Thank You for Voting Us as a Favorite Long Beach Florist!

A5In May, we were voted as favorite florist in Long Beach by the readers of the Long Beach Press-Telegram in their annual Readers’ Choice contest.

AFM5Each year, the newspaper holds this contest and collects votes from readers who represent the local community. Their job is to judge the best local businesses, including restaurants, clubs, shops, salons and many other retail and service-based businesses throughout the Long Beach area.

We feel so honored that our customers have selected us as their favorite florist in Long Beach. We’ve dedicated numerous decades to continually improving our service and providing an exceptional in-store and online experience for everyone.

We so enjoy getting to know our customers and having them feel comfortable enough to linger in our store and share their ideas for new products that we could offer for them. That also helps us to better understand what they need and want from us so we can include that going forward.

Each year, our goal is also to raise the bar on ourselves so we continue providing that exceptional customer experience in our Long Beach flower shop as well as through our website where it is much harder to recreate a truly enjoyable experience.AFM8

However, in-store, through our taco cart events and online, through extras like our online bakery, we are continuing to see how we can enhance that experience so that customers return, again and again. Additionally, we plan on adding more products and options for our customers both in our Long Beach flower shop and to our online store as well as continue our commitment to value-based pricing.AFM3

Lastly, we are open to feedback and regularly seek it out on our social media channels and through in-store exchanges so that we know what we could be doing better or what would help our customers even more with everything from decorating and gift-giving to event planning. It’s important we hear from the customers that love us so we can continue to enjoy a long-lasting relationship and grow together.

Again, thank you for voting us into this prestigious award! We look forward to what’s to come!

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