All Saints Day and All Souls Day

falllb6Two holidays important to those of the Catholic faith, All Saints Day on November 1st and All Souls Day on November 2nd are nearly here. This blog post provides you with information on both holy celebrations as well as offers some beautiful fall flower arrangements to send to loved one that celebrate these special days.

About All Saints Day and All Souls Day

Also known as All Hallows or The Feast of All Saints, this holiday honors all the saints, including commemorating all those who have attained to the beatific vision in heaven. It is considered a national holiday in many countries that are historically known for their focus on Catholicism.

All Souls Day, which always follows All Saints Day, is dedicated to commemorating all the departed faithful who have not yet been purified and received their gift of residing in heaven.tropicalafm4

Celebrating these days is typically done by attending mass at church as well as saying many prayers on behalf of the saints and the souls of the faithful who have died and singing hymns.

Fall Flower Arrangements

Flowers can be sent to church or to a home as a way to honor these two special Catholic celebrations. Right now, we have a beautiful selection of fall flower arrangements as well as other types of flower arrangements, including many contemporary floral designs, which present a beautiful way to commemorate the saints and the faithful.Hanukkah1

Our online floral store makes it easy to search for the type of flowers and floral arrangements you are looking for whether you are on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Search by flower type, price, or style of flower arrangement as well as discover a wide range of flower arrangements now on special or offered at a reduced price.halloween1

If you cannot find something that fits your preferences to celebrate these two special Catholic holidays, our Long Beach floral design team can custom create anything that you envision.

Our same day delivery service is available throughout Long Beach, Los Angeles, and the country for these holidays as well as for any occasion throughout the year.

Celebrate the Fall Season with Fall Flowers from Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach

fallbeach1 Fall is already in full swing with Halloween just around the corner and Thanksgiving not long after that. As the weather changes and becomes crisper on those Long Beach mornings, it is time to add some new flower colors and varieties to your home or office. These are also great gifts or wonderful additions for a fall wedding or fall event.

Fall Flowers

Fall flowers begins with some of summer’s flowers, including the sunflower, tiger lilies, and goldenrods. Once the weather changes, the flower varieties migrate to fall flowers like chrysanthemums, anemones, petunias, asters, autumn crocus, geraniums, impatiens, pansies, snapdragons and marigolds to name a few.fallbeach2

All the colors reflect the changing leaf colors with earth tones like rust, yellow, red, orange and mauve, creating dramatic looks.

New Fall Flower Arrangements

At Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach, we are already incorporating many of these flowers and colors into our new fall flower arrangements created by our talented and seasoned floral design team. Here are a few of our favorite fall flower arrangements:fallbeach3

  • For upcoming events like fall dinners or fall weddings, we have many floral centerpieces that feature candles and hurricane candle holders. For example, the “Harvest Hurricane” features orchids, lilies, gerberas, berries and foliage.
  • Cornucopias are also a beautiful symbol of the fall season and the harvest. These are excellent table centerpieces and display items throughout the fall months. “Allen’s Cornucopia” has red gerbera daisies, orange tiger lilies, orange roses, yellow daisy poms, orange carnations, lotus pods and seasonal greenery displayed with the cornucopia.falllbeach4
  • A truly stunning fall flower arrangement is “Fall in Flanders.” It has bittersweet, red gerberas, variegated orange roses, purple stock, red roses, fall foliage and curly willow arranged within a footed vase.
  • A unique new fall flower arrangement is “Winds of Fall.” This lush floral arrangement features hydrangeas, cream roses, orange gerberas, hypericom, and seeded eucalyptus displayed in a clear glass bunch vase. It’s a gorgeous, breathtaking arrangement for a loved one or special fall event.

Many of our fall flower arrangements are already on special, giving you the perfect excuse to go ahead and place your orders.

Fall Flower Delivery

Like all our flower arrangements, plants, and gift baskets, we offer same-day delivery on a local and national basis. Order now to ensure your preferred fall flowers for a special occasion or a just because to celebrate the season.

Show Your Boss Appreciation on Boss’s Day This October 16th

plsnyShow your boss your thanks by gifting them with something special this National Boss’s Day, which nearly here. It’s on Wednesday, October 16th so there’s not much time left to think of something that says how much you appreciate everything you do. From gift certificates and lunches out to flowers and gift baskets, Boss’s Day is celebrated many different ways.goodieslb1

Since we specialize in gifts, our Long Beach team has put together some ideas about what make great gifts for this Boss’s Day, offering something for every budget and suiting every taste.

The Start of Boss’s Day

Before we share our ideas for gifts, here is a little background about Boss’s Day in case you are not familiar with how this special day originated.

In 1958,Patricia Bays Haroski decided that there should be a special day to recognize all those who are in charge. Over time, the idea caught on, and National Boss’s Day became an official holiday in 1962. Now, it is celebrated around the world each October 16th or on a weekday closest to that date.falllb5

Long Beach Boss’s Day Gift Ideas

Now is the time to offer up some gift ideas for your boss:

  • Female boss? She may love to receive a beautiful display of flowers, including some of our current fall flower arrangements.
  • Male boss? An indoor green plant or gift basket is sure to please. Of course, it may not hurt to send a delicious gift of baked goods either! Our gift basket selection includes everything from seasonal fresh fruit to cheese and savory treats to a picnic basket with all the fixings.
  • Looking for something unique? We now offer contemporary and decorative fountains. These are pretty and also provide a relaxing sound.chocolateafm4
  • A boss with a sweet tooth? We have a great selection of chocolates and sweets to tempt even the hardest boss to please.

Don’t forget to get a greeting card to relay your sentiments of appreciation. If your boss is easygoing, they may be sure to enjoy a bouquet of balloons to accompany their gift from you or the team.sweettreatsafm4

Boss’s Day Deliveries to Long Beach and Around the U.S.

There’s still time to get your order in for Boss’s Day. We offer same day delivery to Long Beach, Los Angeles, and around the country. Place your order online, by phone, or through an in-store visit.

Homecoming Arrives at Long Beach High Schools: Time to Order Corsages and Boutonnieres

homecominglb2Now that school is well underway, it’s time for one of the year’s favorite seasonable activities known as homecoming. It’s where new, returning, and past students get together and cheer on the football team in a home game as well as homecoming dance. It’s a time to celebrate and get dressed up.

homecominglb1Part of the whole process in preparing for homecoming – besides the dress, tuxedo, and limo – is to select the homecoming corsage and boutonniere. This blog post offers some tips for picking the perfect homecoming flowers and shows you some of the latest styles for corsages and boutonnieres.

Selecting Your Homecoming Corsage or Boutonniere

Rather than just picking the first corsage or boutonniere you see, think about these factors first so you can get exactly what you want that will be the finishing touches on a memorable time:

  • Type of dress: A pin-on corsage doesn’t look too good and may not even fit on a strapless dress, so it would be better to select a wrist corsage or nosegay corsage (small bouquet of flowers).
  • Style: Nowadays, there aren’t just traditional rose corsages to choose from; instead, you have orchids, lilies, poms and more. There are also fall-themed corsages and boutonnieres with leaves, wheat, and berries. There are even corsages with bling like rhinestones and pearl accents.
  • Color of dress: You will want your corsage to coordinate with your dress. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same color as it could get lost in the dress if you are wearing a pin-on corsage.homecominglb3
  • Price: Of course, price is always an issue, but there are so many styles and flower types to choose from that there is bound to be something that fits your budget. Typically, corsages range from $10-$100, depending on what you want, and boutonnieres are a little less as they are smaller.

Various Styles of Corsages and Boutonnieres

On our online flower store, we have 50 different styles of corsages and boutonnieres alone let alone what we can custom create for you to suit your homecominglb4style and budget. Our floral design team has added some beautiful, eye-catching corsage designs and upgrades for the corsages and boutonnieres.

Hand Delivered Homecoming Corsages and Boutonnieres

We understand you have a lot to do on the day of the big dance. That’s why all of our homecoming corsages and boutonnieres can be hand delivered to you throughout the Long Beach area.