Contemporary, Metropolitan, and Traditional Flower Designs

feb19lb4Not everyone has the same taste and that even holds true when it comes to flower varieties and flower arrangements. That’s why we offer every type of flower design imaginable – from traditional and contemporary to metropolitan and avant garde.

Defining Contemporary and Metropolitan

When it comes to contemporary and metropolitan, these are sophisticated designs that say more with less. Some are minimalist in design in order to let the unique flowers say it all, especially when using irises or orchids as well as tropical flower varieties.feb19lb3

Other contemporary designs use big and bold colors to create a dramatic effect. These may be deep orange, crimson, and purple flowers, which provide the most impact to the viewer. That’s not to say that a contemporary design can’t be monochromatic with white on white flowers to create a sophisticated statement.

These types of arrangements are great as décor for an office or in a modern home setting. Contemporary and metropolitan floral designs are also a great idea for an event, including a wedding or special occasion. Plus, they also make great gifts for recipients that like the modern design flair.

Traditional Flower Arrangements Can Still be Unique

That’s not to say that traditional floral designs have to be dull or visually uninspiring. They can be anything but, offering a unique look but relying on traditional flower choices, arrangement styles, and containers.feb19lb2

Traditional flowers tend to offer roses, hydrangea, carnations and tulips. However, these can still be arranged in an interesting way that stands out from that every day floral design.

This can include lining the containers with leaves or using branches and other unique greenery to show off the stunning flowers. Additionally ribbons or baskets provide a way to present a more traditional approach to floral designs.

These traditional flower arrangements can also work in homes and offices as well as for events and weddings and for recipients that prefer these flower varieties.

You Tell Us

Our floral design team does more than just create our collections each season; they are also here to work with you directly on custom floral designs that may not necessarily fit any particular design category or style but uniquely represent who you are or the person you are giving the flowers to.feb19lb1

Let us know what you want and how much you want to spend, and our floral design team will show you that anything is possible.

Offering Freshest and Largest Selection of Flowers, Plants, and Gift Baskets for Long Beach

dealfm1Whether it’s birthdays, Administrative Professional’s Day, Mother’s Day or just because, Allen’s Flower Market has you covered!  We offer only the freshest and largest selection of flowers, plants, and gift baskets in the Long Beach metropolitan area.

If you are not familiar with us as a fixture in Long Beach’s community as a family-owned and operated florist, it’s time you got to know us a little better by stopping in and checking out what we have as well as exploring our online store.dealfm4

Why Shop with Us

Here are some reasons to choose us for your flower arrangements, prom flowers, Administrative Professional’s Day gifts, weddings and special events and more:

  • We offer incredible deals through our cash n’ carry program, which rewards those of you for shopping in-store. For example, recent specials include 25 roses for $12.99, 5 sunflowers for $3.99, and 13 carnations for $6.99.
  • We provide same-day delivery anywhere in the United States thanks to our network of florist partners. This means a hand-arranged and hand-delivered flower arrangement of fresh, long-lasting flowers, not a budget, boxed flower arrangements that are already wilting by the time it arrives.dealfm2
  • We are up on technology, including having our own app. When you download and use this free app to place orders, you will get 10% off with each order. And, it is compatible with iPhones and Android phones.
  • We reward you for shopping with us with our Petal Rewards program that gives you one point for every dollar you spend so you can save more on future orders or redeem the points for other merchandise.
  • We appreciate you may be on a budget but still think you should be able to access the highest quality, freshest flowers. That’s why we have price categories online that help you shop by your budget. And, when you shop, you’ll see that we do not skimp on what we offer on any price range. This is the place to shop for prom so even those teens on a budget and can plan for a beautiful corsage for their prom date!dealfm3
  • We are truly a one-stop shop with flowers, plants, flowering plants, gift baskets, balloons and Mylar balloons, stuffed animals ,chocolates and gourmet foods and greeting cards. Plus, we also have a wedding and events team that can assist you with all your planning needs.

Give us a try!

Flowers Are The Perfect Gift At Christmas Or Any Occasion

It’s true! Birthdays, anniversaries, going away’s, get well soon’s, weddings, holidays and even farewells in the office place can all be celebrated with flowers. This is because everyone loves flowers. They come in all kinds of dazzling colors, are pleasing to every eye and fill any room with most pleasant smells and aromas.

We offer the absolute best selection of Holiday and Seasonal Flowers, Gift & Fruit Baskets, Seasonal Green & Flowering Plants, Gourmet Treats, Gifts and more found anywhere in Long Beach. There is literally something for everyone when you shop at Allen’s Flower Market.

Choose Allen’s Flower Market

At Allen’s Flower Market, we get the majority of our fresh-cut flowers from the local growers and we have done this since the beginning. We realize how important it is to have roots in community and to bond with the other business owners in the city. By buying locally, we have helped to stimulate the local economy while still getting the best prices and the freshest possible floral products.

We also buy some of our more exotic flowers and plants direct from flower farms abroad. The farms we work with all focus on growing in a manner that is conducive to protecting the environment. Buying locally and buying direct from the floral farms, ensures our customers enjoy the finest flowers and plants available. Getting the best flowers at the best possible prices, also allows us to keep the prices of all our alluring arrangements at an affordable price for everyone in Long Beach.



Holiday Flower Arrangements Guaranteed To Dazzle

Candy Cane Basket

Take our Candy Cane Basket for example. This is the perfect holiday gift for that special someone in your life. Our floral design team starts with a beautiful while wicker basket, then expertly fills it with gorgeous seasonal flowers, holiday evergreens, long lasting red & white flowers and of course, candy canes. This stunning arrangement is guaranteed to create a smile on the face of any person who receives it. As a second generation, family owned and operated floral design firm, Allen’s Flower Market has been delivering holiday smiles for more than 34 years in the Long Beach, California area.

Christmas Love

Here is another absolutely fabulous arrangement for you to consider. We call this floral arrangement “Christmas Love.”

First, we fill this beautiful ruby red glass vase with the finest and freshest red roses, carnations and seasonal greenery available. Then our floral designers really go to work. They exquisitely arrange in white asiatic lilies and gorgeous chrysanthemums to round out this fabulous floral design. This arrangement is just perfect for the holidays and the Allen’s team can provide same day delivery for you anywhere in the Long Beach area.

Holiday Gourmet Gift & Fruit Baskets

Of course, we offer more than just gorgeous floral arrangements. We also offer one of the best selections of Gourmet Gift & Fruit Baskets available anywhere in Long Beach. Our baskets are absolutely jammed packed full of all your favorite fruits, gourmet treats, candies and more. Our fresh fruit basket that is filled to brim with delectable, fresh, and juicy seasonal fruit and other delightful natural treats that are sure to provide a taste sensation for any lucky recipient.

Next time you find yourself rushed to pick-up a co-worker’s gift or a little something for your mother in-laws birthday know that Allen’s Flower Market has your back.

No matter the occasion, we have something perfect for it and whether you visit our shop or our website, you will see be able to experience the value, variety, and quality.

Offering a wide range of exquisite bouquets, delightful arrangements, and a variety of other quaint gifts, we are your one-stop shop for all your gift purchasing needs. 

Allens Flower Market Has Updated Our Blog & Facebook Sites For The Holidays

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As you can see we have been decorating for Christmas. We hope that you enjoy our blog and Facebook page and will come back and visit us often. If you enjoyed your visit, please let us know by clicking “Like” on our Facebook page!

Allen’s Flower Market: Who We Are and What We Stand For

Do you love flowers? Most people do whether you receive them as a gift from a loved one or you enjoy cultivating your green thumb as a gardener. You may be looking for a  florist who you can trust with your upcoming wedding and need a wedding bouquet and flower centerpieces for your wedding reception.

Flowers all impact us in some way whether by their sight or their scent. However you enjoy them, all of us share one thing in common: we want to have the freshest flowers possible so that we can enjoy them as long as possible. And, this includes all varieties — roses, lilies, daisies, daffodils and the many other beautiful species of flora available in all their glory.

Taking Flowers Seriously

At, Allen’s Flower Market, everything we do involves ensuring the freshest and highest quality flowers, flowering plants, flower arrangements, and even fresh fruit gift baskets for all of our customers.

We are the go-to flower market for any and all of your needs in the Long Beach area as a family-owned and operated for the last 30 years. Our commitment is to be friendly and informative to our customers and offering only the freshest and largest variety of flowers, green plants and blooming plants in all of Southern California.

As a family business, we believe in delivering the best plants and flowers by dealing only with the growers themselves. By getting all of our flowers and plants directly from the source, we can maintain control over the quality and negotiate the best prices that we then pass onto customers through cash and carry flower specials, sales pricing, and loyalty discounts.

Our Availability

We take flower orders in person, by fax, by telephone and online order form. We deliver our fresh floral, plant, and gift basket products 7days a week and even on holidays to help you even during the busiest times of the year. Offering competitive pricing and the freshest flowers, we believe we are not only the best choice in flowers but the most reliable.

So for any occasion — holiday, birthday, a new baby or just an accent for your humble abode — remember to make Allen’s Flower Market your flower partners. We are open every day of the year, Monday through Saturday, 8:00am to 9:00pm and Sunday, 9:00am to 9:00pm.  

Be sure to stop by our Long Beach location to see our incredible flower design team and friendly flower shop staff so you can see the quality and freshness of our flowers and plants firsthand. We are located at 600 E. Willow Street, Long Beach, CA 90806. We look forward to getting to know you!

Allen’s Flower Market

Allen’s Flower Market

Long Beach, California


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Allen’s Flower Market is a second generation, family owned and operated firm. We pride ourselves on delivering stunning floral arrangements, gift baskets and beautiful dish gardens and green plant. We seek to create a truly unique design and experience for each and every client we serve. Our floral designers are truly some of the very best in the country. They are continually creating unique, custom designs that deliver smiles to those who receive them. Check out a few of the incredible designs below that are on sale now at Allen’s Flower Market.