Summer Flower Designs are Here!

lb1With summer in full swing, we are pleased to share our summer floral designs and summer flower arrangements with you. These are great for birthdays, anniversaries, other special celebrations and events and weddings. Here are some of our favorite summer flower arrangements:


This flower arrangement includes hydrangea, sunflowers, tiger lilies, gerbera daisies, spray roses, roses and bear grass, which are displayed in a glass cube.  lb2


Inspired by the burgeoning summer flower fields found around Southern California, this flower arrangement features fresh sunflowers, delphinium, alstroemeria, yarrow, monte casino and more inside a clear glass gathering vase tied with raffia in tribute to California style.


This summer flower arrangement includes a bubble bowl of 12 mixed colored roses reflecting the beautiful colors of summer.


This flower arrangement features snapdragons, hydrangea, protea, birds of paradise, gerbera daisies, dendrobium orchids, antherium and tropical greens that have been hand arranged in a clear vase.


This is a mixed vase of sunflowers, delphinium and fresh cut field flowers that reflect the natural beauty of summer.


This rustic flower arrangement contains pretty blooms of pink, yellow and white arranged inside an apple basket lb4


This is a country style flower arrangement held within a wicker handled basket that has been filled with colorful mixed carnations, daisies and summer filler flowers.


This spicy summer flower arrangement includes a mix of orange, coral, and purple blooms that is delivered in a clear glass vase lined with exotic leaves. It contains roses, dahlias, orchids and sunflowers.lb5


This hot hued arrangement has orange gerberas, orange roses, Yoko Ono poms, Hydrangea, spray roses, cymbidium orchids and curly willow hand arranged in a bunch vase.

Of course, we also can take your favorite summer flowers and make you a custom summer flower arrangement. Stop into our Long Beach flower shop or purchase online!

Add the Beauty of Orchid Plants to a Home or Office for a Unique Look

lb1One of nature’s most beautiful and unique creations is the orchid plant. Often considered a luxurious selection among flowering plants, it is a choice that offers exceptional value because, with proper care, it can last a long time and even thrive.

Our blog post offers some great tips for caring for your orchid plant as well as introduces you to our fine selection of orchid plants.lb2

Caring for Orchid Plants

Take care of an orchid plant like you would for any potted houseplant or greenhouse plant. This means that while they enjoy some natural light, they should not be given too much of a good thing. The best is a windowsill in the morning or late afternoon with indirect light.

In terms of temperature, orchids are not used to extreme temperature changes and usually do well within ten-degree differences between day and night.

When feeding an orchid plant, use an orchid mix for soil that often contains mostly bark and a high-nitrogen food supply. Keep the soil lightly moist with watering twice a week on average during the summer and once a week in the wintertime. If you use a cache pot, be sure to empty out the excess water so the plant roots do not rot. In humid places, you may want to add gravel to the cache pot to help with water levels.lb3

Orchids do attract pests, including spider mites, aphids, and scale insects. You may need to spray your orchid with insecticidal soap to keep these insects away. If any area becomes infected by the pests and develop rot or fungus, you can cut these areas back. 

Our Orchid Plant Selection

Now that you know how to take care of an orchid, here are some beautiful ones to consider for your home or office or to give as a gift:lb4

  • Our Blue Philanopsis orchid plant is presented in a ceramic container.
  • Our Orchid Purse comes in a unique container.
  • This Phalaenopsis Orchid Garden offers a beautiful display.
  • The Philanopsis & Bamboo Garden combines two unique looks with a bamboo lattice all within a green ceramic container.
  • Our Orchid Garden comes in various sizes and color choices all within a basket.

Delivering Orchids

We hand deliver our orchid plants throughout Long Beach and areas of Los Angeles. Of course, we also offer national delivery through our network of preferred florists.lb5

Eating Your Way through July: The Special Food Days this Month

afm1As it turns out, July is a month of special food days not to mention one that is dedicated entirely to certain foods. These are a great way to have fun but also theme any gifts that you might be giving this month or plan an event around one of these.

First, let’s share some of these foodie events:

  • July is National Hot Dog Month. This is a popular food that is most often enjoyed at baseball games, picnics, and barbecues. However you enjoy them – with chili, cheese, relish or even plain, July is a great month to do celebrate them as part of summer fun.afm2
  • National Junk Food Day is July 21st. Although it is not an officially recognized holiday and considered controversial now that so much emphasis is on lowering the obesity rate and eating healthier, it can be enjoyed in moderation, especially on just one day of year. This could be a meal at your favorite fast food joint, a plethora of snacks, or just some candy.
  • National Milk Chocolate Day is July 28th. Chocolate lovers everywhere rejoice when there is a day to celebrate this special sweet treat. This special day focuses on milk chocolate so you can make the most of it with ice cream, candy, cake and more.
  • National Cheesecake Day is July 30th. Another sweet treat to enjoy in July is cheesecake, which has been enjoyed for centuries. Today, there are all types of variations on cheesecake, including many flavors and toppings to enjoy. You can either make your own or pick one up at your favorite bakery or restaurant.afm3

Helping You Celebrate

We have some great products that are sure to help you celebrate these special food days:

  • Our Junk Food Fantasy gift basket includes candy bars, chips, soda and cookies come in several sizes.
  • Our chocolate selection includes premium brands like Godiva and Lindt as well as other goodies like chocolate dipped strawberries and truffles. Our online bakery also includes chocolate treats in the form of cookies, cake, and cupcakes.

We have many other sweet treats and products that are sure to enhance your food celebration this month whether you are enjoying it at home, having a party or cookout, or looking to send a special gift to a loved one. Be sure to visit our Long Beach flower shop or shop through our online flower shop today!

The Dog Days of Summer

may12lb2The first two weeks of summer are commonly referred to as the “dog days of summer.” It is an often-heard phrase that actually has an interesting history. The saying refers to those hot days of summer that occur in July.

According to sources on Wikipedia, the phrase, dog days, came from the Romans because they associated hot weather with the star, Sirius, also known as the “dog star,” which is the brightest star in Canis Major. The Greeks, however, also used that same phrase. may12lb1

Because the heat was considered so intolerable, the idea was that the dogs days were associated with evil, causing animals and people to go crazy from the heat and to experience physical illness as well.

There are different ideas of when these dog days actually happen in the summer, but most of us are likely to agree that, when it gets that hot, we wish we could all lie like dogs and sleep through it rather than having to go out and work and play in such hot weather.

Flowers to Brighten those Dog Days

While it may hot outside, you can enjoy the brightness of summer inside with a beautiful flower arrangement that adds cheery color to a room. This is also the time of many celebrations – from weddings and outdoor barbecues to birthdays and anniversaries – so that means that flowers are a great choice for enhancing these special occasions.You are my sunshine

Our Long Beach flower shop can deliver locally or across the United States to share that summer look with friends and family near and far. Plus, for your summer event, we have a professional team of wedding flower consultants and a floral design team that can custom create the perfect flower arrangements for a summer wedding or event.

Either way, our summer flowers are here to enjoy by stopping in and sharing your summer plans with us. Or, you can shop our online flower shop through your computer, tablet, or phone and conveniently order from an expansive array of flowers, plants, and gifts to enjoy this summer. tropicalafm6

Many of our summer gifts are already on sale and ready to go. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and like it so you can receive exclusive deals to save even more money this summer!