Our Luxury Flower Collection

While you want to get the most for your money, there are certain celebrations where money is no object and you want to deliver an over-the-top experience for your loved one or some spectacular event.

That includes flowers and it’s why we listened to many our Long Beach customers who were asking for a flower arrangement collection that featured more premium blooms than our standard flower arrangements. 

It led us to create our luxury flower collection with unique designs, special containers and vases, and dozens of premium flowers.

Here are some of the stunning floral designs now available:


This luxurious flower arrangement features purple tulips, luscious purple, and green hydrangea, and a succulent.


This stunning floral display has sunflowers, roses, and Makara orchids that are sure to please the recipient of your special gift. 


Cayenne roses burst with color alongside a bright display of hydrangea, orchids, and other premium flowers. The flower arrangement is also highlighted by an array of greenery.


This incredible garden flower arrangement comes in three large sizes that overflow with variety and color. Shades of purple, pink, and green are on display among the roses, orchids, calla lilies, hydrangea and other garden flowers that are featured.


The centerpiece of this flower arrangement are cymbidium orchids. These are highlighted by pink roses, full-bloom hydrangea, and exotic leaves.


This is an incredible flower arrangement that showcases two colors of roses as well as orchids, tulips, and hydrangea in shades of pink, lavender, and chartreuse. It’s a great example of the creativity our floral design team has in delivering some of the most memorable floral gifts imaginable. 

On Sale!

Just because these are luxury flower arrangements doesn’t mean we can’t put them on sale. That’s right, many of the products from this collection are currently on sale while supplies last.

Call or visit our Long Beach flower shop. You can also order through our website.

Be sure to visit our Long Beach flower shop if you can to see more examples from our luxury flower collection as well as create your own stunning bouquets by working with our team directly.





Time to Celebrate Others During Be Kind to Humankind Week

AFM1The last week in August is dedicated to Be Kind to Humankind Week. It’s celebrated on a global basis from August 25th to August 31st every year.

This is the time to reflect on what you can do to make the world a better place for everyone just by your daily actions.AFM2

A specific theme has been given to each day during Be Kind to Humankind Week that provides a way to focus on a certain type of behavior that involves kindness. These theme days are:

  • Sacrifice our wants for other’s needs Sunday
  • Motorist consideration Monday
  • Touch-a-heart Tuesday
  • Willing-to-lend-a-hand-Wednesday
  • Thoughtful Thursday
  • Forgive your foe Friday
  • Speak kind words SaturdayAFM3

Not only will you make others feel good, but you will also feel more positive and good about what you are doing and how you treat others.

Another nice gesture during this week is to send flowers to someone that may need that much more kindness in their lives.

Here are some ideas for flowers for Be Kind to Humankind Week:AFM6

  • Bubble Bowl Design is a stunning bouquet of pastel roses and white lilies hand arranged in a bubble bowl.
  • Epicurean Delight features roses, hydrangea, and cymbidium orchids in a cylindrical clear glass vase with decorative foliage.
  • Orchid Grotto has phalaenopsis orchids and hydrangea in a cube vase.
  • English Elegance features wildflowers and premium flowers, such as roses, hydrangea, Andromeda, grape hyacinth and berzelia berries.
  • Whisper has white casa blanca lilies and dendrobium orchids along with peach and lavender roses, pink peony and ti leaf in a cube with curly willow and clear gemstones.AFM8
  • Casa Blanca is a stunning white arrangement with lyzianthus, roses, bouvardia, Queen Anee’s Lace and maidenhair fern in a white ceramic vase.
  • Flora Nova is a cube arrangement with red and green roses, green cymbidium orchids, dark blue hydrangea, gloriosa and ti leaf foliage.
  • Limonada is a sunny delight with yellow gerbera daisies, roses, tiger lilies and solidago along with fresh-cut lemons and curly willow.

These flower arrangements and many more are now available. You can make your own or come into our Long Beach flower shop and work with our floral design team on a custom flower arrangement.

Plus, we have cards, gift baskets, balloons, chocolates, fresh baked goods, plants, and seasonal gifts that you can also think about adding to your gesture of kindness.

Our Long Beach Showroom is Blooming with Summer Flowers and Great Gifts

AFM1AFM2While we encourage you to use our website on their computers, smartphones, and tablets, we really enjoy when you decide to come into our Long Beach flower shop and check out what we have on display for flower arrangements, bouquets, centerpieces and more, including contemporary floral designs.

This summer season is no different. We have added all types of great summer flowers, summer plants, and summer gifts to our Long Beach showroom that we would love you to come in and check out for those on your list that you plan on buying gifts for as well as for any upcoming events or even for your own home décor.AFM3

Here is a sampling of some of the floral items you can see in our Long Beach showroom this summer:

  • Gracefully Elegant has gerbera daisies, lilies, alstromeria, snapdragons and roses in various shades of pink along with an array of greenery.AFM4
  • The Suns of Belmont Shore shows off those gorgeous sunflowers along with blue delphinium and alstromeria.
  • Calla Light features white roses, hydrangea, and calla lilies in a clear glass rectangle vase.
  • Lovely Larkspur has larkspur as its central feature surrounded by alstromeria, casa blanca lilies, carnations, and daisy poms in a ginger jar.
  • U Ray includes birds of paradise, pin cushion protea, red ginger, carnations, ti leaf, curly willow, variegated pittosporum and assorted tropical greenery in an isometric dish.AFM6
  • Bubble Bowl Design has pastel roses and white lilies in a bubble bowl bouquet.
  • Epicurean Delight is a great example of our luxury flower arrangements with high-end flowers like roses, tulips, cymbidium orchids and hydrangea in a cylindrical glass vase that has been lined with decorative foliage.
  • Allen’s Flowerland is a beautiful floral display with orange tulips, hot pink dahlias, yellow roses, lavender calla lilies, white hydrangea, and seeded eucalyptus in a glass cube vase that has been lined with river rocks.AFM7

Come on by and check it out. We’d love to meet more of our customers and enjoy spending time getting to know you.

Flowers Add Ambiance to Any Occasion

HYACINTH AND ROSESfallbeach3When it comes to decorating for an event or wedding, adding something new to your home or office, or gifting a loved one with something unique that adds dimension to their life, flowers are a great choice. In fact, when it comes to setting an ambiance, or mood, flowers have been the go-to choice for centuries across all cultures for lifting spirits and creating a positive impact.

Here’s why flowers are such a great choice no matter what it is you are planning on doing.

Messages from Nature

Nature has art and it’s flowers. These decorate fields and hills with color and create an aesthetic that is enjoyed walking through a garden or park. The same messages are available when flowers are taken from nature and placed elsewhere like in a container or as a bouquet.Mom-Whisper

The messages from nature offer relief, peace, joy and cheer to those who see them or receive them. That’s why they are so often used when someone checks into a hospital or when there is a funeral. The beauty of the flowers helps those who are grieving or physically ill to heal emotionally and physically, including reducing stress levels. That level of comfort and reassurance is hard to find elsewhere because flowers are one of the few things that actually help a person believe that things will turn out.

Flowers are even seen as a way to boost morale and spirits in general, helping to enhance an already joyous occasion like a birthday, anniversary, new baby or promotion. At parties and weddings, they are viewed as adding to the festivities with their color and design. It’s been discovered that people actually smile when they see flowers. It’s a natural reaction and illustrates the deep connection we have with our natural surroundings.

Then there is the fact that flowers send a message of love. They are most often seen on special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Certain flowers have even been associated with love and are used to represent that emotion. Of course, when it comes to showing love with flowers, there are also those “just because” moments.dec1lb2

Long-Lasting Impressions

Even better is that flowers, even after they have faded after a few weeks, have still made an impression that last. People remember that you gave them flowers or had wonderful floral centerpieces at your wedding. This is because flowers are such a visual item that they are more easily embedded in our minds and memories. That’s because they are a symbol of a loved one’s thoughtfulness that can last a lifetime.

Flowers Are The Perfect Gift At Christmas Or Any Occasion

It’s true! Birthdays, anniversaries, going away’s, get well soon’s, weddings, holidays and even farewells in the office place can all be celebrated with flowers. This is because everyone loves flowers. They come in all kinds of dazzling colors, are pleasing to every eye and fill any room with most pleasant smells and aromas.

We offer the absolute best selection of Holiday and Seasonal Flowers, Gift & Fruit Baskets, Seasonal Green & Flowering Plants, Gourmet Treats, Gifts and more found anywhere in Long Beach. There is literally something for everyone when you shop at Allen’s Flower Market.

Choose Allen’s Flower Market

At Allen’s Flower Market, we get the majority of our fresh-cut flowers from the local growers and we have done this since the beginning. We realize how important it is to have roots in community and to bond with the other business owners in the city. By buying locally, we have helped to stimulate the local economy while still getting the best prices and the freshest possible floral products.

We also buy some of our more exotic flowers and plants direct from flower farms abroad. The farms we work with all focus on growing in a manner that is conducive to protecting the environment. Buying locally and buying direct from the floral farms, ensures our customers enjoy the finest flowers and plants available. Getting the best flowers at the best possible prices, also allows us to keep the prices of all our alluring arrangements at an affordable price for everyone in Long Beach.



Holiday Flower Arrangements Guaranteed To Dazzle

Candy Cane Basket

Take our Candy Cane Basket for example. This is the perfect holiday gift for that special someone in your life. Our floral design team starts with a beautiful while wicker basket, then expertly fills it with gorgeous seasonal flowers, holiday evergreens, long lasting red & white flowers and of course, candy canes. This stunning arrangement is guaranteed to create a smile on the face of any person who receives it. As a second generation, family owned and operated floral design firm, Allen’s Flower Market has been delivering holiday smiles for more than 34 years in the Long Beach, California area.

Christmas Love

Here is another absolutely fabulous arrangement for you to consider. We call this floral arrangement “Christmas Love.”

First, we fill this beautiful ruby red glass vase with the finest and freshest red roses, carnations and seasonal greenery available. Then our floral designers really go to work. They exquisitely arrange in white asiatic lilies and gorgeous chrysanthemums to round out this fabulous floral design. This arrangement is just perfect for the holidays and the Allen’s team can provide same day delivery for you anywhere in the Long Beach area.

Holiday Gourmet Gift & Fruit Baskets

Of course, we offer more than just gorgeous floral arrangements. We also offer one of the best selections of Gourmet Gift & Fruit Baskets available anywhere in Long Beach. Our baskets are absolutely jammed packed full of all your favorite fruits, gourmet treats, candies and more. Our fresh fruit basket that is filled to brim with delectable, fresh, and juicy seasonal fruit and other delightful natural treats that are sure to provide a taste sensation for any lucky recipient.

Next time you find yourself rushed to pick-up a co-worker’s gift or a little something for your mother in-laws birthday know that Allen’s Flower Market has your back.

No matter the occasion, we have something perfect for it and whether you visit our shop or our website, you will see be able to experience the value, variety, and quality.

Offering a wide range of exquisite bouquets, delightful arrangements, and a variety of other quaint gifts, we are your one-stop shop for all your gift purchasing needs. 

Love is in the Air: Time for Crescent Roses

It may not be Valentine’s Day and we may be months away from it, but love is in the air. The summer months are the most popular months for anniversaries and just relationships in general. For the younger generation, school is out and college is out of session and while adults still work, there is just something about the summer months that makes them special.

The longer days, the warm sun, and cool nights allow for more comfortable outings and may stir love and romance all the more.

Roses and Romance

When you stop to think of love, romance, and butterflies in your stomach, what else comes to mind? You probably think about chocolate, kisses, and roses. These are some of the many ways people symbolize the feelings they have for each other.

For a long time — very long time; pre-1800s long — the red rose has been associated with love. Even in its earliest recordings, the color red was associated with a deep emotional feeling, so it’s not just you or us or the rest of the world because roses are and have been the symbol for love

What better way is there, then, to show your love and affection for someone else? Whether for a date, an anniversary of a relationship, or marriage and maybe even just a way of showing someone just how much they mean to you, a gift of red roses shows just how much you care.

Unlike a card or money, flowers are more than a gift; they’re an expression. Do you want to give that special someone something more than just a gift and express your true feelings you have for them? Then Allen’s Flower Market has the perfect solution for you.

Crescent Roses

One of the most popular ways to share roses with your loved one has been to give them a dozen roses either in a bouquet or displayed in a beautiful vase. At Allen’s Flower Market, we are offering something different, a breath a fresh air really known as Crescent Roses.

They are a beautiful arrangement of the freshest and brightest red roses available, but instead of the standard bouquet, they come in a crescent half moon style arrangement that will put a glowing smile on anyone’s face that receives them as a gift of love and affection.

Shine above the rest by giving them the best roses available today in a way that they are sure to remember.

The Bells of Ireland: The Luck of a Not-so Irish Flower

An Amusing History Lesson

The luck of the Irish — something that is commonly said and often just blurted out by an individual that may not even be Irish but is insisting on telling the world around him how lucky he is for holding the winning ticket or something of the sort.

Not only is he probably not even Irish, he also very clearly failed history in high school as the Irish historically have not been a very lucky group of people. The amount of things associated with Ireland and good luck is as common as a fast food restaurant here in America and, as irony would have it, there is little to know luck to be found in Ireland.

The same misconceptions go for a flower named after this same country. Guess we should be pretty thankful that the ‘Bells of Ireland’ (Molucella, for those technical folks out there) actually came from Syria. They are referred to as the ‘Bells of Ireland’ in England and a few other countries and as ‘Canterbury Bells’ in New Zealand and Australia.

It is thanks to England that these uniquely beautiful flowers get their meaning of ‘good luck,’ which is even more ironic when you consider the history between England and Ireland. Yet, while looking at the flower, it is easy to see why the flower is so aptly named. Ireland is a very green and very beautiful country just like this flower

Caring for your ‘Bells of Ireland’

The Molucella flower does better in a cool climate when caring for it at home, in the garden, or the shop waiting to sell it. Make sure the flower gets plenty of water. It is also important to keep the flower out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat sources like an oven in the kitchen as it cannot handle the heat.

When growing the plant outside, many find that the ‘Bells of Ireland’ grow best in light sandy soil and in an open space without too much sun or heat but with plenty of water. Take care of the plant and you will see its beautiful bloom in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. When tended to properly, the stem can very well reach up to two feet in height. Its lengthy blooming seasons, stand-out height, and sheer beauty make the ‘Bells of Ireland’ the perfect gift for any flower connoisseur.

At Allen’s Flower Market, we offer the very best and freshest floral arrangements straight from the growers to give you the best selection possible. Looking for ‘Bells of Ireland’ or some other flower or arrangement? We have the freshest selection in the Long Beach area.