Fall Flower Specials Just in Time for Halloween

AFM1With Halloween landing on a Saturday this year, many parties for adults and children alike are planned to celebrate this fun holiday in addition to trick or treating.AFM5

A great way to decorate this Halloween is to incorporate flowers and fall arrangements into your theme, and the best news is that your favorite, local Long Beach florist has just the solutions for you plus has them on sale!

Check out these great deals for Halloween party décor, including these fall centerpieces and cornucopias:AFM6

  • The Harvest Hurricane Centerpiece is a centerpiece that contains orchids, lilies, berries, fall foliage and gerberas along with a candle under a hurricane glass.
  • The Harvest Centerpiece is oblong in shape and contains a mixed arrangement of flowers and candles.AFM7
  • The Country Harvest Centerpiece if full of chrysanthemums, lilies, oak leaves and wheat as well as features candles and a country plaid ribbon.
  • The Fruit and Flower Basket makes for a unique centerpiece. It’s filled with carnations, gerberas, and alstromeria along with fresh fruit in a square wicker basket.

Then there is our array of cornucopia fall arrangements all in wicker cornucopia-shaped baskets:AFM3

  • The Rustic Cornucopia has sunflowers, daisies, cattails and fall leaves.
  • The Fall Cornucopia features a blend of fall foliage, roses, sunflowers and chrysanthemums.AFM2
  • The Cornucopia Harvest is overflowing with faux fruit, fall leaves, eucalyptus, salal tips, Viking poms, statice, daisies, roses, trachelium and alstromeria.

Of course, our floral design team can also custom create flower arrangements and centerpieces to use for your Halloween party, including holiday-themed containers and accents like pumpkins, ghosts, witches and more.AFM4

Don’t forget we also have Halloween balloons, stuffed animals, gift baskets and more that enhance your Halloween fun.

Call or come in today to order your Halloween décor! You can also use our website to order many of the items shown here.

Celebrate Make a Difference Day in Long Beach

afm1This Saturday, October 24th is Make a Difference Day. This is your chance to participate in an event to help others, give to a charity, or do something special for someone you know is in need.afm2

You can also use this day to recognize a person, organization, or event where a difference is being made.

And, you can say thanks to them with a special gift of flowers or gift basket that shows you know and appreciate that they are making a real difference in the community.afm3

This includes breast cancer events that are happening during the month of October as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Here are some sweet ideas that can show how much you value what others are doing to make that difference:afm4

  • Rose Blush comes in multiple sizes, offering a range of pink flower varieties, including many rosebuds.
  • Sunshine delivers a fall floral favorite with sunflowers and yellow roses along with red berries and greenery in a glass cube vase.afm5
  • We have numerous other fall flower arrangements some of which are pictured here that offer all types of styles, floral varieties, and fall accents to please all tastes and budgets.

We also have numerous gift baskets, including these three favorites:

  • Allen’s Picnic Basket features seasonal fruit, cheese, chili sauce, tea, beef sausage, nuts and more savory and sweet treats.afm6
  • The Classic Fruit Basket is filled with seasonal fruit to offer a healthy and satisfying treat for all recipients.
  • Treats and Fruits is a gift basket that combines the best of the gourmet food with fresh fruit. There’s plenty of cheese and chocolates to go with all the fresh fruit options offered in this oversized gift basket.afm7

Be sure to place your order by phone, in our Long Beach store, or online today so we can deliver locally in the Long Beach area for Make a Difference Day.

Celebrate the Boss!

afm7Your boss often has a lot on his or her plate and has the pressure to ensure everyone does their job.afm6

Why not take a moment this Friday, October 16th and thank them for what they do on Bosses Day with a special gift from our Long Beach flower shop?

We have put together a collection of gift ideas that includes a range of gifts and price points to ensure you find something for your boss.afm8

To get you started, here are some of the highlights from our Bosses Day Gift Collection:

  • The Tropical Bowl of Beauty contains tropical blooms and orchids housed within a bowl that has been filled with fresh-cut lemons and limes.
  • The Blue Philanopsis Orchid Plan is a six-inch, double-spiked bright blue philanopsis orchid in a ceramic dish.
  • The Totum Pole Pothos is a fast-growing, low maintenance plan that can last for years to come. It looks great in an office or home.afm3
  • Sear Faring Orchids has cymbidium orchids, papyrus, moss, seashells and bamboo in a cube vase, offering a truly unique arrangement.
  • Treats and Fruits has fresh fruit, cheese, and chocolates all tucked in a wicker basket.
  • Allen’s Picnic Basket is a gourmet delight with fruit, cheese, sausage, chili sauce, cocoa, nuts, spicy mustard, bison sticks and chocolate covered cranberries.
  • Chocolate is the Answer Cookie Assortment comes from our bakery partner and includes chocolate dipped heart cookies, chocolate chip cookies, coconut bars, chocolate chip bars, walnuts bars, almond biscotti and chocolate ganache-filled butter cookies.afm1
  • The Sweets and Snacks Tray is another bakery option with cinnamon twists, palmiers, cinnamon palmiers, raspberry almond bars, guava cream cheese bars and coconut-chocolate chip-walnut bars.

Whether you like what you see here or want a custom flower arrangement, you can order in our Long Beach flower shop, by phone, or online at our website.

We offer same-day delivery within the Long Beach area as well as regular delivery to other areas throughout the country.

Place your order today!

Homecoming in Long Beach

afm1Homecoming has arrived in Long Beach so there are many festivities, including the big football game and dance at all local Long Beach high schools.

With so many plans to make, we want to make some of it easier for you by offering stunning homecoming flowers, including homecoming corsages and homecoming boutonnieres, that are designed to match your homecoming dress and tux as well as meet your budget.afm2

To give you an idea of what is possible, here are some designs available by phone, in our Long Beach flower shop, and online:afm3

  • Three Hot Pink Rose Corsage Wristlet contains three hot pink roses, red hypericum, red dendrobium orchids, hot pink grass, greenery and rhinestones.
  • Perfectly Purple is a wristlet corsage with three purple roses, misty blue, and a purple ribbon.
  • Alsroe & Roses offers a corsage wristlet that features roses, ribbons, and alstromeria.
  • The Fancy Freesia Corsage has white roses, spray roses, and freesia with dark blue Bella Donna delphinium, seeded eucalyptus, and satin ribbon. It’s a traditional pin-on corsage.afm4
  • The Rose Garden Wristlet has blush dendrobium orchids, lavender stock, pink roses, seeded eucalyptus, ming fern and rhinestones.
  • The Yellow Rose Corsage has yellow roses, eucalyptus shoots, hypericum and ribbons in this wristlet corsage.afm5

All of these have matching boutonnieres to coordinate your attire for those all-important homecoming pictures.

Of course, you can also custom design your own homecoming corsage and boutonniere with the help of our floral design team.

Be sure to set an appointment and bring in your dress so we can create something extraordinary for this special homecoming dance.afm6