It’s Time to Focus on Friends During Friendship Week

Friendship is one of the greatest gifts we’ll ever receive. Our friends give us joy, support, laughter, and memories. That’s why we take a whole week each year to toast this special relationship.

Each year, this friendship celebration arrives during the third week of August. That’s here so it’s time to gift your friends with flowers and other treats. It’s even a good idea to think about doing something nice for someone that you want to be friends with.

We’ve put together a gift guide for Friendship Week from items available in our Long Beach flower shop as well as through our website. These friendship gifts reflect a wide range of prices and styles like these:


This bright floral display shows the brilliance of your friendship. It features sunflowers, delphinium, alstroemeria, yarrow, monte casino and more hand arranged in clear glass gathering vase that has been tied with raffia.


Any friend of yours that loves the color pink must have this flower arrangement. It offers pink stargazer lilies, mini carnations, roses, and spray roses along with white daisy poms, seasonal greenery, and fillers in a clear ginger jar vase that has been tied with a pink bow.


This is a unique floral design that contains gerbera daisies, bear grass loops,  and green ball dianthus within a clear glass cube. You can choose from a number of available gerbera daisy colors. 


Yellow roses symbolize friendship. It makes sense to pick up a dozen Ecuadorian long-stemmed roses that have been arranged in a glass vase with baby’s breath.


Give this refreshing floral display of lilies in a glass bubble bowl that has been filled with fresh cut oranges and limes.


A stuffed animal is often a great gift to give a friend like this cute and cuddly teddy bear. 


Then, again, there’s a lot to be said for ripe, juicy strawberries that have been covered in rich chocolate. These large strawberries have milk chocolate with white chocolate drizzled over the top of that.


Our partnership with a local Long Beach bakery also provides many other delicious friendship gifts like these French macarons.


This lovely basket has blooming plants like an African violet, azalea, miniature rose and hypoestes plants as well as a small green ivy plant.


Beautiful orchids are displayed in a unique purse container for a unique look!

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Offering Special Flowers for International Friendship Day

Whether your friend is here or halfway around the world, make sure you let them know how much you value the relationship you have by gifting them with some special flowers on Sunday, July 30th. That’s International Friendship Day.

Here are some of the gorgeous ways to show them how much you care many of which can be found in our summer flower collection:


This summer flower arrangement includes 13 assorted colors of gerbera daisies in a glass vase.


This is a bubble bowl filled with 12 mixed colored roses.


Combining orange, coral, and purple flowers in a glass vase that has been lined with exotic leaves, varieties include roses, dahlias, orchids and sunflowers along with greenery accents.


This is a unique gift that includes a sunflower topiary that also includes wildflowers and lily grass that has been tied with raffia.


This special flower arrangement features gerbera daisies, lilies, roses, alstroemeria, and snapdragons in various pink hues along with greenery.


This unique floral display has snapdragons, hydrangea, Protea, birds of paradise, gerbera daisies, dendrobium orchids, anthurium and tropical greenery in a clear vase.


This flower arrangement includes a combination of roses, tulips, cymbidium orchids, hydrangea and tulips in a low cylinder vase that has been lined with ti leaves.


This is an interesting floral design that has white hydrangea at its base and then topped with sprays of purple dendrobium orchids and yellow tiger lilies.


This arrangement offers a mix of roses, hydrangea, lilies, calla lilies, orchids and more in a wide range of colors and hues.

Our flowers are available for delivery throughout the U.S. and Canada only. You can place your order by phone, in our Long Beach flower shop, or through our website.  We do deliver seven days a week so can drop off your friend’s special gift even on International Friendship Day, which lands on a Sunday!

Toast Special Friends Near and Far During Friendship Week

AFM1AFM2This year, Friendship Week is August 21st through August 27th.

This is the time to let your friends know just how special they are and what they mean to you.

Friends are special gifts who then deserve something special during Friendship Week.

You can spend time with them, call them to let them know you are thinking of them, or send them a special gift like flowers or a tasty gift.

Here are some ideas from our collections of flowers and gifts:

  • Roseheart offers a dozen roses arranged low and compact with two French tulips standing tall in the center with a heart made of bear grass.AFM4
  • Pink Lady has 50 hot pink roses arranged with tropical foliage, hot pink rocks, and design accents.
  • Pinkwater has a white hydrangea base with pink starfighters and pink roses. The flowers are arranged in a clear cylinder vase that has wire and pink acrylic rocks.
  • Hydrangea Elegance has a white hydrangea base with a spray of purple dendrobium orchids and yellow tiger lilies.
  • The Pike features pink roses, liastris, purple calla lilies, purple and green hydrangea, curly willow and acrylic rocks.AFM5
  • On the delicious side, we have an online bakery with fresh baked goods from a local Long Beach bakery. This includes the Sweets and Snacks Tray with cinnamon twists, palmiers, raspberry almond bars, coconut-chocolate chip-walnut bars, and guava cream cheese bars. Other goodies include Godiva Belgian Chocolates, including a 19-piece assortment.
  • We also have balloons and balloon bouquets, greeting cards, teddy bears, chocolates, and green and blooming plants.AFM3

Most of these and the rest of our collection are available to ship throughout the United States and, of course, all over the Long Beach area. Just call us, visit our Long Beach flower shop, or go online to our website.

Special Occasion Days in June to Celebrate

AFM2Besides birthdays, graduations, and that all-important Father’s Day, there are other special occasion days in June that you may want to celebrate.

These special days are intended to get us to all stop, think, and appreciate when we typically are so caught up in our busy lives.AFM3

They are ways to inject positive thoughts and actions in your month as well as provide something good for others.

National Gardening Exercise Day

The first special day in June is National Gardening Exercise Day on June 6th.

This day is intended to bring awareness to the health benefits provided by gardening.AFM4

You can opt to participate in a community garden in Long Beach or even start your own. Or, you can just work in your own garden or encourage friends to do so by getting together to garden.AFM5

Even if you don’t have a garden, you can share the gift of a beautiful plant or blooming plant with someone else like these beauties:

  • Grandmother’s Garden offers a mix of green and blooming plants in a lined wicker basket. The plants can be transferred to a garden or left on display in the basket.
  • Allen’s Summer Garden has asters, daisies, liatris, sunflowers and carnations as well as two African violet plants in a wicker basket.
  • The Blooming Beach Basket Garden has blooming and green plants that add color and texture.
  • The Succulent Garden offers a display of various types of desert succulent plants.AFM6

Best Friends Day

The other special day in June is Best Friends Day On June 8th. This day is a great time to let your BFF know just how much you love them and appreciate their friendship. Here are some gift ideas for this special day:AFM7

  • Summer Salsa is a bright display of orange, coral, and purple flowers like roses, orchids, and dahlias along with sunflowers in a clear glass vase that has been lined with leaves.
  • A Sunflower Surprise offers delphinium, fresh-cut field flowers, and sunflowers in this natural floral design.
  • Summer Flower Basket is a wicker-handled basket that is full of daisies and carnations as well as filler flowers in a range of colors.
  • Pink Lady contains 50 hot pink roses gathered together in groupings along with tropical foliage, design accents, and hot pink rocks.
  • Rosita offers many types of roses and spray roses along with hydrangea and tulips in a low cylinder vase.AFM8

You can also create a custom flower arrangement or custom bouquet or take advantage of other products we offer like gift baskets or chocolates for your BFF.

We deliver throughout the Long Beach area. You can order online at our website or call or visit our Long Beach flower shop.

Just Because Day: Because There Doesn’t Always Have to Be a Reason to Give Flowers

AFM1While we often think we have to wait for a special occasion like a birthday or holiday to express how much someone means to us, we don’t have to wait at all and can do it any day of the year.AFM2

Or, we can use Just Because Day, which falls on August 27th, to tell friends, family members, or anyone else that we just thought of them and wanted to send them something special so they knew it.

Flowers are also saved for those special occasions when, in reality, they should be given whenever the mood strikes. People love flowers because of the natural beauty and color they offer.afm3

To help you get the perfect flower arrangement or bouquet, here are some ideas that might work for your special someone as well as your budget:

  • Pretty in Pink includes hot pink roses, lilies, bouvardia and ranunculus in a low cylindrical vase.
  • Cymbidium Morning has bittersweet, red gerbera daisies, hypericum, yellow cymbidium orchids and curly willow in a bubble bowl.
  • Calla Lilies in Bloom is an elegant, yet simple, flower arrangement that offers a stunning look.AFM4
  • Flower Fantasia is overflowing with roses, orchids and hydrangea in shades of lavender, chartreuse, and pink.
  • Rosita is a sweet arrangement of roses and spray roses as well as hydrangea hand arranged in a low cylinder vase.

These and more, including custom flower arrangements are available through our website, by phone, or through our Long Beach flower shop.afm5

Be sure to order today for local Long Beach, Los Angeles, or Orange County delivery. We also ship anywhere in the United States!

Flowers for Friendship Week

afm1You never want to take those special people in your life you consider friends for granted.

However, with hectic schedules and daily life we sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses of our friendships.afm2

Since this third week in August is actually Friendship Week, this is a good time to take a moment and share how much you appreciate those friendships in your life by sending a thoughtful gift.

Whether they are near or far, we can provide them with a stunning floral message that says how much you value their friendship. afm3

To get you started thinking about what is possible in the way of a Friendship Week floral arrangement, here are some ideas that you can order online, buy by phone, or pick up in our Long Beach flower shop:

  • Long Beach Daisy Delight offers up orange gerbera and roses along with Yoko Ono poms, hydrangea, spray roses, cymbidium orchids and curly willow in a bunch vase.afm4
  • Peruvian Lilies in Bloom offer long-lasting flowers that show the length of your friendship. Did you know that Peruvian lilies are the same thing as alstromeria?
  • Summer Salsa is a sizzling summer flower arrangement with roses, dahlias, orchids and sunflowers.fm5
  • A Sunflower Surprise has, of course, sunflowers as its focal point, but it also adds fresh-cut field flowers for a natural, just-picked display.
  • No Bling may not have bling but it is still a jaw-dropper with its mix of white hydrangea, purple Mocara orchids, and ferns wrapped with silver decorative wire and placed in rectangle vase that has purple acrylic rocks.
  • Calla Light is a stunning display of white with calla lilies, roses, and hydrangea in a clear glass rectangular vase that has been wrapped with a foliage bow.afm6
  • Lovely Larkspur also has alstromeria, casa blanca lilies, carnations and daisy poms in a ginger jar that features a pink polka-dot ribbon.afm7

Be sure to order your floral gifts for Friendship Week today!

Celebrate International Friendship Day on July 30th

AFM1No matter where in the world your friends may be, they are always there in your heart and mind. Thanks to social media, many of our far-flung friends are easier to stay in touch with when we can’t be together.AFM2

While you appreciate them the whole year round, July 30th is a good day to gift them with a card or special gift like flowers to say how much you appreciate their friendship. July 30th is an ideal day because this is International Friendship Day.AFM3

To help you decide what you can get your international friends, we offer many flower arrangements that we can send with our international flower partners within our florist network.

Here are some ideas to send your love on International Friendship Day:

  • Pink lady has 50 hot pink roses arranged with fresh tropical foliage in a vase filled with hot pink rocks.AFM4
  • Pinkwater has a base of white hydrangea with park starfighters and pink roses within a clear cylinder vase that has been filled with pink acrylic rocks.
  • Hydrangea Elegance features a base of white hydrangeas topped with purple dendrobium orchids and yellow tiger lilies.AFM5
  • Rosita is arranged in a low cylinder vase that has been filled with assorted roses, spray roses, tulips and hydrangea.
  • Tip Top is a sweet floral arrangement of tulips, roses, tiger lilies, miniature green hydrangea and bear grass that has been arranged within a ti leaf-lined cube vase.
  • Yellow roses represent friendship so what better way to show that friendship than with an arrangeme of 36 long-stem yellow roses in a vase with various foliage. Smaller sizes are also available with 12 or 24 yellow long-stem roses.AFM6
  • Limonada is a refreshing summer flower arrangement that shines a light on friendship. It features yellow gerbera daisies, roses, tiger lilies and solidago in a clear glass vase that has been lined with fresh-cut lemons and curly willow.

While not all of these may be available for international delivery, you can check with our Long Beach flower shop on something similar or you can send these to a local friend! We can also custom design any type of flower arrangement for you.AFM7

While here, be sure to pick up a greeting card or even a balloon bouquet for a local friendship!