Celebrate Make a Difference Day in Long Beach

afm1This Saturday, October 24th is Make a Difference Day. This is your chance to participate in an event to help others, give to a charity, or do something special for someone you know is in need.afm2

You can also use this day to recognize a person, organization, or event where a difference is being made.

And, you can say thanks to them with a special gift of flowers or gift basket that shows you know and appreciate that they are making a real difference in the community.afm3

This includes breast cancer events that are happening during the month of October as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Here are some sweet ideas that can show how much you value what others are doing to make that difference:afm4

  • Rose Blush comes in multiple sizes, offering a range of pink flower varieties, including many rosebuds.
  • Sunshine delivers a fall floral favorite with sunflowers and yellow roses along with red berries and greenery in a glass cube vase.afm5
  • We have numerous other fall flower arrangements some of which are pictured here that offer all types of styles, floral varieties, and fall accents to please all tastes and budgets.

We also have numerous gift baskets, including these three favorites:

  • Allen’s Picnic Basket features seasonal fruit, cheese, chili sauce, tea, beef sausage, nuts and more savory and sweet treats.afm6
  • The Classic Fruit Basket is filled with seasonal fruit to offer a healthy and satisfying treat for all recipients.
  • Treats and Fruits is a gift basket that combines the best of the gourmet food with fresh fruit. There’s plenty of cheese and chocolates to go with all the fresh fruit options offered in this oversized gift basket.afm7

Be sure to place your order by phone, in our Long Beach store, or online today so we can deliver locally in the Long Beach area for Make a Difference Day.


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