The Grandeur and Sophistication of Orchids

lb1Orchids are one of those extraordinary flowering plants that are known for their incredible beauty.

They offer simple sophistication without too much fuss, making it a great gift for a man or a woman as well as for a loved one, colleague, client or boss.lb2

One of the great advantages of purchasing an orchid plant is that they typically last a very long time, especially with just a little bit of maintenance.

There are many types of orchids to choose from in a range of colors, which also makes this a great flower to pick as it offers something for everyone.lb3

Here are some of the orchid arrangements we have in our Long Beach flower shop that you can purchase by phone, in-store, or online through our floral website.

These illustrate the range of style and color available that make orchids such great gifts and such phenomenal event flowers:lb4


Purple Dendrobium orchids, Yellow Cymbidium orchids, curly willow and tropical greenery are hand arranged in a cylinder vase.lb5


The Yellow Oncidium has numerous petite blooms that balance perfectly on their delicate stems. These orchids are hand arranged in a beautiful vase.lb6


Two stems of Cymbidium Orchids are placed in two different sizes of cylinder vase that anchor the orchids with river rock, curly willow, and bamboo for an exotic look. lb7


This striking orchid arrangement includes yellow Oncidium, white orchids, and large white calla lilies. This tall and full arrangement is sure to make a dramatic statement.


Blue Dendrobium Orchids and bear grass are arranged in a bud vase for a sweet look.


These exotic mini Cymbidum orchids are from Thailand and will offer a beautiful view for many weeks.


This exotic flower arrangement features multiple blooms of Philanopsis Orchids and bear grass in a vase.


This unique flower arrangement includes three sprays of Dendrobium Orchids, bamboo, and curly willow that have been placed in three different glass vases along with river rock.


This stunning floral display contains white Philanopsis Orchids, white hydrangea, and white tulips spread across three elevated cylinder vases that have been filled with black river rocks.

Our Long Beach flower shop can custom arrange any orchids and flower combinations for you to give as a gift or feature at a spring wedding or spring event.


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