Check Out Our Tropical Flower Collection

AFM1If you can’t get to the Islands, you can always bring the Islands to you with our wide selection of tropical flowers that offer texture, color, and warmth into your home or that of a loved one who may receive them from you as a gift.

Tropical flowers tend to do very well in the Southern California climate due to the heat and humidity. AFM2

Check out these extraordinary tropical flowers from our Tropical Flower Collection available in our Long Beach flower shop and online through our website:

  • Red Skies offers red roses, white hydrangea, red ginger, white Oriental lilies and calla lilies in a tall clear glass vase. It also features curly willow, Hawaiian Ti leaves, and Bells of Ireland.AFM3
  • Slipstream is a unique floral display set amongst a bed of pebbles with tulips, orchids, and calla lilies.
  • Birds in Paradise has purple dendrobium orchids, lush greenery, and lots of Birds of Paradise.
  • Tropical Romance is contained within a wooden box and has tropical greenery, red ginger and anthuriums, cymbidium orchids, curly willow, and Bombay dendrobium orchids.AFM4
  • U Ray is a stunning tropical floral display with pin cushion protea, carnations, Birds of Paradise, red ginger, curly willow, variegated pittosporum, curly willow and tropical greenery in an isometric dish.
  • Island Paradise offers a wide range of bold tropical flowers and foliage from various parts of the Tropics all contained within a beautiful vase.AFM7

Some of our Tropical Flower arrangements are now on sale while supplies last, making this a great time to pick up something incredible to display at home or to give as a birthday, anniversary, or “just because” gift.

Order by phone or in our Long Beach flower shop or through our website today!


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