Our Luxury Flower Collection

While you want to get the most for your money, there are certain celebrations where money is no object and you want to deliver an over-the-top experience for your loved one or some spectacular event.

That includes flowers and it’s why we listened to many our Long Beach customers who were asking for a flower arrangement collection that featured more premium blooms than our standard flower arrangements. 

It led us to create our luxury flower collection with unique designs, special containers and vases, and dozens of premium flowers.

Here are some of the stunning floral designs now available:


This luxurious flower arrangement features purple tulips, luscious purple, and green hydrangea, and a succulent.


This stunning floral display has sunflowers, roses, and Makara orchids that are sure to please the recipient of your special gift. 


Cayenne roses burst with color alongside a bright display of hydrangea, orchids, and other premium flowers. The flower arrangement is also highlighted by an array of greenery.


This incredible garden flower arrangement comes in three large sizes that overflow with variety and color. Shades of purple, pink, and green are on display among the roses, orchids, calla lilies, hydrangea and other garden flowers that are featured.


The centerpiece of this flower arrangement are cymbidium orchids. These are highlighted by pink roses, full-bloom hydrangea, and exotic leaves.


This is an incredible flower arrangement that showcases two colors of roses as well as orchids, tulips, and hydrangea in shades of pink, lavender, and chartreuse. It’s a great example of the creativity our floral design team has in delivering some of the most memorable floral gifts imaginable. 

On Sale!

Just because these are luxury flower arrangements doesn’t mean we can’t put them on sale. That’s right, many of the products from this collection are currently on sale while supplies last.

Call or visit our Long Beach flower shop. You can also order through our website.

Be sure to visit our Long Beach flower shop if you can to see more examples from our luxury flower collection as well as create your own stunning bouquets by working with our team directly.






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