Celebrate the Boss!

afm7Your boss often has a lot on his or her plate and has the pressure to ensure everyone does their job.afm6

Why not take a moment this Friday, October 16th and thank them for what they do on Bosses Day with a special gift from our Long Beach flower shop?

We have put together a collection of gift ideas that includes a range of gifts and price points to ensure you find something for your boss.afm8

To get you started, here are some of the highlights from our Bosses Day Gift Collection:

  • The Tropical Bowl of Beauty contains tropical blooms and orchids housed within a bowl that has been filled with fresh-cut lemons and limes.
  • The Blue Philanopsis Orchid Plan is a six-inch, double-spiked bright blue philanopsis orchid in a ceramic dish.
  • The Totum Pole Pothos is a fast-growing, low maintenance plan that can last for years to come. It looks great in an office or home.afm3
  • Sear Faring Orchids has cymbidium orchids, papyrus, moss, seashells and bamboo in a cube vase, offering a truly unique arrangement.
  • Treats and Fruits has fresh fruit, cheese, and chocolates all tucked in a wicker basket.
  • Allen’s Picnic Basket is a gourmet delight with fruit, cheese, sausage, chili sauce, cocoa, nuts, spicy mustard, bison sticks and chocolate covered cranberries.
  • Chocolate is the Answer Cookie Assortment comes from our bakery partner and includes chocolate dipped heart cookies, chocolate chip cookies, coconut bars, chocolate chip bars, walnuts bars, almond biscotti and chocolate ganache-filled butter cookies.afm1
  • The Sweets and Snacks Tray is another bakery option with cinnamon twists, palmiers, cinnamon palmiers, raspberry almond bars, guava cream cheese bars and coconut-chocolate chip-walnut bars.

Whether you like what you see here or want a custom flower arrangement, you can order in our Long Beach flower shop, by phone, or online at our website.

We offer same-day delivery within the Long Beach area as well as regular delivery to other areas throughout the country.

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Celebrate Your Boss on October 16th

lb1Bosses Day is on October 16th. It’s time to take time to let them know you know what they have done – and still do – for you as a mentor and supplier of work as well as someone that helps you hone your professional skills and knowledge.

To help you select the perfect gift, here are some of our ideas available in-store here in Long Beach and/or through our online flower and gift shop.lb2

Fall Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements are a great way to show some appreciation to your boss. While you can select from a wide range of flower arrangement choices and even create a custom flower arrangement, we are highlighting our fall flower collection, much of which is on sale and provides something that your boss can enjoy now and through the fall season.

This collection includes some unique fall flower arrangements, including an array of cornucopias as well as centerpieces, including those with candles and hurricane glass holders.

Sweet Gifts

One way to really show your boss how sweet they are is to give them one of our tempting treats from our online bakery. These include brownies, cookies, cupcakes and more. All of these are baked daily and provide something delicious for your boss to enjoy.goodieslb3

We also have a wide range of chocolate gifts to choose from as well as gift baskets full of candies, chocolates, and more.chocolateafm2

Of course, we have other healthier sweet alternatives as well. These include fresh seasonal fruit baskets as well as other gourmet food items to choose from in various sized baskets.

Plants and Greenery

From orchid plants and green plants to blooming plants and basket gardens, we have a great selection that your boss may enjoy if they are not as keen on flowers or may even be allergic.

These plant and greenery options are a long-lasting gift that are all easy to care for and can be enjoyed indoors or out, depending on the one you choose.Blog-Peace Lily

Deliveries for Bosses Day

Whether your boss is in the Long Beach area or across the country, we can deliver a gift that fits their preference and your budget. Order now!

Show Your Boss Appreciation on Boss’s Day This October 16th

plsnyShow your boss your thanks by gifting them with something special this National Boss’s Day, which nearly here. It’s on Wednesday, October 16th so there’s not much time left to think of something that says how much you appreciate everything you do. From gift certificates and lunches out to flowers and gift baskets, Boss’s Day is celebrated many different ways.goodieslb1

Since we specialize in gifts, our Long Beach team has put together some ideas about what make great gifts for this Boss’s Day, offering something for every budget and suiting every taste.

The Start of Boss’s Day

Before we share our ideas for gifts, here is a little background about Boss’s Day in case you are not familiar with how this special day originated.

In 1958,Patricia Bays Haroski decided that there should be a special day to recognize all those who are in charge. Over time, the idea caught on, and National Boss’s Day became an official holiday in 1962. Now, it is celebrated around the world each October 16th or on a weekday closest to that date.falllb5

Long Beach Boss’s Day Gift Ideas

Now is the time to offer up some gift ideas for your boss:

  • Female boss? She may love to receive a beautiful display of flowers, including some of our current fall flower arrangements.
  • Male boss? An indoor green plant or gift basket is sure to please. Of course, it may not hurt to send a delicious gift of baked goods either! Our gift basket selection includes everything from seasonal fresh fruit to cheese and savory treats to a picnic basket with all the fixings.
  • Looking for something unique? We now offer contemporary and decorative fountains. These are pretty and also provide a relaxing sound.chocolateafm4
  • A boss with a sweet tooth? We have a great selection of chocolates and sweets to tempt even the hardest boss to please.

Don’t forget to get a greeting card to relay your sentiments of appreciation. If your boss is easygoing, they may be sure to enjoy a bouquet of balloons to accompany their gift from you or the team.sweettreatsafm4

Boss’s Day Deliveries to Long Beach and Around the U.S.

There’s still time to get your order in for Boss’s Day. We offer same day delivery to Long Beach, Los Angeles, and around the country. Place your order online, by phone, or through an in-store visit.