Homecoming in Long Beach

afm1Homecoming has arrived in Long Beach so there are many festivities, including the big football game and dance at all local Long Beach high schools.

With so many plans to make, we want to make some of it easier for you by offering stunning homecoming flowers, including homecoming corsages and homecoming boutonnieres, that are designed to match your homecoming dress and tux as well as meet your budget.afm2

To give you an idea of what is possible, here are some designs available by phone, in our Long Beach flower shop, and online:afm3

  • Three Hot Pink Rose Corsage Wristlet contains three hot pink roses, red hypericum, red dendrobium orchids, hot pink grass, greenery and rhinestones.
  • Perfectly Purple is a wristlet corsage with three purple roses, misty blue, and a purple ribbon.
  • Alsroe & Roses offers a corsage wristlet that features roses, ribbons, and alstromeria.
  • The Fancy Freesia Corsage has white roses, spray roses, and freesia with dark blue Bella Donna delphinium, seeded eucalyptus, and satin ribbon. It’s a traditional pin-on corsage.afm4
  • The Rose Garden Wristlet has blush dendrobium orchids, lavender stock, pink roses, seeded eucalyptus, ming fern and rhinestones.
  • The Yellow Rose Corsage has yellow roses, eucalyptus shoots, hypericum and ribbons in this wristlet corsage.afm5

All of these have matching boutonnieres to coordinate your attire for those all-important homecoming pictures.

Of course, you can also custom design your own homecoming corsage and boutonniere with the help of our floral design team.

Be sure to set an appointment and bring in your dress so we can create something extraordinary for this special homecoming dance.afm6





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