The Dog Days of Summer

may12lb2The first two weeks of summer are commonly referred to as the “dog days of summer.” It is an often-heard phrase that actually has an interesting history. The saying refers to those hot days of summer that occur in July.

According to sources on Wikipedia, the phrase, dog days, came from the Romans because they associated hot weather with the star, Sirius, also known as the “dog star,” which is the brightest star in Canis Major. The Greeks, however, also used that same phrase. may12lb1

Because the heat was considered so intolerable, the idea was that the dogs days were associated with evil, causing animals and people to go crazy from the heat and to experience physical illness as well.

There are different ideas of when these dog days actually happen in the summer, but most of us are likely to agree that, when it gets that hot, we wish we could all lie like dogs and sleep through it rather than having to go out and work and play in such hot weather.

Flowers to Brighten those Dog Days

While it may hot outside, you can enjoy the brightness of summer inside with a beautiful flower arrangement that adds cheery color to a room. This is also the time of many celebrations – from weddings and outdoor barbecues to birthdays and anniversaries – so that means that flowers are a great choice for enhancing these special occasions.You are my sunshine

Our Long Beach flower shop can deliver locally or across the United States to share that summer look with friends and family near and far. Plus, for your summer event, we have a professional team of wedding flower consultants and a floral design team that can custom create the perfect flower arrangements for a summer wedding or event.

Either way, our summer flowers are here to enjoy by stopping in and sharing your summer plans with us. Or, you can shop our online flower shop through your computer, tablet, or phone and conveniently order from an expansive array of flowers, plants, and gifts to enjoy this summer. tropicalafm6

Many of our summer gifts are already on sale and ready to go. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and like it so you can receive exclusive deals to save even more money this summer!


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