Fall is in the Air in Long Beach

Fall kicks off on Friday, September 22nd. Another summer comes to a close and, while we will miss the warmer weather, it’s pretty nice to have the cooler weather, too.

It also means the arrival of some of our favorite holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Plus, it means that Christmas isn’t too far away either! 

We’ve been getting ready the last few weeks for the fall season here at our Long Beach flower shop by filling our coolers with fall flowers and creating new fall bouquets, fall centerpieces, and fall flower arrangements.

Now, we are ready to share our fall flower collection with you through our website and our Long Beach florist location.

Here are some of the highlights to give you an idea of how you can give fall flowers as gifts as well as use it as decor for your home, office, or upcoming event like a fall wedding. These are some of our personal favorites from the fall flower collection:


This fiery and bold flower arrangement delivers sunflowers, mums, and orange accent flowers. It is reminiscent of a Tuscan afternoon.


This sublime flower arrangement includes hydrangea, cream roses, orange gerberas, hypericum, and seeded eucalyptus in a clear glass bunch vase.


This fall glass cube arrangement showcases hydrangea, sunflowers, spray roses, succulents, curly willow, and bear grass. The cube also features seashells and rocks.


This spicy flower arrangement is full of bright colors. There are yellow flowers like roses, tiger lilies, and solidago. It also features red alstroemeria, purple spider mums, and greenery. Everything is arranged in a glass ginger jar that is tied with a yellow ribbon.


This compact arrangement offers a wealth of fall flowers and vase that has been tied with a raffia bow.


This fall flower bouquet has purple and green hydrangea, red roses, and red berry accents.

Right now is a good time to order because many items from our fall collection are now on sale while supplies last. It’s our way of thanking our loyal customers and providing the extra value that is the hallmark of our florist business.

Also, our Long Beach flower shop also has many fall gift items as well so drop in and check out some of our great selection!

Enjoying the Fall Season in Long Beach

afm1With the weather and temperatures finally changing and Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start decorating the home and office with fall colors and accents.afm2

Here are some great ways to bring the autumn look to your gift giving and decorating with some highlights from our new fall collection:afm3

  • Harvest offers a lush array of fall flowers like roses, sunflowers, and hydrangea. The vase is wrapped in burlap for a rustic autumn design.
  • Autumn Winds brings together orange roses, cymbidium orchid blooms, yellow mini roses and succulent cuts hand arranged in a leaf-lined glass cylinder.
  • Winds of Fall offers hydrangea, cream roses, orange gerberas, hypericum and seeded eucalyptus in a clear glass bunch vase.afm4
  • Dawn includes sunflowers, roses, Macara orchids and accent pieces for a stunning floral display.
  • Lily Harvest showcases orange Asiatic lilies in a slanted oval glass vase.afm5
  • Autumn Equinox has red tiger lilies, sunflowers, and seasonal greenery as well as yellow flowers like alstromeria, yarrow, and dot poms. It comes with red hypericum and curly willow in a clear bunch vase.
  • Beary Orange is a cute flower arrangement with an orange floral bear and a host of autumn flowers like cattails and foliage as well as mini pumpkins all arranged in a handled basket.afm7

Many items from our fall flower collection are now on special while supplies last.

Be sure to take advantage of this extra value by ordering online or in our Long Beach flower shop.

We are also now accepting orders for Thanksgiving, too, and have numerous gorgeous fall flower centerpieces that you can dress your holiday table with and enhance the ambiance during this family time.

Autumn is Here and So are Our Fall Flowers!

afm1Autumn officially arrives on September 22nd, but the good news is we are already ready for it with our new fall flower arrangement collection.

Plus, our Long Beach flower shop also has other seasonal gifts like fall collectibles and more.afm4

To get you in the mood for the changing season and show you what you can give as gifts for those special birthdays or use as décor for your home during the Jewish New Year, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, check out these amazing fall flower arrangements:

  • We have many flower centerpieces and excellent floral displays that fit in great at the dining table, coffee table, foyer and more. Harvest Hurricane offers a hurricane candle centerpiece with orchids, gerbera daisies, lilies, berry and foliage. Allen’s Autumn Centerpiece has roses, orchids, lilies, sunflowers and decorative feathers.afm3
  • Cornucopias are a symbol of fall that makes a nice touch in your home or as a gift. The Rustic Cornucopia has fall leaves, daisies, cattails and sunflowers while the Fall Cornucopia has fall foliage, roses, sunflowers and chrysanthemums.
  • Many of our fall flower arrangements are very unique. For example, Bam Boo Boo has orange lilies, green cymbidium orchids, coxcomb, millet, hypericum and bamboo in a cube vase. Autumn’s Finest has hybrid lilies, yellow spray roses, bupleurum and salal. Fall Fashion contains red gladiolus and roses, sunflowers, orange Asiatic lilies, solidago, bear grass and greenery in a ginger jar vase. Winds of Fall features hydrangea, cream roses, orange gerbera daisies, hypericum and seeded eucalyptus in a bunch vase.afm5

You can visit our Long Beach flower shop to order, call us, or go online to our website and place your order for the Long Beach area.afm8

We also deliver throughout the country so we can help you send a little bit of Autumn anywhere in the nation.

Fall Flowers Arriving to Our Long Beach Flower Shop

AFM1While we will miss summer, we are lucky to still enjoy great sunny weather here in Long Beach through the fall season plus see the new hues that autumn brings in the form of brightly colored leaves and flower varieties.AFM2

We are excited to have our fall flowers now in stock, which means you can come in and create your own special bouquets and displays with our cash and carry specials or you can purchase one of our spectacular new fall flower arrangement designs.AFM3

To get you in the mood for fall, which officially arrives on September 23rd, here are some of the new fall flower arrangements we have available online and in our Long Beach flower shop:

  • Harvest Hurricane is a fall floral centerpiece of orchids, lilies, foliage, berries and gerbera that comes in multiples sizes.AFM4
  • Tropical Fall puts a twist on the fall flower arrangement by gathering birds of paradise, ginger, orchids and anthurium along with tropical greenery.
  • The Rustic Cornucopia is another unique design that consists of sunflowers and daisies combined with cattails and fall leaves.
  • The Cornucopia Harvest is a stunning floral display with red roses, green trachelium, orange daisies, yellow alstroemeria, purple statice, viking poms, solidago, salal tips and eucalyptus that has been combined with faux fruit and a fall leaves.AFM5
  • The Fall Tropical Centerpiece also illustrates that a fall floral centerpiece can be anything but traditional. This one contains birds of paradise, anthuriums, protea, bells of Ireland and dendrobium orchids.AFM7
  • Autumn Wind is a gorgeous display of what fall flowers offer with cattails, yellow calla lilies, orange gerbera daisies, daisy poms, hypericom and safflower in a bunch vase.
  • The Fruit and Flower Basket brings together flower and fruit for a beautiful arrangement of fresh Top of Formfresh apples, oranges, and grapes with alstromeria, carnations, and gerberas in a square wicker basket that has been tied with a bow.AFM8
  • Winds of Fall offers a sublime display of hydrangeas, cream roses, orange gerbera daisies, hypericom and seeded eucalyptus in a clear glass bunch vase.

Look for these and more in our Long Beach flower shop. There are many new fall collectibles, gifts, and gift baskets also available to make any fall celebration that much more special!

Come visit us today!

Our Autumn Flower Collection is Here!

lb1We are excited to reveal our fall flower collection just in time for the arrival of the new season.

Today is the first day of fall, so we wanted to share some of the beautiful new fall flower arrangements we now have available.

We’ve divided these up here to show you the various ways you can celebrate fall, including giving these as gifts, using them as décor in your home, or displaying them at a fall event or fall wedding.


Common in the fall season are cornucopias, which represent the autumn harvest and are often seen as fall décor and centerpieces at the Thanksgiving meal.

We have a number of cornucopia floral designs in different styles to suit your décor and personal taste.

Fall Floral Baskets

Another way to celebrate the autumn harvest is with a floral fall flower basket that often is very rustic looking.

These baskets come in a wide array of flower combinations and hues as well as styles of wicker baskets.lb3

Fall Floral Centerpieces

Fall centerpieces not only make for great and easy décor, but they also are great for decorating the fall dinner table, including Thanksgiving.

We have many styles of fall centerpieces, including those with candles and hurricane glass holders, those with just candles, and those with just flowers.lb4

Unique Fall Flower Arrangements

This year, we have many new and unique fall flower arrangements that we would like to share with you:


Hydrangeas, cream roses, orange gerberas, hypericom and seeded Eeucalyptus are designed in a clear glass bunch style vase.


Classy fall flowers are hand arranged inside green hydrangea for a unique look in a cube vase.lb5


Yellow roses, yellow tiger lilies, yellow solidago, red alstroemaria, purple spider mums and seasonal greenery are arranged in a clear glass ginger jar that is decorated with a yellow bow.


Bittersweet, red gerberas, variegated orange roses, purple stock, red roses, fall foliage and curly willow are arranged in a footed vase.lb6


This fall flower arrangement features red tiger lilies, yellow sunflowers, yellow alstroemaria, yellow yarrow, red hypericom, yellow dot poms and seasonal greenery in a clear bunch vase that is lined with curly willow.


This stunning floral arrangement contains yellow Asiatic lilies, yellow roses, sunflowers, hypericom, bittersweet, millet, poms and fall foliage.

Celebrate the Fall Season with Fall Flowers from Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach

fallbeach1 Fall is already in full swing with Halloween just around the corner and Thanksgiving not long after that. As the weather changes and becomes crisper on those Long Beach mornings, it is time to add some new flower colors and varieties to your home or office. These are also great gifts or wonderful additions for a fall wedding or fall event.

Fall Flowers

Fall flowers begins with some of summer’s flowers, including the sunflower, tiger lilies, and goldenrods. Once the weather changes, the flower varieties migrate to fall flowers like chrysanthemums, anemones, petunias, asters, autumn crocus, geraniums, impatiens, pansies, snapdragons and marigolds to name a few.fallbeach2

All the colors reflect the changing leaf colors with earth tones like rust, yellow, red, orange and mauve, creating dramatic looks.

New Fall Flower Arrangements

At Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach, we are already incorporating many of these flowers and colors into our new fall flower arrangements created by our talented and seasoned floral design team. Here are a few of our favorite fall flower arrangements:fallbeach3

  • For upcoming events like fall dinners or fall weddings, we have many floral centerpieces that feature candles and hurricane candle holders. For example, the “Harvest Hurricane” features orchids, lilies, gerberas, berries and foliage.
  • Cornucopias are also a beautiful symbol of the fall season and the harvest. These are excellent table centerpieces and display items throughout the fall months. “Allen’s Cornucopia” has red gerbera daisies, orange tiger lilies, orange roses, yellow daisy poms, orange carnations, lotus pods and seasonal greenery displayed with the cornucopia.falllbeach4
  • A truly stunning fall flower arrangement is “Fall in Flanders.” It has bittersweet, red gerberas, variegated orange roses, purple stock, red roses, fall foliage and curly willow arranged within a footed vase.
  • A unique new fall flower arrangement is “Winds of Fall.” This lush floral arrangement features hydrangeas, cream roses, orange gerberas, hypericom, and seeded eucalyptus displayed in a clear glass bunch vase. It’s a gorgeous, breathtaking arrangement for a loved one or special fall event.

Many of our fall flower arrangements are already on special, giving you the perfect excuse to go ahead and place your orders.

Fall Flower Delivery

Like all our flower arrangements, plants, and gift baskets, we offer same-day delivery on a local and national basis. Order now to ensure your preferred fall flowers for a special occasion or a just because to celebrate the season.

Autumn is in the Air!

goodieslb4Autumn arrived on September 22nd and while the weather in Long Beach may not yet seem like fall has rolled in, the mornings do feel slightly crisper and the temperatures are gradually falling.

Along with these changes is the arrival of fall flowers to our Long Beach flower shop so that our expert floral design team can create incredible fall flower arrangements, fall flower bouquets, fall wedding flowers and fall floral centerpieces for fall events.

falllb4We also are beginning to offer fall gifts and fall gift baskets that make the perfect choice for any occasion, including fall birthdays, fall anniversaries, or fall baby arrivals. We included a lot of pictures in this blog because we are so excited by all the stunning fall flower choices we have this year!falllb6

Fall Flower Arrangements

Our fall floral designs include many stunning flowers, such as sunflowers, gerbera daisies, alstromaria, poms, Asiatic lilies and snapdragons just to name a few. Fall greenery also adds a special touch, including curly willow, wheat, eucalyptus and dried oak leaves.

Unique Fall Flower Displays

Our floral design team loves the fall season because there are so many brilliant and bold colors to work with as well as unique flowers, including sunflowers, gerbera daisies, roses and more. There are dramatic and playful fall flower displays now available that all qualify as truly unique.falllb5

One great example is Beary Orange. This bear made out of orange flowers is accompanied by many types of autumn flowers, cattails, mini pumpkins and fall foliage arranged in a rustic basket. ‘

Another unique fall flower display is one we call Amarillo. Spanish for yellow, this aptly titled flower arrangement features yellow cymbidium orchids, wheat stalks, and bittersweet branches in a cube vase with river rocks and a plaid ribbon.falllb2

Stunning Fall Floral Centerpieces

Whether for an event or to just enjoy at home for a special dinner or to celebrate the season, fall floral centerpieces abound.

Many of these are perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday as well as for other special fall occasions.falllb1

These include fall floral centerpieces that also feature one or more candles, candles under a hurricane glass, or those fall centerpieces that come displayed in a cornucopia basket.

All of the fall floral centerpieces combine fresh and dried flowers and greenery, including stunning fall leaves and other foliage.