Time to Say Thanks to Everyone in Your Life

xmaslb3Christmas is more than just about exchanging gifts with family and friends. As it falls at the end of the year, it is a perfect time to thank others in your life that help you – whether it is your kids’ teachers, clients or colleagues at work, or service people like a gardener, swimming pool technician, and postman.

To help you decide what might work for these important people in your life, we’ve put together some gift ideas.StrawberryMousseAthinlayerofstripedCake13081784800


Teachers do so much for your kids all year long, helping prepare them to be successful now and in the future. The holidays are a great time to let them know how much you appreciate all their effort. Some gift ideas from Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach include:

  • A poinsettia plant to enjoy in the classroom or at home;
  • A Christmas bouquet of flowers;
  • A box of chocolates or a homemade item from our online bakery; or
  • A gift basket that they can share with their family or fellow teachers.

Clients or Colleagues

Over the year, your clients or colleagues have most likely have made a tremendous difference in your personal or team goals. It’s time to celebrate mutual success by thanking them.sweettreatsafm4

The best type of gift for clients or colleagues is a gift basket because it provides a variety of goodies that will be sure to be enjoyed by them, their staff, and their families over the holidays. It is also a neutral item that shows your generosity and thanks.  This can include everything from a fresh fruit basket to a gourmet basket that has sweets or savory treats.chocolateafm2

While flowers and plants may be a nice idea, only get these if you know the client or colleague well as many people may have allergies or may not necessarily like a gift of nature.

Service People

With a busy life, you know that you can count on service people to help you take care of some of the many details in life whether it is the yard, swimming pool, housecleaning service, garbage man or mail delivery person.

While many people give service people a gift of cash this time of year tucked in their Christmas card, you can also think about giving some other gifts:

  • Poinsettia plant or holiday centerpiece;
  • Wreath;
  • Gift basket;
  • Box of chocolates; or
  • Baked goods from our online bakery.

A Thank You Note for All

No matter who you are gifting, be sure to include a handwritten thank you note that personally expresses why you appreciate their efforts and how much they help you. Nothing beats a personal sentiment, especially in a world that is becoming reliant on digital communication over face-to-face interaction.zoom_AFMWXMASC11912112382645

This is a priceless gift that should always be included. Not to mention it helps to remind you of why you are so thankful and blessed in your life.

Plan a Holiday Party with Us!

xmaslb1Christmas parties can be fun and festive, but they are also a lot of work. To help your holiday party be as easy and enjoyable as possible, consider our tips for Christmas party planning and partner with us on making that Christmas house party, Christmas corporate event, or Christmas wedding an experience to remember.

Tips for Planning the Perfect Christmas Party

There are many things to think about before starting to prepare your Christmas party. You need to think about when and where to host it, your budget, menu and entertainment.xmaslb3

For corporate events and weddings, the closer you book an event venue to Christmas, the more expensive it will be and it may already be booked. However, often most days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve are actually very quiet for event venues so this would be a good time to find a great deal on an event space.

If you are hosting a Christmas party at home, consider that friends and family are most likely more flexible on a date. Think about a fun theme. Right now, ugly Christmas sweater parties are quite popular. xmaslb2

Whatever type of Christmas party you are hosting keep it simple when it comes to food, drinks, and entertainment. The reason for the party is to get together and have some fun when more people are likely to have time off and can relax.

For home holiday parties, it is a great idea to make it a potluck so you are not stuck in the kitchen preparing food rather than visiting with your guests!

Working with Allen’s Flower Market’s Event Team

Our event staff in our Long Beach flower shop can provide you with all the floral and greenery décor you will need for your Christmas party or Christmas wedding, including poinsettias, wreaths, garlands, Christmas centerpieces, and holiday flower arrangements.xmaslb4

Our holiday events are customized to suit your tastes and budget. We work with many of the local Long Beach event venues and have created winter wonderlands for December weddings and holiday parties that have thrilled guests and provided the perfect ambiance for the season.

Even if you are doing the decorating yourself, stop by our Long Beach florist to pick up beautiful décor like poinsettias, wreaths, and garlands that can make your home or office more festive for your holiday party!

Gifts for the Holiday Party Host and Hostess

goodieslb1When you get invited to a holiday party this season, make sure you bring a gift for the host or hostess. After all, they’ve put a lot of work into planning and hosting the festive event. Now, it’s time to tell them how much you appreciate their holiday hospitality.

At Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach, we’ve got a whole range of unique gift ideas that will show your appreciation to the holiday host or hostess. Here are just a few of the ideas for holiday party gifts.goodieslb4

Online Bakery

Our online bakery features both fresh baked and handmade delights that will be sure to please. Here are just a few of the incredible items we have for order:

  • Cupcakes
  • Macaroons
  • Cookie assortments
  • Chocolate mousse cake
  • Strawberry mouse cake
  • Mixed fruit tart
  • Sweets and snacks tray

These items are made daily and shipped directly from the bakery.sweettreatsafm4


It’s hard to imagine anyone not liking chocolate. We have a wide selection of premium chocolate brands, including Godiva and Lindt, as well as chocolate goodies like chocolate dipped strawberries and sugar free English almond toffee. These chocolates come wrapped in boxes, baskets, and bags for easy giving.chocolateafm3

Gift Baskets

Our gift basket selection has something for everyone and is a great way to share the love with many people at once. We have carefully and thoughtfully partnered with many brands to bring you some truly gourmet gift baskets. Depending on your host’s preferences, we can provide you with a wide array of themed gift baskets:

  • Junk Food Fantasy
  • Super Sweet Gift Basket
  • Gourmet Cookie Basket
  • Snack Basket
  • Fruit and Snack Basket
  • All Fruit Basket
  • Fruit and Poinsettia BasketPoinsettias Allens Flower Market
  • Fruits and Sweets Christmas
  • Grandiose Gourmet Basket

Holiday Gift Delivery

You can have your holiday gift for the host or hostess delivered to you so you can bring it to the party. Or, you can order it and have it shipped directly to your host’s location. We offer same day delivery on most of our gifts. You can order from your tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer as well as call our Long Beach flower shop or visit us in person.

Celebrating Hanukkah in Long Beach

dec1lb1Hanukkah began on Wednesday, November 27th at sundown and will continue for eight days and nights as part of the Jewish Festival of Lights. The celebration and gift giving will end on the evening of Thursday, December 5th.

Here, at Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach, we have put together a beautiful and elegant selection of Hanukkah flower arrangements that are waiting for your own table or for you to give to loved ones.dec1lb2

Long Beach Hanukkah Flower Arrangements

Here are some of our special Hanukkah arrangements available at our Long Beach flower shop as well as online through our virtual flower shop:

  • Hanukkah Nights is a lovely arrangement that includes hydrangea, delphiniums, white roses and larkspur displayed in a glass cube keepsake.
  • Happy Hanukkah is a festive flower arrangement that offers the beauty of a silvery snowflake with its selection of blue delphinium, white larkspur, and
  • Winter Nights has an eye-catching arrangement of flowers, including a mix of white and blue blossoms perfect to give as a gift or display in your own home during the Festival of Lights.dec1lb3
  • Hanukkah Centerpiece is drop dead gorgeous. It contains roses, lilies, and delphinium along with greenery and two candles. This is worthy to serve as the focal point of any Hanukkah feast table.
  • Celebrate is an aptly named flower arrangement that is perfect for the traditions of Hanukkah. Along with a stunning variety of flowers, this holiday centerpiece is decorated with silver-sparkled accents plus two tall silver taper candles.

All of these Hanukkah arrangements can be upgraded to larger sizes. Our Long Beach floral design team can also custom create any type of Hanukkah flower arrangement, Hanukkah centerpiece or Hanukkah place setting arrangement you desire.dec1lb4

Long Beach Hanukkah Gifts

Hanukkah gifts are also available, including fresh fruit baskets, gourmet food baskets, online bakery items and more. Be sure to check our selection online or view our in-store gifts when you visit us in Long Beach.

Same Day Delivery for Hanukkah in Long Beach

We offer same day delivery for Hanukkah for the Long Beach and some of the surrounding areas. Order can be placed in our Long Beach flower shop or online.