October Events and Special Days to Enjoy in Long Beach

October is so much more than just the month where Halloween lands on the last day. There are numerous other special occasions that are good to remember and celebrate that will show others that you are thinking of them and appreciate that they are part of your life.

This starts next week with Bosses Day (October 16th) and Bosses Week (October 16-21). That’s followed by the Sweetest Day on October 21st, a day in which you think of sweet ways to express yourself to others you care about. Then, if you have a spouse, you won’t want to forget about Mother-in-Law Day on October 22nd.

Each of these special days can be highlighted with a special gift from our Long Beach flower shop for a local recipient. Or, many of our products can be shipped anywhere in the country or delivered thanks to our network of florist partners. Here are some ways to celebrate and decorate for all the special days in October.

Let’s start with the Boss. We have a whole selection and gift guide that highlights the best gifts for men. If you have a female boss, many of these items still work, too! That’s because the gift guide features gorgeous orchid plants, gift baskets, plants and more that are sure to show any boss that you appreciate their guidance and trust in you.

Next is the Sweetest Day. You could opt for chocolates or a gourmet gift basket. Or, you could get something spectacular from our online Long Beach bakery partner who creates every item fresh on a daily basis. Their selections include cookies, macaroons, tarts, pies, brownies and more. These are for local Long Beach delivery only though!

Then, there is your Mother-in-Law. Flowers are a great way to show your love and there are all types of arrangements to choose from. For example, Peachy includes dahlias, gerbera daisies, green ball dianthus, and many other blooms and greenery accents. Fountainbleau is absolutely stunning. This garden style design has an abundance of roses, orchids, calla lilies, hydrangea, and greenery.  

Finally, there is Halloween. Bam Boo Boo features orange lilies, bamboo, hypericum, millet, coxcomb, and green cymbidium orchids. The Trendy Autumn Fresh Bouquet is gorgeous and includes a mix of fall flowers and green hydrangea for a truly unique floral display. Be sure to come into our Long Beach flower shop to see more of our Halloween flower arrangements, fall gifts, and gift ideas for all of these special October days.


Thank You for Voting Us as a Favorite Long Beach Florist!

A5In May, we were voted as favorite florist in Long Beach by the readers of the Long Beach Press-Telegram in their annual Readers’ Choice contest.

AFM5Each year, the newspaper holds this contest and collects votes from readers who represent the local community. Their job is to judge the best local businesses, including restaurants, clubs, shops, salons and many other retail and service-based businesses throughout the Long Beach area.

We feel so honored that our customers have selected us as their favorite florist in Long Beach. We’ve dedicated numerous decades to continually improving our service and providing an exceptional in-store and online experience for everyone.

We so enjoy getting to know our customers and having them feel comfortable enough to linger in our store and share their ideas for new products that we could offer for them. That also helps us to better understand what they need and want from us so we can include that going forward.

Each year, our goal is also to raise the bar on ourselves so we continue providing that exceptional customer experience in our Long Beach flower shop as well as through our website where it is much harder to recreate a truly enjoyable experience.AFM8

However, in-store, through our taco cart events and online, through extras like our online bakery, we are continuing to see how we can enhance that experience so that customers return, again and again. Additionally, we plan on adding more products and options for our customers both in our Long Beach flower shop and to our online store as well as continue our commitment to value-based pricing.AFM3

Lastly, we are open to feedback and regularly seek it out on our social media channels and through in-store exchanges so that we know what we could be doing better or what would help our customers even more with everything from decorating and gift-giving to event planning. It’s important we hear from the customers that love us so we can continue to enjoy a long-lasting relationship and grow together.

Again, thank you for voting us into this prestigious award! We look forward to what’s to come!

Create Floral Décor for Your Oscars Party!

AFM1AFM2Watching the Oscars has turned into an event with friends getting together with food and drinks to enjoy this Hollywood tradition. This year, the Oscars will occur on Sunday, February 28th.

If you are having an Oscars party at your house or an event venue, think about adding some elegant floral flourishes throughout to capture the glamor and elegance of this cinematic event. Here are some of our ideas that reflect some of our most sophisticated spring flower arrangements:AFM3

  • Lavender and Lilac features stock, roses, lisianthis, tulips, orchids and hydrangea in a glass cube.
  • Saucidio offers hydrangea, peony, Sorbonne lilies, roses, cymbidium orchids and Bells of Ireland along with ivy, curly willow, and river rocks.
  • Gerberas and Roses is an arrangement that has two favorite flowers for a sweet floral display.AFM4
  • Allen’s Flower Garden has a low cylinder vase that has been filled with green mini hydrangea, purple hydrangea, pink roses and peony, and lavender hyacinth and calla lilies.
  • Cosmopolitan features orchids, alstromeria, and hydrangea in an oversized, luxury flower arrangement.
  • Garden of the Shire offers premium flowers like roes and hydrangea along with greenery in a glass vase with a gorgeous ribbon.AFM5
  • Spring Sonnet is a stunning display of pink roses, yellow ranunculus, and purple anemone.AFM6
  • Whimsical delivers orchids, peonies, and lilies in an hourglass vase that has been wrapped in ti leaves.

Don’t forget that we also offer great goodies from our bakery partner so you can pick up cookies, brownies, tarts and cakes to enjoy at your party as well as gourmet gift baskets to pass out as party favors or add some balloons to the Oscars party decor. Just consider us a one-stop shop for this fun-filled celebration!AFM7

AFM8Remember that you can order in our Long Beach flower shop, by phone, or on our website. We will hand deliver your order on Saturday so you have these beautiful flowers all ready to go for the Oscars event on Sunday.

Our Showroom is Blooming with Fresh Flowers and Great Gifts

AFM1While we know you can’t always stop in our Long Beach flower shop and sometimes have to use the convenience of our website to browse and buy flower arrangements, plants, and gifts, we want to let you know that our Long Beach store showroom is blooming with a wide range of flowers, plants, and gifts that showcase our incredible floral designers and availability of all types of styles, varieties, and prices.afm2

Here are some prime examples of what you will see when you shop our showroom:

  • Gerbera Garden has gerbera daisies and green ball dianthus that are elegantly arranged in a ceramic pot for a truly unique display.
  • Pink Sonnet has an array of pink hues, including stargazer lilies, mini carnations, roses and spray roses. There are also white daisy poms and seasonal greenery in a clear ginger jar vase that has been tied with a pink bow.afm3
  • Sunflowers of Long Beach features sunflowers, delphinium, alstromeria, yarrow, monte casino and more within a clear glass gathering vae that has been tied with raffia.
  • Kew Gardens is a European garden style arrangement of peony, gerbera daisies, roses, hydrangea, statice, blueplurum, oncydium orchids and curly willow.afm4
  • Birds in Paradise illustrates the tropical flowers available, including birds of paradise, purple dendrobium orchids, and greenery.
  • You are My Sunshine is a bright display of sunflowers, daisies, spray roses, stock and delphinium.

Even better is the fact that most of these examples are now on sale while supplies last.

There couldn’t be a better time to order flowers for a special occasion, event, or as a “just because.”

Many of these showcase our summer flowers but very shortly we will begin to get in our fall flower collection so you can get ready for the change of season with new bold colors.afm5

Remember that we also have cash and carry specials, bulk flowers to create your own special flower arrangements and bouquets, gift items, balloons, greeting cards and special gift baskets.

We’d love to see you and get to know your preferences.afm6

It’s worth coming in and seeing all the fresh flowers and gifts on display to give you great visual ideas about what to send loved ones, colleagues, or clients.  Come visit us real soon!

March 12th is Girl Scouts Day

march11lb1This special day commemorates the official founding of the Girl Scouts by Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low in 1912 when she registered the organization’s first 18 members in Savannah, Georgia. Now, the organization is a global organization.

This special day is also called Girl Scout Sabbath or Girl Scout Sunday even though it involves a week of celebrations. One of the ways it is celebrated is that this day kicks off on of their public cookie selling drives. These cookie selling drives are what generate the income that the Girl Scouts can then use for their various activities.

During the week-long celebration, the Girl Scout members also renew their Scout Promise. This promise reflects the values, principles, and skills that this organization imparts to girls, which includes building self-esteem and instilling a community spirit. Also important is to build character, courage, and confidence in all the girls who participate.march11lb2

Gordon Law started the organization with the intent that all girls should be given the opportunity to develop spiritually, mentally, and physically through participating in formal group activities, such as community service projects, outdoor programs, and enrichment events. This has meant getting girls out of the house and involved in their local community so they can better understand their community and the world around them.

Today, there are more than three million girl scouts and adults involved in the Girl Scouts organization with over 50 million women who count themselves as alumnae.  If you are alumnae or your daughters are participating, this is a great day to recognize what this organization does for you, them, and the community.march11lb3

Think about getting a gift basket from our Long Beach shop or some delicious fresh bakery items from our online store to share with your local troop.

Of course, you can also think about giving each of the girls in the troop a green flower corsage that they can wear during a special celebration on this day or throughout the week’s festivities. Also, you can order flower arrangements for party tables or just send a big bouquet of flowers to the troop leader for all their efforts.zoom_CupcakeAsst13081771450

Whatever you choose, make sure you show your thanks and appreciation to a great organization that has been helping girls for over 100 years in Long Beach and throughout the world.

Create a Beautiful Ambiance with Flowers

NY2Flower arrangements are an important part of the ambiance of any occasion. That includes weddings, birthdays, parties or any other events in life like the arrival of a baby, a school dance, or graduation. The beauty of the flowers adds another dimension to decorating for an event or sharing the special emotions of a particular day whether that day is full of sadness or happiness.

FM2Whatever the occasion or event may be, you can be sure Allen’s Flower Market will help make your occasion a memory to cherish.

Event and Occasion Planning with Flowers

When you are planning on including the beauty and fragrant delight of flowers as part of your event or occasion, we make it easy with our line categories that provide specific ideas for flower arrangements or flower types for different kinds of events.

For example, on our website right now, which always changes with the seasons and types of events typically held during that time of year, we have categories that include:

  • Graduation
  • Leis
  • Corsages and Boutonnieres
  • Anniversary
  • Love and Romance
  • New Baby
  • Quinceanera
  • Funeral
  • Get Well
  • Wedding Designs, which can also be found under our events services page with additional galleries of wedding bouquets and wedding decorations
  • Birthdayspromfm2

rosesfm5When you click on any of these categories, you are then redirected to a number of pages that deliver a vast number of floral arrangements, floral centerpieces, bouquets and individual flowers that might befit that occasion or event. This selection also includes many different price points to suit all types of budgets not to mention a wide range of colors to match a particular event’s color scheme.

In addition to just flowers for these special events and occasions, we also feature balloons, Mylar balloons, flowering plants and greenery to enhance the floral selections you have chosen.

Custom Floral Designs

Even if you don’t see anything that fits your event or occasion on our website, we have an incredible and seasoned floral design team that can custom create anything you envision.

Frightfully Fun Events: Great Local Long Beach Events in October

Long Beach locals and out of town folk alike, do you need something extravagant to do to help pass the time this October? Are you looking for the perfect Halloween event but don’t want to do the standard cliché ‘Amusement Park’ scare-fest?

Perhaps you have outgrown said shenanigans and are more interested in a show or a night out on the town. Whatever the case, we, at Allen’s Flower Market, take pride in knowing the area and being aware of the great events coming up this month.

We have been in the Long Beach area for more than 20 years and, over those years, believe it or not, we have actually done more than prepare amazing floral arrangements at equally amazing prices. We have seen the local scene and tasted its flavor.

Having said that let us be the first to tell you, it was good. This October whether you are looking for a good scare or an uprising play that might hit Broadway one day, we can assure you that Long Beach has some great entertainment waiting for you.

A Haunting in a Haunting

Let’s skip the whole skeptic argument on whether or not the Queen Mary is haunted because it has many ghostly residents. The Queen Mary is a magnificent ship in Long Beach that has, for years, been used as a luxury hotel unlike any other.

It was once a luxury liner, but now just stays anchored in the harbor. Every year, the fine folks over at the Queen Mary put on the event to celebrate those in the afterlife. It’s definitely a ship that, by its own right, is already terrifying in a Jack Nicholson in the Shining kind of way. However, this month it gets redone for the sole purpose of bringing on the scares.

And, it does bring a new meaning to genuine terror. For more information on the Queen Mary Hotel and all of their grand functions, be sure to check out their website today.

Not Every Night is a Scary Night

It’s true, October isn’t the month of scares as that really is reserved for just one night. Luckily, there are also other very promising ventures going on the coming month.

One that stands out in particular is the musical, ‘Ain’t Misbehaving.’ It is a Tony winner for best musical and is playing all throughout the month, so for a night of good old fashioned entertainment, go here.

Long Beach always has something going on, which is why it is where we operate at Allen’s Flower Market. Come on down and join the fun and the frights this month!