Flowering and Blooming Plants Make a Special Occasion Perfect

AFM1While flower arrangements add extraordinary beauty to any special occasion, a great alternative is to use flowering plants or blooming plants.

afm2One reason this alternative is good is because some people may be allergic to flowers or are not comfortable with the fragrance of many flowers.

Another reason is that flowering and blooming plants often tend to last a lot longer or can even be replanted in a garden to enjoy for many years to come with easy maintenance.afm3

To show you just how perfect flowering and blooming plants can make a special occasion, check out these ideas from our collection here at our Long Beach flower shop and through our online flower shop:

A Tulip Plant offers extraordinary colors and comes in a six-inch basket. It’s only available from October to May so plan to add this to a Fall or Spring occasion.afm4

The Anthurium Plant is a colorful addition to any occasion as is the Kalanchoe Plant. We offer different sized blooming plants in various colors and containers, including ceramic pots and baskets.

Azaleas with a Twist is a unique display for a blooming plant that comes in a six-inch pot. It will be a real standout at an event or as a gift.afm5

The Blooming Hydrangea Plant comes planted in a six-inch pot and is then placed in a woven basket.afm6

The Potted Gardenia Plant offers fragrance with dark green, glossy leaves and white blooms in a woven wicker basket.

The Blooming Euro Basket Garden provides a way to combine many beautiful blooming and green plants together in a garden-style basket arrangement.

Come check out what else we offer for local and national deliveries for a special occasion!afm7


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