Homecoming Corsages and Boutonnieres for Long Beach Students

april7lb2It’s that time of year again for homecoming weekend with the big game and a special dance throughout the Long Beach area at all private high schools and public high schools. Our floral design team in our Long Beach flower shop can help you design the perfect homecoming corsage and homecoming boutonniere. All of our homecoming flowers are the freshest available to last through the night and even be kept as a treasure afterwards.april7lb4

This means offering the types of homecoming flowers, colors, and prices to suit all styles, preferences, and budgets. Plus, our floral design team can even custom create your homecoming corsage and homecoming boutonniere to fit your own unique style or special dress. Just bring in your ideas and even your gown and we can work together to create magic.

Long Beach Homecoming Corsages

Our collection of homecoming corsages includes stunning flower choices in brilliant colors that can be pinned to the shoulder or it can have a bracelet tied to it to make it a wrist corsage. We’ve got rhinestones, ribbons, and other jewels to create something truly extraordinary for your special evening.

Be sure that you use the homecoming corsage in a way that complements your homecoming dress. It can be in a contrasting color or a lighter or darker shade to your dress. Think of it as an accessory like a necklace, so that you can add some sparkle or bling to the look or keep it traditional with ribbons and greenery if that suits the style of your dress.april7lb6

Long Beach Homecoming Boutonnieres

We have a wide array of homecoming boutonnieres for the guys to wear on their tuxedos that complement their date’s homecoming corsage. Order these together for convenience and value. These include roses, orchids, or other flowers that can be wrapped and highlighted by a touch of bling, greenery, and ribbon to match the homecoming corsage. april7lb1

Homecoming Flower Delivery in Long Beach

To save you time, we can deliver homecoming corsages and homecoming boutonnieres to your address throughout Long Beach and areas of Los Angeles. We know you have a lot to do to get ready for the big dance. Just be sure to order as soon as possible in order to get your preferred delivery time!


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