March is National Nutrition Month

sweettreatsafm4This month is all about eating right and educating more people on just how easy and tasty it can be to make better food choices each day for ourselves and our families. This special educational month was created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to call attention to the need of eating better and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

This year’s theme is “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right.” We want to help you discover and enjoy that theme as well as make it convenient for you to gift loved ones with something that is healthy and reminds them just how much you care for them.nutritionF1

Fresh and Seasonal Fruit Baskets

One of the delicious ways we can do that for you is through our gourmet fruit baskets that are overflowing with juicy seasonal fruit from California and around the world. These baskets can include such healthy delights as apples, bears, California naval oranges, kiwi fruit, pineapples, California grapes and so much more.

These fresh fruit gift baskets come in various sizes or can be combined with gourmet food items and then shipped anywhere in Long Beach or the surrounding communities.

Fruit Desserts

Even dessert can be a healthy choice when it is topped with delicious fruit. Our online bakery features some fruit-themed treats. The first choice is a Mixed Fruit Tart, which has a butter cookie crust layered with rich pastry cream and topped with assorted fresh fruit that has been sealed with an apricot glaze.StrawberryMousseAthinlayerofstripedCake13081784800goodieslb2

Then there is the Strawberry Mouse Cake that is laden with strawberry sauce and fresh strawberries. This is a true California favorite as many of the strawberries come from local strawberry farms in Southern California.

Other Ideas

While the month celebrates nutrition, it still is part of a push for an overall healthy lifestyle so here are some other ideas you can consider:

  • Gourmet gift basket with fruit, healthy snacks, and an indoor green plant or blooming plant;
  • A flower arrangement, bouquet, or blooming basket; and
  • Balloons and a greeting card.

Whatever you choose let your recipient know that you want them to be healthy and are celebrating their efforts to date. Eating better helps reduce health-related problems and helps extend lives. In the end, that’s what we all want and enjoy!

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and the First Day of Spring is Just Around the Corner!

march17lb1Today is St. Patrick’s Day and, on March 20th, spring arrives in full bloom! Flowers are a great way to celebrate both of these spring events, including the arrival of favorite spring flowers, plants, and new gifts from our Long Beach flower shop location.

Wearing of the Green for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is all about the green and we have plenty of choices that you can still pick up today, including flowers tinted with green like carnations and roses, a green themed flower arrangement, an indoor green plant, something tasty from our online bakery, a gift basket or even an arrangement of balloons.march11lb1

You name it, we can put it together for a last-minute St. Paddy’s Day party or event. After all, everyone is Irish on this day of fun!march17lb4

Spring is in Bloom

The arrival of spring is March 20th and we are ready with an extensive selection of fresh spring flowers from around the world. This includes tulips, lilac, roses, sunflowers, carnations and more to enjoy. Some spring flowers are even already on special promotion so you can start ordering them for special people in your life or just to decorate your home or office.

Our floral design team has created some stunning new spring flower arrangement designs and is ready to help you with your spring event, such as a birthday party, bridal or baby shower, garden party or spring wedding.

The new floral designs include unique containers as well as designs of all styles – from traditional to contemporary to avant garde as well as are available in a wide range of prices.march17lb3

In addition to flowers, we also have seasonal green plants, blooming plants, and new spring gift baskets as well as fountains, balloons, cuddly stuffed animals, greeting cards and a delicious fresh selection from our online bakery.

Also be sure to check back soon to see our collection of Easter flowers, plants, and gifts so you can get your orders in early. This year, Easter Sunday is April 20th.march17lb2

To get in the mood for spring, be sure to visit our Long Beach flower shop if you are in the area or enjoy our Facebook page or online store.

March 12th is Girl Scouts Day

march11lb1This special day commemorates the official founding of the Girl Scouts by Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low in 1912 when she registered the organization’s first 18 members in Savannah, Georgia. Now, the organization is a global organization.

This special day is also called Girl Scout Sabbath or Girl Scout Sunday even though it involves a week of celebrations. One of the ways it is celebrated is that this day kicks off on of their public cookie selling drives. These cookie selling drives are what generate the income that the Girl Scouts can then use for their various activities.

During the week-long celebration, the Girl Scout members also renew their Scout Promise. This promise reflects the values, principles, and skills that this organization imparts to girls, which includes building self-esteem and instilling a community spirit. Also important is to build character, courage, and confidence in all the girls who participate.march11lb2

Gordon Law started the organization with the intent that all girls should be given the opportunity to develop spiritually, mentally, and physically through participating in formal group activities, such as community service projects, outdoor programs, and enrichment events. This has meant getting girls out of the house and involved in their local community so they can better understand their community and the world around them.

Today, there are more than three million girl scouts and adults involved in the Girl Scouts organization with over 50 million women who count themselves as alumnae.  If you are alumnae or your daughters are participating, this is a great day to recognize what this organization does for you, them, and the community.march11lb3

Think about getting a gift basket from our Long Beach shop or some delicious fresh bakery items from our online store to share with your local troop.

Of course, you can also think about giving each of the girls in the troop a green flower corsage that they can wear during a special celebration on this day or throughout the week’s festivities. Also, you can order flower arrangements for party tables or just send a big bouquet of flowers to the troop leader for all their efforts.zoom_CupcakeAsst13081771450

Whatever you choose, make sure you show your thanks and appreciation to a great organization that has been helping girls for over 100 years in Long Beach and throughout the world.

Employee Appreciation Day is March 7th

teacherafm2On the first Friday of every March, Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated, honoring employees all over the world for their skill, talent, and knowledge and recognizing the important role they play in making their company or organization such a success.

There are many ways to celebrate this day, including these great ideas for gifts that your employees can enjoy.

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

We have many great gift ideas to consider. First, you can get great value from your Employee Appreciation Day gift when you choose a basket that is overflowing with goodies, such as fresh fruit, artisanal cheeses, snacks, sweets and other gourmet items. Second, we have an incredible online bakery with fresh baked treats to share among all your employees. Third, we have balloons, stuffed animals, fountains, vases and greeting cards to treat your staff.StrawberryMousseAthinlayerofstripedCake13081784800


Of course, what we are known for first and foremost are flowers. We offer an incredible selection of flowers that make great gifts for Employee Appreciation Day. Employees can each get their own flower arrangement to decorate their offices or to take home and enjoy. You can shop by flower type, color, and even price.

Since Employee Appreciation Day is close to the arrival of spring, we have a wide array of spring favorites arriving now, including lilacs, tulips, peonies and orchids to name just a few. We also have a wide selection of exotic flowers, tropical flowers, and avant garde flower arrangements.  Our wide selection of flower cubes are also affordable and a great size for displaying in the office.uniqueroseafm4

Of course, if you don’t happen to see something you like from among our floral designs, you can order custom flower arrangements for Employee Appreciation Day! Our floral design team always enjoys working directly with customers on creating the perfect flower arrangements or creating floral centerpieces for an event for your staff.earth4


Of course, another option is to select from our indoor green plant collection, which features a range of beautiful plants and blooming plants as well as dish gardens and basket gardens. Since green plants are known for their health benefits, these make a great gift for employees to show your concern for their health and well-being.

Employee Appreciation Day Delivery Schedule

We offer same day hand delivery of flowers, plants, and gifts throughout Long Beach and Los Angeles. We can also deliver throughout the country to recognize those employees who may work remotely, virtually, or at a different location.