It’s Poinsettia Day!

afm1Today, December 12th, is National Poinsettia Day, which makes it the perfect time to order your poinsettia plants from our Long Beach flower shop to decorate your home or office as well as to gift clients, family, friends, or any other special people in your life so they all feel the joy of the Christmas season.

The poinsettia plant is the traditional symbol of Christmas and offers bright red blooms or crisp white blooms. There are now hybrid varieties that also offer a marbled effect or even pink blooms. Whatever you choose, poinsettia plants add a festive touch to both external and internal Christmas decorative displays.afm3

We offer many sizes and styles of poinsettia plants, including some gorgeous garden basket displays that include other seasonal greenery and plants. We also have numerous styles of containers to further personalize the poinsettias you plan to decorate with or send as gifts.

And, the beauty of poinsettia plants is that if you treat them right with regular watering, direct sunlight, and protection from cold and warm drafts, they will last well beyond the holiday season to continue bringing you joy for months to come.afm2

Just because it’s Poinsettia Day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about other natural and fresh Christmas decorations to add this season and order through our Long Beach flower shop or our website.

We also have wreaths, garlands, floral centerpieces for the holiday or buffet table, flower arrangements, miniature Christmas trees, decorations and seasonal gift items. Plus, our online bakery has delicious treats that you can get for yourself or send to special people.afm4

Whatever you decide, now’s the time to order all your Christmas gifts and décor from our Long Beach flower shop!

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