Celebrate Your Boss on October 16th

lb1Bosses Day is on October 16th. It’s time to take time to let them know you know what they have done – and still do – for you as a mentor and supplier of work as well as someone that helps you hone your professional skills and knowledge.

To help you select the perfect gift, here are some of our ideas available in-store here in Long Beach and/or through our online flower and gift shop.lb2

Fall Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements are a great way to show some appreciation to your boss. While you can select from a wide range of flower arrangement choices and even create a custom flower arrangement, we are highlighting our fall flower collection, much of which is on sale and provides something that your boss can enjoy now and through the fall season.

This collection includes some unique fall flower arrangements, including an array of cornucopias as well as centerpieces, including those with candles and hurricane glass holders.

Sweet Gifts

One way to really show your boss how sweet they are is to give them one of our tempting treats from our online bakery. These include brownies, cookies, cupcakes and more. All of these are baked daily and provide something delicious for your boss to enjoy.goodieslb3

We also have a wide range of chocolate gifts to choose from as well as gift baskets full of candies, chocolates, and more.chocolateafm2

Of course, we have other healthier sweet alternatives as well. These include fresh seasonal fruit baskets as well as other gourmet food items to choose from in various sized baskets.

Plants and Greenery

From orchid plants and green plants to blooming plants and basket gardens, we have a great selection that your boss may enjoy if they are not as keen on flowers or may even be allergic.

These plant and greenery options are a long-lasting gift that are all easy to care for and can be enjoyed indoors or out, depending on the one you choose.Blog-Peace Lily

Deliveries for Bosses Day

Whether your boss is in the Long Beach area or across the country, we can deliver a gift that fits their preference and your budget. Order now!


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