Spring into a Season of Fun while Celebrating Earth Day

earth1One of the best ways to jump into the full swing of spring is to participate in the upcoming Earth Day on April 22nd, which is a way to keep our planet looking beautiful so generations to come can enjoy spring just as we do.

Earth Day

Earth Day has been celebrated for longer than you may think. In looking into the history of it, the first Earth Day celebration was held in April 1970 as a way to counteract the consumption problems that were seen even back then in terms of depleting our natural resources.

earth2It was a movement that everyone could get behind and has continued to this day thanks to many people who understand it is up to us to take better care of our plant.

Earth Day in Long Beach

All over the world, Earth Day is celebrated with festivals, clean-up projects, and more. Even within Long Beach, there are many festivities that recognize Earth Day.

Recently, the Aquarium of the Pacific held a two-day event that included education programs and an e-waste recycling area. Upcoming events include a beach clean-up of Belmont Shore on the third Saturday in April. This particular event happens every month at the same time as a way to illustrate that taking care of Earth is really a year-round, daily event.

Earth Day with Allen’s Flower Market

You can do your part by taking care to look after the planet by being aware of how you use natural resources, how you can minimize energy consumption, and how you can keep the Earth clean and healthy.earth3

At Allen’s Flower Market, we realize we are in the business of using these natural resources, but we focus on a sustainability strategy to give back to Mother Nature what we use. We work with those flower farmers who use sustainable practices and do their share to keep Earth healthy.

You can green your life as well by making the most of flowers and plants, enjoying them and using them to create cleaner air while also calling attention to their beauty so hopefully you encourage others to take care of Earth so we can enjoy these gifts from nature for years to come.