Celebrating Houseplant Appreciation Day with Extra TLC

January 10th is Houseplant Appreciation Day. While you don’t have to necessarily say “thank you” to them or give them a gift, you can appreciate the value and benefit they add to your life. Not only do they gift you with beauty and health, but they also double as a way to decorate your home or office. They come in many shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, offering something for everyone — men and women, alike, enjoy these indoor plants.

Even better is the fact that houseplants can last a long time with just a little maintenance. Here are some tips for your houseplant care regimen to ensure you give them the TLC they deserve:


Although there are a few houseplants that actually don’t mind dim interiors, most need some type of indirect light, especially blooming houseplants. Just place them near a bright window. Alternatively, you can use fluorescent or grow lights. Each plant requires a different amount of light so research more about them prior to buying them. 


Most houseplants need a container with drainage holes. This allows them to be watered without becoming drowned. Too much water can lead to root rot. Regularly change out the plate that catches the water from these drainage holes.


Even plants need to stay clean. That’s why you need to clean off any dust or debris that appears on them. This dirt can block the sunlight they need. You can rinse them off with a spray of water, use a moist sponge, or wipe with a dry cloth. Any type of plant that has fuzzy leaves can be cleaned with a toothbrush or paintbrush.


Whether it is blooming plants or green plants, you can encourage new growth or blooms by regularly removing any yellow or brown leaves. Also, be sure to cut stems back that have lost their leaves.  


Most plants do not respond well to drafts. Be sure to place them far away from things like heating or air conditioning vents or doors and windows.


If you see brown on your houseplant leaves, then it means that the air in your home or office is too dry for them. Add moisture by grouping plants together. Also, you can place them on top of pebbles in trays or saucers that are filled with a little water. Alternatively, you can mist your plants or use a humidifier.

Things to Worry About

You will want to regularly check your houseplants to make sure there are no issues like insects or diseases. Left untreated, these types of issues can spread quickly and harm your plants.

Green Plants for Sale

Don’t forget that we also sell houseplants. On this special day, it might be a good idea to come visit our Long Beach flower shop or new Los Angeles flower shop to pick up a few for yourself and others. Of course, you can also visit our website and check out our green plants, blooming plants, succulents, and hanging basket selections.

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