We’re Open 24 Hours This Valentine’s Day!

afm1In our continuing tradition, we will remain open for 24 hours over Valentine’s Day from Monday, February 13th through Tuesday, February 14th so you can shop our Long Beach flower shop at your convenience for this special holiday of love.afm2

Coming into our Long Beach flower shop location provides a way to see all the many ideas we have for Valentine’s Day as well as work with our floral design team on something special.

We also have many other special seasonal gifts not found on our website that gives you another reason to drop by!afm3

To tempt you with some of our Valentine’s Day collection, here are some highlights that illustrate the wide range of designs, styles, and prices available so that everyone can find that special gift or two or three for their special someone’s.

Here are some great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day:

  • The Golden Rose is a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift. It’s a rose that has been preserved with a delicate layer of 24k gold lacquer. This will say, “I love you” for decades to come.afm4
  • Exotica offers purple phalaeonopsis orchids, garden blue delphiniums, and pink hydrangea for a stunning flower arrangement.
  • Valentine Love delivers red roses and carnations along with white Asiatic lilies and chrysanthemums in a red glass vase.
  • The Romantic is an example of one of our many Valentine’s Day packages. This one comes with one dozen red roses, a teddy bear, chocolates and a Mylar balloon.afm5
  • Radiant Red Tulips is an alternative to the traditional rose. This arrangement comes with 20 bright red tulips in a clear glass vase.
  • Royal Radiance showcases a range of fresh flowers, including peonies, tulips, roses, lilies and more in shades of pink and purple.
  • Vibrant Bliss comes in a glass cube that is overflowing with flowers like iris, tulips, orchids and mini calla lilies in pink and purple hues. It also contains looped bear grass and curly willow.

Besides enjoying the added convenience of being open 24 hours over Valentine’s Day, you can also call us or use our online order form on our website. For those of you that like to shop early, go ahead and place your order now to enjoy the best selection and preferred delivery date and time!

Order Early for Valentine’s Day!

afm1Valentine’s Day is about a month away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t order now through your favorite flower shop in Long Beach so you can cross shopping off the list now!afm2

We have many items from our Valentine’s Day collection already on sale to sweeten the deal of ordering early this year.

This includes Valentine’s Day roses, bouquets, and arrangements that come in all types of styles and prices to suit your sweetheart’s preferences.afm3

Check out these great Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can order right now by phone, in our Long Beach flower shop, or through our website:

  • Rose Elegance offers roses, calla lilies, and phalaenopsis orchids with exotic greenery in a vase.
  • 12 Roses, Balloon and Bear is one of our Valentine’s Day packages. It comes with one dozen roses in a glass vase with baby’s breath as well as a Mylar balloon and teddy bear. The afm4Romantic is another package that includes everything that the first package has but adds a box of chocolates.
  • Love Squad is a dozen red roses that come in a cube vase. Other colors may be available.
  • Crazy About You is a stunning floral design with five groupings of our premium red roses.
  • Blushing Beauty contains red roses and amaryllis along with pink roses, cymbidium orchids, and hydrangea as well as seeded eucalyptus and lemon leaf in an hourglass vase.afm5
  • The 25-Inch Heart of Love Bear is a sweet white teddy bear that your sweetheart will adore. We have many other stuffed animals for Valentine’s Day to choose from as well.afm7
  • We also have Valentine’s Day balloons as well as fresh baked items from our Long Beach bakery partner, which are great add-ons to your Valentine’s Day gift.

We’re here to take your order so contact us now for best prices, selection, and delivery preference.

Loving the Green on Houseplant Appreciation Day!

afm1Everything should be celebrated, and that includes houseplants, which now have their own celebration day on January 10th.

It’s a perfect way to recognize the natural beauty and unique look that green and flowering plants have as well as take the leap into getting your own and learning how to care for them.afm2

While you may think it requires a green thumb, houseplants are really quite easy to take care of.

All you need to do is focus on light, water, temperature, and fertilizer.

To help you out, we have provided a comprehensive plant care guide that gives you various tips on different types of green and blooming plants.

Here is a brief description of some of the plant care tips we provide:

  • Dish gardens, which typically come in some type of planter and includes a number of green plants, typically focus on a combination of low light level plants that share growing condition preferences, including moist soil. Some of these dish gardens offer both green and blooming plants that like moderate temperature and feed on regular green plant fertilizer.afm4
  • Blooming plants include kalanchoe, mum plants, violets, begonia and others that bloom with color at certain points in the year. They like moist soil and indirect bright light.
  • Green plants include corn plants, rubber plants, dracaena, ficus, philodendron and pothos as well as other similar varieties. They like moderate moisture and temperature as well as indirect bright light.
  • Orchids have their own unique fertilizer to use plus they need to be watered at least twice a week. They also like to have their foliage misted with a water bottle.afm3

Be sure to come check out our green and blooming plant display in our Long Beach flower shop or you can view some of our green plant offering through our website.

We also have basket gardens and succulent plants along with indoor green plants for the home or office, blooming plants, and dish gardens.

Resolving to Show Gratitude in the New Year with Gifts of Thanks for Holiday Memories

afm1Whether we received some unexpected special holiday gifts or we want to let a host or hostess know just how much we appreciated the invitation to their holiday soiree, this is the time to show our gratitude and use that as a theme for living and working the rest of 2017.afm2

We know just how good we feel when someone does something thoughtful for us so now we can return the favor with a special gift like these ideas shown below:afm3

  • Over the Rainbow offers 12 incredibly unique rainbow roses in a vase with greenery and baby’s breath. The rainbow roses have been dipped in various colors to give them that rainbow effect.
  • Orchid Luxe is a design created by our floral team. It includes hydrangea, roses, calla lilies and succulents accented with stones and lily grass. The unique flower arrangement is then hand-arranged in a cylinder glass vase.
  • Vibrant Bliss comes in a glass cube and includes a cluster design with groupings of tulips, iris, mini calla lilies and orchids in shades of pink and purple. There are accents like curly willow and looped bear grass.afm4
  • Love Squad is a cube vase full of a dozen red roses. You can request other colors of roses as well.
  • Pinkwater features a base of white hydrangea topped with pink roses and a pink starfighter. The cylinder vase that holds the flower arrangement has pink acrylic rocks and pink décor wire.afm5
  • Rosita brings together hydrangea, spray roses, roses and tulips in a low cylinder vase.
  • Calla Light has white calla lilies, roses, and hydrangea in a clear glass rectangle vase that has been accented with a foliage bow.afm6

If you want to give a thank you gift other than flowers, consider our green plants, flowering plants, gift baskets, balloons, chocolates and online bakery service.

There are many ways we can help you say “thank you.”

All of these “thank you” gift ideas are easy to order and send by calling or visiting our Long Beach flower shop.

You can even go online and order these gift ideas through our website and send the items throughout Long Beach or even around the country thanks to our flower shop network.afm7

Show your appreciation today!