air!

goodieslb4Autumn arrived on September 22nd and while the weather in Long Beach may not yet seem like fall has rolled in, the mornings do feel slightly crisper and the temperatures are gradually falling.

Along with these changes is the arrival of fall flowers to our Long Beach flower shop so that our expert floral design team can create incredible fall flower arrangements, fall flower bouquets, fall wedding flowers and fall floral centerpieces for fall events.

falllb4We also are beginning to offer fall gifts and fall gift baskets that make the perfect choice for any occasion, including fall birthdays, fall anniversaries, or fall baby arrivals. We included a lot of pictures in this blog because we are so excited by all the stunning fall flower choices we have this year!falllb6

Fall Flower Arrangements

Our fall floral designs include many stunning flowers, such as sunflowers, gerbera daisies, alstromaria, poms, Asiatic lilies and snapdragons just to name a few. Fall greenery also adds a special touch, including curly willow, wheat, eucalyptus and dried oak leaves.

Unique Fall Flower Displays

Our floral design team loves the fall season because there are so many brilliant and bold colors to work with as well as unique flowers, including sunflowers, gerbera daisies, roses and more. There are dramatic and playful fall flower displays now available that all qualify as truly unique.falllb5

One great example is Beary Orange. This bear made out of orange flowers is accompanied by many types of autumn flowers, cattails, mini pumpkins and fall foliage arranged in a rustic basket. ‘

Another unique fall flower display is one we call Amarillo. Spanish for yellow, this aptly titled flower arrangement features yellow cymbidium orchids, wheat stalks, and bittersweet branches in a cube vase with river rocks and a plaid ribbon.falllb2

Stunning Fall Floral Centerpieces

Whether for an event or to just enjoy at home for a special dinner or to celebrate the season, fall floral centerpieces abound.

Many of these are perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday as well as for other special fall occasions.falllb1

These include fall floral centerpieces that also feature one or more candles, candles under a hurricane glass, or those fall centerpieces that come displayed in a cornucopia basket.

All of the fall floral centerpieces combine fresh and dried flowers and greenery, including stunning fall leaves and other foliage.

Gift Baskets & Fresh Baked Gourmet Treats for Every Occasion

goodieslb4While we are partial to flowers, flowering plants, and plants, we do believe that there is always room for gift baskets and fresh baked gourmet treats as part of our offering to customers both in our Long Beach flower shop and through our online shopping channels, including our website and Facebook page.

This blog post offers some highlights from our gift basket and baked goods selection, which is perfect for any type of occasion and offers a tasty alternative to flowers.

Gift Baskets Galore

Our selection of gift baskets includes a wide range of gourmet food as well as fresh fruit. In fact, our current focus is on expanding our range of fresh fruit gift baskets to encourage healthy lifestyles as well as emphasize how healthy food can be just as delicious.

goodieslb3Currently, our collection of fresh fruit baskets includes 18 different baskets in various sizes, varieties, and prices. Each gourmet fruit basket that we sell is overflowing with delicious seasonal fruit from California and other parts of the world.

Our California fruit varieties include grapes and oranges while the other fresh fruit options include apples, pears, kiwis and pineapples.

Some of our fruit basket collection includes other goodies, including cheese, crackers, and other savory treats as well as some that may have slipped in a few chocolates.

Our Online Bakery

That’s not to say that there is not room for sweets and baked goods! And, we have added to that part of our delicious gift collection as well to tempt you and the recipients that receive these fresh items.goodieslb1

Our baked goods selection features some of the most popular items today and focus only on the highest quality items from our bakery partners.

Here are just a few of the tasty baked good items we have recently added:

  • Brownies
  • Chocolate Mousse Cake
  • French Macaroons
  • Cupcakes

Then there are all types of cookie assortments – from those that taste like you made them at home to fancy bakery-style cookies to cookies dipped in chocolate!goodieslb2

Not everything on here is baked! You must try the chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry mousse cake, or the mixed fruit tart!

Same Day Delivery!

Even if you remember a special occasion at the last minute, we can help you. We feature same-day gift basket and gift delivery service for Long Beach and the surrounding communities.

Yom Kippur is September 14, 2013

tropicalafm5Every year, Yom Kippur, known as the Day of Atonement, happens on a different year, according to the Hebrew calendar. This blog post provides some information on this holy day in the long list of Jewish traditions and offers some ways that it is commonly celebrated each year.

About Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur signals the end of the Jewish High Holidays after a week and a half that starts with Rosh Hashanah. This holiest of days is about reflection and repentance as well as devotion to God.Spring Fling

Preparing for Yom Kippur

The actual holy day is celebrated with prayer and thought as well as fasting for a twenty-four period. This complete exclusion of food and drink is thought to help focus your mind on reflection and repentance while denying anything associated with your physical being.

The ideal way to spend Yom Kippur is thinking about sins you have committed and figuring out how you can atone for them. This may even involve going to people who you have wronged and asking for their forgiveness.

Services for Yom Kippur are observed at the temple or synagogue. This is the best place to pray and reflect over this holy day. There are different Yom Kippur services throughout the holy day and evening. Depending upon whether you attend an orthodox service or not, there will be different requirements for what to wear.earth2

Celebrations are common, including songs. At sundown, a feast is prepared to nourish everyone after their fasting. It typically includes smoked fish and challah among other dishes.

Decorations for Yom Kippur

For your feast at the end of Yom Kippur, you may want to add some beautiful flowers to decorate the table or add to the festive atmosphere. You may also want to send flowers to loved ones that could not attend as a reminder of this special day and how much they are missed.passoverf1

Whatever you choose, know that Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach is your local source for fresh, high-quality flowers and flower arrangements.

Grandparents Day is September 8th

tropicalafm5National Grandparents Day is just days away. How will you tell your grandparents you love them or that you respect their worldly wisdom and guidance? This national celebration is a special day set aside to let them know just how special they are even if you don’t already do that as often as possible.

dealafm3This blog post will help you get ready for celebrating this special day. Even though it is just days away doesn’t mean you can’t put something together last minute that will show your love and appreciation.

The History and Purpose of Grandparents Day

If you did not know how this special day came about, here’s a brief history. Basically, National Grandparent’s Day was started by Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade in 1970 in her home state of West Virginia. A few years later, it became a national holiday in 1978 that is now celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

The primary purpose has always been to recognize the value that grandparents play in the family unit and in the community. They represent experience and wisdom and provide a great example for grandchildren to emulate. Plus, they are often some of the most trusted caretakers for our children.

How to Celebrate Grandparents Day

Celebrating Grandparents Day is often a very personal matter and dependent on how near you are to each other, their health, and their preferences. Here are some ideas on ways you can love and honor them on their special day:earth3earth1

  • Pick up the phone and call them.
  • Write them a letter that tells them why you love and appreciate them.
  • Make them a card or special homemade gift.
  • Enjoy a day out together, visiting special places.
  • Reminisce over lunch or dinner.
  • Plan a family reunion.
  • Send them a gift that will brighten their day like flowers, a plant, or a gift basket.

If you plan to send them a gift from us at Allen’s Flower Market, know that you can get same day delivery for anywhere locally or nationally. We have a wide selection of stunning, high-quality, and affordable floral arrangements, indoor green plants and dish gardens, gifts and gift baskets, and cards that will be sure to make Grandparents Day that much more special.cookie1

Whatever you do, your grandparents will know just how much you love and appreciate them this Sunday and the whole year round!