Have an Election Day Party for Your Party

At Allen’s Flower Market, we know just how tense things can get for people around Election Day. So, after putting our heads together, we came up with just the right idea to lessen the stress on the coming week.

Whether you vote blue or red, chances are that you are likely to let loose and have a little fun in your own way. So, why not have a party? Invite your fellow party members and have a ball with Allen’s Flower Market.

Let’s Have a Party

Formal or fun, flowers make for great decorations, centerpieces and, if you don’t mind being a little crass, they make for a fun way to assign seats. Use red and blue table centerpieces to assign party specific tables and hold a spirited debate, but keep it fun.

Or, if you want, you can wait until after the elections and then hold a celebration. Remember though, the only real losers at this year’s presidential election are those who choose not to choose. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

Political Gifts of Flora

Know a politic nut? Someone who lives and breathes the on goings of our country? A person who is always looking to dig up something on one party or another and perhaps supports one over the other? Well, a thoughtful gift of their party’s colors in the form of a beautiful arrangement could really make their day.

November 6, 2012 is the Day!

Sure, it’s Election Day, but it’s also a day for birthdays, anniversaries, and dates. Flowers make great gifts on the fly, especially with our delivery services. Have a date that night or an anniversary? Surprise your significant other with a beautiful bouquet or arrangement. It will surely leave a smile on their face all night long.

Remember to vote this year and to do your research on the different propositions, senators, and congress and of course the presidential candidates so that you are voting for what will best benefit you, your friends, and your families.

Should things not go your way and you not get your guy in office, remember that there is always next time and to just be thankful that we get to continue living in the finest country on the seven seas. Have a great Election Day from everyone here at Allen’s Flower Market.