July Birth Flowers

The idea of birth flowers came about as a way to provide a symbol for each month of the year. Not only does this offer each person a special flower (and often an accompanying gem stone!) to call their own, but it also helps those that know people born in each of these months by giving them a special flower to select for a flower arrangement or to include as a focal point in a bouquet or gift on that loved one’s birthday.

This blog post features the birth flowers of July – one commonly associated with Britain, known as the Larkspur, and the U.S. July birth flowers, including the Larkspur/Delphinium as well as the Water Lily.

About July Birth Flowers

In England, the Larkspur represents lightness and levity while the U.S. definitions for the July birth flowers indicate that these flowers are symbols for sweetness, fickleness, and joyfulness. 

The Larkspur can also go by the name of Delphinium or even as Consolida Ajacism. It is known for its spiked flower clusters and blooms in various colors, including purple, blue, yellow and white. The Delphinium name is known to originate from the Greek word for dolphin.

These flowers are often put together in clusters as part of flower bouquet arrangements. Besides using them just for fresh arrangements, they can be placed upside down to dry in a dark, well-ventilated area and used as part of dry arrangements.  

Water lilies come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. There are two primary categories, including hardy and tropical. The hardy varieties come in yellow, red, white, pink, orange and peach while the tropical varieties include those colors as well as purple and blue.

While they can be included in flower arrangements, they are often found in ponds. If a loved one has a water pond or is thinking of making one, this could be an excellent gift for their birthday, combining their birth flower with a beautiful garden setting.

Allen’s Flower Market Selections

With a full range of flowers and plants as well as gift baskets to select from, we have everything you need to celebrate a July birthday, including a variety of fresh, high-quality July birth flowers that can be used alone or part of a larger flower arrangement for someone special.

Besides just giving flowers, birthdays are that special time to add on something extra like a fun, colorful balloon or lovable teddy bear that shows just how much you are thinking of them on their day!