Eating Your Way through July: The Special Food Days this Month

afm1As it turns out, July is a month of special food days not to mention one that is dedicated entirely to certain foods. These are a great way to have fun but also theme any gifts that you might be giving this month or plan an event around one of these.

First, let’s share some of these foodie events:

  • July is National Hot Dog Month. This is a popular food that is most often enjoyed at baseball games, picnics, and barbecues. However you enjoy them – with chili, cheese, relish or even plain, July is a great month to do celebrate them as part of summer fun.afm2
  • National Junk Food Day is July 21st. Although it is not an officially recognized holiday and considered controversial now that so much emphasis is on lowering the obesity rate and eating healthier, it can be enjoyed in moderation, especially on just one day of year. This could be a meal at your favorite fast food joint, a plethora of snacks, or just some candy.
  • National Milk Chocolate Day is July 28th. Chocolate lovers everywhere rejoice when there is a day to celebrate this special sweet treat. This special day focuses on milk chocolate so you can make the most of it with ice cream, candy, cake and more.
  • National Cheesecake Day is July 30th. Another sweet treat to enjoy in July is cheesecake, which has been enjoyed for centuries. Today, there are all types of variations on cheesecake, including many flavors and toppings to enjoy. You can either make your own or pick one up at your favorite bakery or restaurant.afm3

Helping You Celebrate

We have some great products that are sure to help you celebrate these special food days:

  • Our Junk Food Fantasy gift basket includes candy bars, chips, soda and cookies come in several sizes.
  • Our chocolate selection includes premium brands like Godiva and Lindt as well as other goodies like chocolate dipped strawberries and truffles. Our online bakery also includes chocolate treats in the form of cookies, cake, and cupcakes.

We have many other sweet treats and products that are sure to enhance your food celebration this month whether you are enjoying it at home, having a party or cookout, or looking to send a special gift to a loved one. Be sure to visit our Long Beach flower shop or shop through our online flower shop today!


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