Graduation Time in Long Beach!

It’s time for students at all levels to graduate – middle school, high school, and college – in Long Beach. The celebrations are just beginning with so much to cheer on after so many accomplishments. Students are excited while parents and teachers are proud.

And, this is a good opportunity to also thank the teachers and administrators that guided your kids through their school careers and served as mentors.

You may even be planning a graduation party in Long Beach and want to get some things to decorate it and match your grad’s school colors.

We have a graduation collection that suits all these needs with everything from graduation leis, graduation balloons, and graduation stuffed animals to bouquets and flower arrangements for graduation. Here are some of the great gift and décor items for graduation that we have for you:

Graduation Leis

Our graduation leis are made from beautiful orchids like the dendrobium Bombay orchid in fuchsia or the green dendrobium orchid. You can choose from a single or double strand and select a color your grad loves or that matches the school colors.

Graduation Flowers

We have all types of graduation bouquets and graduation flower arrangements to choose from, including 13 Red Roses wrapped presentation style with baby’s breath, greenery, and a bow. You can choose other rose colors as well. The presentation style makes it perfect to hand to your grad after the graduation ceremony is over.

Graduation Balloons

We have all types of graduation balloons and graduation Mylar balloons in all shapes and sizes, including stars, diplomas, and even champagne bottles.

Graduation Stuffed Animals

There are all types of stuffed animals, including the Graduating Gorilla. This is a 12-inch sitting gorilla that comes with a cap, tassel, and diploma.

Remember that you can call or visit our Long Beach flower shop to place your order for graduation. You can also use our website because we feature much of our graduation collection in our online store.


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