Open 24 Hours on Valentine’s Day

One of the most requested things we hear at our Long Beach flower shop is that customers really appreciate the convenience of the hours we stay open during certain holidays.

Year after year, we’ve done so on Valentine’s Day, starting the night before Valentine’s Day on February 13th and continuing into the evening of Valentine’s Day on February 14th.

Staying open 24 hours allows those of you who work different shifts to come in and shop rather than just relying on our website.

This way, we can work with you on designing what you would like and also take advantage of special seasonal items we have in our Long Beach flower shop, including Valentine’s Day stuffed animals, balloons, and greeting cards.

To get you in the mood to come shop in our Long Beach flower shop or our new Los Angeles florist location, check out some of these beautiful Valentine’s Day gift ideas:


This unique Valentine’s Day floral display is bound to impress. It offers five groupings of red roses. It’s something your loved one will never forget.


This gorgeous bouquet includes red roses, white snapdragons and hydrangea, and stargazer lilies. Each flower variety offers a special look and fragrance to capture the spirit of Valentine’s Day.


There are an incredible number of flower varieties and blooms included in this overflowing flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day. It includes white cymbidium orchids, Casa Blanca lilies, tulips, hydrangea, snapdragons, waxflower, and ruscus.


This is another large flower arrangement selection that delivers dozens of stems. There are flowers, such as cymbidium orchids, pink roses, and hydrangea along with exotic and seasonal greenery. 


This is one of our largest flower arrangements in our Valentine’s Day collection. It contains birds of paradise, snapdragons, larkspur, stargazer lilies, hydrangea, orchids, spray roses and more. There is too much to list here. You’ll have to come see it for yourself!


This stunner contains two colors of roses, orchids, tulips, and hydrangea in shades of pink, lavender. The flowers are hand-arranged in a leaf-lined container.


This very popular flower arrangement showcases red roses, hot pink spray roses, cymbidium orchids, succulents, and many other accent flowers and greenery.


This luxurious flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day offers elegance in its combination of purple phalaeonopsis orchids, pink hydrangea, and blue delphiniums.

We’re open and ready for you to come visit! We can’t wait to help you personally create your floral gifts for Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Shopping Starts Now!

Now’s the time to get your Valentine’s Day shopping done before the crowds. It’s one of the most popular holidays of the year and one of our busiest. When you shop now you’ll be able to take advantage of the most options and deals while getting your preferred delivery day and time.

Our Valentine’s Day collection is available now in our Long Beach flower shop and our Los Angeles flower shop as well as on our website. Here are some highlights that illustrate that there is something for everyone:


This stunning floral display features premium red roses, hot pink spray roses, cymbidium orchids, succulents and more, including numerous green accents.


This is a compact flower arrangement that shows a lot of love. The cube vase holds a dozen red roses.  Or, you can choose from other colors available.


This unique arrangement includes six red roses that are arranged asymmetrically with stargazer lilies. These flowers are then placed in a clear glass vase.


This elegant and sophisticated Valentine’s Day arrangement showcases roses, phalaenopsis orchids, and calla lilies.


This gorgeous bouquet includes premium roses, stargazer lilies, and white snapdragons along with white Hydrangea.


Phalaenopsis orchids are combined with hydrangea in this compact cube arrangement.


Not every Valentine’s Day arrangement has to follow a traditional path. For example, the Royal Anthuriums bouquet is unique and has a tropical feel. These gorgeous red flowers are displayed in a leaf-lined cylinder vase along with foliage.


This is one of our stand-out gifts for Valentine’s Day. It is a real rose that has been dipped in a delicate layer of lacquer. Then, it is electroformed and completed with 24k gold. It’s a gift that your Valentine will treasure for years to come.

Time to Order!

Hurry! Many of our Valentine’s Day arrangements and bouquets are now on sale!

We are here to take your order by phone or web form. Of course, even better is if you visit our Long Beach flower shop or Los Angeles flower shop!

Celebrating Houseplant Appreciation Day with Extra TLC

January 10th is Houseplant Appreciation Day. While you don’t have to necessarily say “thank you” to them or give them a gift, you can appreciate the value and benefit they add to your life. Not only do they gift you with beauty and health, but they also double as a way to decorate your home or office. They come in many shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, offering something for everyone — men and women, alike, enjoy these indoor plants.

Even better is the fact that houseplants can last a long time with just a little maintenance. Here are some tips for your houseplant care regimen to ensure you give them the TLC they deserve:


Although there are a few houseplants that actually don’t mind dim interiors, most need some type of indirect light, especially blooming houseplants. Just place them near a bright window. Alternatively, you can use fluorescent or grow lights. Each plant requires a different amount of light so research more about them prior to buying them. 


Most houseplants need a container with drainage holes. This allows them to be watered without becoming drowned. Too much water can lead to root rot. Regularly change out the plate that catches the water from these drainage holes.


Even plants need to stay clean. That’s why you need to clean off any dust or debris that appears on them. This dirt can block the sunlight they need. You can rinse them off with a spray of water, use a moist sponge, or wipe with a dry cloth. Any type of plant that has fuzzy leaves can be cleaned with a toothbrush or paintbrush.


Whether it is blooming plants or green plants, you can encourage new growth or blooms by regularly removing any yellow or brown leaves. Also, be sure to cut stems back that have lost their leaves.  


Most plants do not respond well to drafts. Be sure to place them far away from things like heating or air conditioning vents or doors and windows.


If you see brown on your houseplant leaves, then it means that the air in your home or office is too dry for them. Add moisture by grouping plants together. Also, you can place them on top of pebbles in trays or saucers that are filled with a little water. Alternatively, you can mist your plants or use a humidifier.

Things to Worry About

You will want to regularly check your houseplants to make sure there are no issues like insects or diseases. Left untreated, these types of issues can spread quickly and harm your plants.

Green Plants for Sale

Don’t forget that we also sell houseplants. On this special day, it might be a good idea to come visit our Long Beach flower shop or new Los Angeles flower shop to pick up a few for yourself and others. Of course, you can also visit our website and check out our green plants, blooming plants, succulents, and hanging basket selections.

Saying Thanks After a Season of Hospitality

Now that the holiday season has finished and a new year has begun, it’s an opportune time to say thank you to all those special people who did something nice for you during the holidays.

It could be a holiday party host, people who gave you some type of extraordinary gift, or someone who really helped out when you needed it most.

We’ve got some gorgeous flowers that help you show that appreciation that will be sure to brighten this winter season like these beauties:


This flower arrangement offers assorted roses, spray roses, and hydrangea in a low cylinder vase.


This is a stunning floral display in a cube vase. It contains purple allay lilies and roses along with greenery. 


This unique floral arrangement comes from our design team. It includes a mix of gerbera daisies, roses, and other premium flowers. A wide range of color choices are available based on what we have in stock.


This flower arrangement is bursting with choices. There are white hydrangea, lavender calla lilies, yellow roses, hot pink dahlias, Billy balls and seeded eucalyptus in a cube vase full of river rocks.


This cube vase arrangement offers a sublime floral display of white Casablanca lilies and dendrobium orchids, peach and lavender roses, pink peony and ti leaf. There are also clear gemstones and curly willow.  


This glass cube overflows with succulents, hydrangea, curly willow, and greenery. The entire floral display is accented with seashells and rocks.


The floral display showcases stargazer lilies, roses, alstroemeria, nerine lilies and waxflower in various shades of hot pink. 

Don’t delay! Call or visit our Long Beach flower shop or our new Los Angeles flower shop. You can also order online for local and national delivery! We make it easy to show your gratitude.