How to Create a Custom Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Every Thanksgiving should be a special time for family and friends. This year, Thanksgiving arrives on Thursday, November 23rd so it’s time to start planning the menu and decorations for the house and table.

While you can always pick up a Thanksgiving centerpiece from our Long Beach flower shop, you might want to go that extra mile this year by making an appointment to meet with our floral design team to create a custom Thanksgiving centerpiece and even a custom tablescape for the buffet table.

When thinking about the type of Thanksgiving centerpiece you want to create, you can look at our Thanksgiving collection for ideas as well as sites like Pinterest that offer all types of looks and designs for various styles that align with home decor and color schemes.

Consider your budget, whether you have any special containers or items to include for greater personalization, color and flower preference, and size and shape that is relative to the type of tables you will be using for dinner and food display. You’ll also want to think about the other things on your Thanksgiving table like plates, cutlery, tablecloth or runner and more to ensure everything complements each other.

There are many unique ways to create custom Thanksgiving centerpieces. For example, you can use a pumpkin as a container. You can use a real or ceramic one to make a beautiful display. The same goes with a cornucopia. It can be a basket or made of paper mache. Even old wood or ceramic bowls are great for those types of arrangements that are going for a more rustic look. 

Other fall accents add to the look of the custom Thanksgiving centerpiece or tablescape. This includes fall oak and eucalyptus leaves, acorns, smaller gourds, dried corn cobs, wheat and more.

Don’t forget other areas of the house, too, that can be customized like a mantlepiece, wreath for the door, and table in the foyer to welcome your guests. We can make other custom flower arrangements and pieces that bring the whole floral display together with one theme and design perspective. Don’t forget the kids’ table either!

Contact us today to make your appointment with our floral design team so you can enjoy this special aspect of Thanksgiving.


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