A+ for These Teacher Gifts

lb1With the new school year kicking off, there is excitement about what the new year brings, including working with a new teacher on your children’s education. Start the year off right with a gift for the teacher that says just how much you appreciate how hard they work to help your kids.

We have put together some gift ideas that you could consider that provide a range of prices to suit all budgets.lb2

Flower Gifts for Teacher

We still have some pretty spectacular summer flower arrangements that could make a wonderful gift for a teacher. Here are just a few of the options:

  • Something’s Wild features snapdraogs, hydrangea, protea, birds of paradise, gerbera daisies, dendrobium orchids, antherium and tropical greens in a clear vase.
  • Sunflower Topiary includes sunflowers, wildflowers, and lily grass together that has been tied with raffia and put in a rustic pot.
  • Country Basket is a sweet flower arrangement in an apple basket that includes blooms in white, yellow, and pink.
  • Long Beach Daisy Delight features orange gerberas, orange roses, Yoko Ono poms, hydrangea, spray roses, cymbidium orchids and curly willow.

An added bonus is that many of these summer flower arrangements that make great gifts are now on sale while supplies last.

Great Teacher Gifts and Gift Baskets

In addition to our online bakery, stuffed animals, balloons and cards, we have some other great gifts for teachers and administrators. Check these out:lb3

  • Lindt classic assorted chocolate includes seven different filling flavors in this beautifully packaged box.
  • A gourmet cookie basket has assorted gourmet and snack items as well as chocolate chips cookies, chips, dips, sausage and other assorted items for the delivery area.
  • The deluxe all fruit gift basket has a combination of fruits, such as kiwis, pineapples, grapefruits, apples and plums, along with fresh daisies.
  • Sweetie Treatie comes in a woven basket full of gourmet goodies.
  • The Grandiose Gourmet basket has a little bit of everything and is a great way to treat a few teachers or an entire department. Among other things, it has different kinds of cheeses, crackers, pretzels, chocolates, sausages, cake, candies, fresh fruit, tea and more.lb4

We can deliver throughout Long Beach, Los Angeles, and the country. Just call, visit our store, or order online today!

Roses, Roses, and More Roses

lb1While our customers all have their favorite flowers, nothing sells more than roses in our Long Beach flower shop. We have to admit that the entire floral design team is pretty partial to them as well and are always looking for ways to incorporate them in new floral designs or customer flower arrangements for gifts, décor, weddings and events.

Our fresh cut roses come from trust rose farm partners that share our commitment to consistent quality. They are a critical part of our ability to offer the best roses in Long Beach and continue to provide variety to help us create even more incredible rose arrangements.lb2

Here are some of our favorite rose arrangements now available for delivery throughout Long Beach, Los Angeles, and the country:


This beautiful seasonal mix offers a compact design and includes hot pink roses, ranunculus, lilies and bouvardia in a low cylindrical vase.lb3


This stunning flower arrangement includes mixed long stem roses and spray roses that have been arranged in a vase.


This arrangement includes 12 beautiful roses in any available color that has then been arranged into a half moon crescent shape. It’s a real standout!lb4


This rose arrangement includes dozens of blushing rosebuds that has been designed to fit in a clear glass vase. It includes various sizes of roses and shades of pinks.lb5


This beauty features assorted pastel roses and spray roses arranged in a low cylinder vase. lb6


This flower arrangement has a white hydrangea base that is accentuates a pink starfighter and pink rose display. The flowers are designed in a clear cylinder vase that has been embellished with pink decor wire and pink acrylic rocks at the bottom of the vase.lb7


This cheerful rose arrangement features a dozen yellow roses and eucalyptus that have been combined in a contemporary clear glass cube arrangement.

Many of these rose arrangements are even on sale while supplies last so that we can share our love of roses with you and your loved ones. Come into our Long Beach flower shop or shop online to get your roses today!

The Sweetest Gift Baskets

LB1Gift baskets come in all varieties but we have some of the sweetest available. We thought we would share some of our very favorite sweet treat gift ideas with you as these are great ideas for any special occasion – a birthday, anniversary, office promotion, reward and recognition program, graduation, new baby and more!

  • A GOURMET COOKIE BASKET: This gift basket is filled with assorted gourmet and snack items along with chocolate chips cookies, chips, dips, sausage and other delicious items available in your preferred delivery area.LB2
  • A SNACK BASKET: The snack food basket is a little bit sweet and a little savory, including such temptations as Oreos, M & M’s, Pringles and more.
  • JUNK FOOD FANTASY: This gift basket is guaranteed to satisfy the cravings of anyone with a sweet tooth or that loves junk food. It is overflowing with candy bars, chips, soda and cookies and available in many sizes.
  • SUPER SWEET GIFT BASKET: This sweet delight contains chips, chocolate, and cookies in a beautiful woven gift basket. It’s easy to share because there is so much here!LB3

 These sweet treats are just a small sampling of what we have available. There are also sweet healthy gift baskets like seasonal fresh fruit or those that include a combination of gourmet sweets and fresh fruit items. Check with us on any available custom sweet gift baskets as well.

Other Sweet Delights

Besides these tempting sweet gift baskets, we also have other sweet delights. This includes a collection of chocolates, truffles, and chocolate dipped strawberries.LB4

Then, there is our online bakery with even more sweets to choose from, including a range of bakery delights that are made fresh daily by our bakery partner. These include cakes, brownies, cookies and cupcakes as well as fresh fruit tarts and more.

Sweet Treat Deliveries

Be sure to check with us at our Long Beach flower shop or by calling us to see where we deliver for our gift baskets and other sweet treats from our online bakery. We serve the Long Beach area as well as surrounding areas. Many of our items are available for national delivery through our preferred network of flower shops that offer the same or similar items.

Flowers Add Ambiance to Any Occasion

HYACINTH AND ROSESfallbeach3When it comes to decorating for an event or wedding, adding something new to your home or office, or gifting a loved one with something unique that adds dimension to their life, flowers are a great choice. In fact, when it comes to setting an ambiance, or mood, flowers have been the go-to choice for centuries across all cultures for lifting spirits and creating a positive impact.

Here’s why flowers are such a great choice no matter what it is you are planning on doing.

Messages from Nature

Nature has art and it’s flowers. These decorate fields and hills with color and create an aesthetic that is enjoyed walking through a garden or park. The same messages are available when flowers are taken from nature and placed elsewhere like in a container or as a bouquet.Mom-Whisper

The messages from nature offer relief, peace, joy and cheer to those who see them or receive them. That’s why they are so often used when someone checks into a hospital or when there is a funeral. The beauty of the flowers helps those who are grieving or physically ill to heal emotionally and physically, including reducing stress levels. That level of comfort and reassurance is hard to find elsewhere because flowers are one of the few things that actually help a person believe that things will turn out.

Flowers are even seen as a way to boost morale and spirits in general, helping to enhance an already joyous occasion like a birthday, anniversary, new baby or promotion. At parties and weddings, they are viewed as adding to the festivities with their color and design. It’s been discovered that people actually smile when they see flowers. It’s a natural reaction and illustrates the deep connection we have with our natural surroundings.

Then there is the fact that flowers send a message of love. They are most often seen on special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Certain flowers have even been associated with love and are used to represent that emotion. Of course, when it comes to showing love with flowers, there are also those “just because” moments.dec1lb2

Long-Lasting Impressions

Even better is that flowers, even after they have faded after a few weeks, have still made an impression that last. People remember that you gave them flowers or had wonderful floral centerpieces at your wedding. This is because flowers are such a visual item that they are more easily embedded in our minds and memories. That’s because they are a symbol of a loved one’s thoughtfulness that can last a lifetime.