Time to Order Valentine’s Day Gifts for All Those Special People in Your Life

LB1Here are at Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach, we are ready for Valentine’s Day so it’s time for you to shop our store or our online flower market for those special gifts for all those loved ones.

Here are some ideas for the men, women, and children in your life to ensure they get something that shows just how much you love them.lb4

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

  • Tulips in Love is a special arrangement that combines tulips and roses in a cylinder vase that has been accented by a festive ribbon.
  • Hearts Aflutter is a romantic vision of flowers in a bubble vase that has been hand-painted with red heart flowers.
  • No Bling shows that flowers can still be jaw dropping without any extras. It features white hydrangea, purple mocara orchids, and fern wrapped at the bottom with silver wire and then placed in a rectangular vase with purple acrylic rocks.lb2
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries is a decadent and sweet gift that features large strawberries covered in chocolate and finished with drizzles of white chocolate. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

  • The Succulent Garden is an arrangement of various succulent plants that is perfect for his office or home desk and maybe even his man cave.lb5
  • Earth and Wind combines flowers and succulents in a glass cube, including spray roses, hydrangea, sunflowers, curly willow and bear grass. The bottom of the glass cube includes seashells and rocks.
  • They say the way to his heart is through his stomach, so we have quite a collection of gourmet treats, including cookies and other fresh baked goods as well as food baskets. Allen’s Picnic Basket has seasonal fruit, cheese, chili sauce, tea, beef sausage, chocolates, nuts, spicy mustard and more. This will be sure to tempt him! lb7lb6

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Don’t forget to get the kids something special for Valentine’s Day. We have a wide range of Valentine’s Day balloons to make them a balloon bouquet.

There are also many types of plush stuffed animals that say “I love you” to your kids.lb8

They may also enjoy getting tucked into any of the sweet treats we offer, including chocolates and truffles, cakes and cupcakes, and cookies.


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