Celebrating National Rose Month and Red Rose Day Throughout Long Beach

June has been designated as National Rose Month because it is a peak time for roses that are now in bloom not to mention roses figure in many weddings during one of the busiest months for nuptials. Today is Red Rose Day. Every June 12th becomes a special day to celebrate the red rose.

Whether you gift red roses to a loved one or you gift yourself, be sure to take advantage of our special pricing on roses.

You can stop in today to pick up some red roses or have a red rose bouquet made.

You can also call our Long Beach flower shop or visit it our website to place your order. Here are some highlights of various ways you can add some roses to your life and those you love:

  • Roseanthium includes red roses and purple cymbidium orchids in a metal container.
  • Rose Elegance contains phalaenopsis orchids, roses, and calla lilies along with greenery in a vase.
  • Rose and Orchid Affair is an artistic rose arrangement with dendrobium and cymbidium orchids along with red roses in a pillow-shaped vase.
  • Summer Salsa is a unique rose arrangement that combines many beautiful summer flowers like orchids, dahlias, and sunflowers along with plenty of roses in a glass vase that has been lined with leaves. 
  • 12 Mixed Roses gives you a chance to enjoy roses in a multitude of colors. They are presented in a tall glass vase.
  • 12 Red Roses Risque offers a different rose perspective with a low compact style for the roses.
  • Crescent Moon Roses is yet another perspective on roses with 12 roses arranged in a half moon crescent shape.
  • Sprays and Roses is a rose arrangement that includes mixed long-stem roses and spray roses arranged together in a  vase.
  • Royal Jewels is a luxury rose arrangement with peonies and roses in a clear glass container. It has dozens and dozens of blooms for an incredible effect.

Be sure to get your roses and celebrate this gorgeous flower!


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