Celebrate National Gardening Exercise Day and Best Friends Day

AFM1Two special days are coming close to celebrate that also provide a great kick-off to the summer season and the arrival of summer plants and flowers into our Long Beach flower shop. National Gardening Exercise Day arrives on Saturday, June 6th and Best Friend Day is Monday, June 8th.

National Gardening Exercise Day provides a way to show everyone that gardening is a great way to get exercise whether it is bending, climbing, lifting, pulling, cutting or digging.

You can work in your own garden, assist, in a community garden, or go enjoy other’s gardens to inspire you to make the most out of this form of exercise. Plus, you will be helping to keep Long Beach looking beautiful.AFM2

Best Friends Day is a way to tell your BFF just how much they mean to you so be sure to make it a special day where you do something fun and spend as much time together as possible.

Even if you can’t be there in person, consider sending some gorgeous flowers or a plant.

To get you started, here are some ideas that also tease our upcoming summer flower arrangement, plant, and gift collection:AFM3


Inspired by the flower fields found throughout Southern California, this flower arrangement includes sunflowers, delphinium, alstroemeria, yarrow, monte casino hand arranged within a glass gathering vase and tied with raffia.


This sizzling summer flower arrangement includes a mix of orange, coral, and purple blooms in a clear glass vase that has been lined with exotic leaves. It features roses, dahlias, orchids, and sunflowers.AFM4


This unique gift showcases a sunflower topiary that includes wildflowers and lily grass that has been tied with raffia.


This garden basket has cut flowers and African violet plants. It includes asters, carnations, daisies, liatris and sunflowers along with two purple African violet plants in a wicker basket.AFM5


Assorted green plants are arranged in a glass cube that has been decorated with curly willow and a dragonfly. 

These ideas and more are available to celebrate these special days. Come on by our Long Beach flower shop, visit our website, or call us today to place your order.


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