March is National Nutrition Month

lb7This month is National Nutrition Month, which is organized each year to focus on healthy lifestyles, including making smarter food choices for you and your family. It’s also designed to help people understand that eating well and enjoying healthy meals does not have to be expensive.

Nutritional Tips for Healthy Living

Not only do we have some great easy tips to enjoy a healthier lifestyle below that many of our staff here in our Long Beach flower shop follow, but we also have some ideas below that for sharing healthy foods with loved ones.goodieslb2

While we are not nutritionists, these are just some ideas that have helped us focus on healthier eating.

  • Skip the processed foods and opt for natural foods. Natural foods are always better than processed because they are more nutritious plus less expensive. Nature offers the best snacks like grapes, apples, oranges, nuts and more.
  • Shop by the season. A great way to eat healthy but keep the cost down is to shop by the season, selecting fruits and vegetables that are in season as your primary source of meals. These are fresher items that can guide you toward delicious soups and stews in the winter to fresh salads in the spring and summer.
  • Eat at home. Home-cooked meals tend to be less expensive and have a higher nutritional content without copious amounts of sodium and fat like those found in restaurants. Also, portion control can be kept more in line with what should be eaten rather than having a large plate at a restaurant put in front of you.nutritionF1

Our Healthy Fruit Baskets

We offer many different sizes and varieties of seasonal fruit baskets that are brimming over with juicy fruit options like grapes, apples, oranges, kiwis, bananas and more. Our Long Beach flower shop partners with trusted fruit farmers that deliver consistently fresh, high-quality fruit from their farms, which employ sustainable practices that ensure the environment is protected and maintained.nutritionF2

With such a variety and budget-friendly prices, these fresh fruit baskets are a good way to celebrate a special occasion or even as a “just because” to honor National Nutrition Month.

Order Today!

Check out our fresh fruit selection online or in our Long Beach flower shop. Place your order today so you can get started celebrating National Nutrition Month!

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