Dress Your Thanksgiving Table with Gorgeous Fall Flowers

AFM1AFM2While you might have just started thinking about the turkey and side dishes as well as the upcoming shopping events around Thanksgiving, you may want to start speeding up your schedule as it is less than two weeks away!

Don’t worry though because we are here to help you out with a range of Thanksgiving centerpieces, Thanksgiving flower arrangements, and even some fresh baked goodies that you can offer your guests or bring as a gift.AFM3

To help you get started, here are some featured items from our Thanksgiving collection that show the range in style, color, size and price:AFM4

  • The Sunflower Cornucopia is for the sunflower lover because it is brimming over with fresh-cut sunflowers and then accented with pom poms, wheat, and autumn leaves.
  • The Autumn Settings Centerpieces has two candles surrounded by assorted fall flowers in warm hues.
  • The Table Centerpiece is bright and festie with two candles as well as lilies, carnations, pom poms, baker, Japanese asters, pharlis and solidago.AFM5
  • The Fall Flare Arrangement is an oblong shape with candles and an array of fall flowers, foliage, and accents.
  • The Harvest Centerpiece Oblong is also great for a long table and features candles and mixed seasonal flower varieties.
  • The Autumn Harvest Centerpiece has sunflowers, wheat, and millet, offering a rustic look for the Thanksgiving table.
  • Allen’s Autumn Centerpiece is a stunning display of roses, lilies, orchids, decorative feathers, berries and sunflowers.AFM6

In addition to such a great selection, the good news is that many items from our Thanksgiving collection are also already on sale! Call, visit, or go online today to place your Thanksgiving order to ensure delivery and selection.

Our fresh baked goods are available online so also be sure to check out the delicious cupcakes, cookies, and other delicious items that our local Long Beach bakery partners makes every day!AFM8

Also, be sure to visit and enjoy the rest of our fall and holiday gift collections available at our Long Beach flower shop.

You can also meet with our floral design team to create a custom Thanksgiving centerpiece or custom Thanksgiving flower arrangement. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!


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