Thanksgiving is Nearly Here

This year, Thanksgiving lands on November 23rd. Are you ready?

If you are not ready with dinner plans, decorations, and all other festivities, we know we can help you with at least part of it. And, that would be the Thanksgiving centerpiece, Thanksgiving gifts, and Thanksgiving flower arrangements. Our Thanksgiving flower and gift collection is available in our Long Beach flower shop and online through our website.

Here are some highlights to get you started on your Thanksgiving shopping:


This rustic-themed cornucopia if overflowing with fall leaves, sunflowers, daisies, and cattails.


This is a sweet Thanksgiving centerpiece that has a long and low profile. it contains two candles and a plaid ribbon along with many flowers and accents. These include yellow tiger lilies, orange roses and carnations, yarrow, red daisy poms, solidago, lemon leaf, wheat, and myrtle.


This oblong-shaped Autumn centerpiece contains mixed seasonal flowers and candles. It is perfect for those Thanksgiving tables that are long so that the entire family can enjoy this festive flower arrangement.


We have many types of cornucopia centerpieces that offer various styles and designs. This one has red gerbera daisies, orange tiger lilies and roses, yellow daisy poms, orange carnations, lotus pods, and seasonal greenery.


This harvest centerpiece for Thanksgiving has an array of fall flowers. It also features two candles.


This is another oblong-shaped flower arrangement that delivers an incredible display of dramatic colors. There are candles, foliage, and, of course, many types of fall flowers.


This cornucopia centerpiece is devoted to sunflowers. There are also pom poms, autumn leaves, and wheat that fill out the floral display.


This round centerpiece for  Thanksgiving has two candlesticks along with Japanese asters, carnations, lilies, pompoms, solidago, baker, and pharlis.

Even better is the fact that we have put many items in this Thanksgiving collection on sale while supplies last. With all the money you save, you’ll be able to put more towards those special upcoming holiday deals.




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